Date:17th August 2011 at 10:00pm
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In the January transfer window, Liverpool football club was involved in four player transfers, two came in and two went out, the players that went out being Ryan Babel and Fernando Torres. Whilst those that came in were Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll. That is a quite interesting considering that all transfers involved forwards.

All four transfers were big money deals, with three of them being in excess of 20 million quid. Of those three deals, one of them was a British record. The player being Andy Carroll, a young player with a lot of promise and potential. Who was scoring a lot of goals and was being given many name tags like, “the next Shearer” or “the next Drogba” (I personally don’t like these name tags, I prefer the simple tag “Wonderkid”). Andy Carroll, a tall lad who is very strong, a giant as some may say, who many have described as the very best in the air, with a thunderous left foot and he possesses speed that could fool many.

When Carroll was signed, a lot was expected of him, many people wanted to see many goals. The media started going on and on about Andy Carroll and how he is a new Shearer that is going to do big things for Liverpool FC. Many talking about how Dr King Kenny is the manager that made Shearer the player he became. And how Dr Dalglish was going repeat that with Andy Carroll.

Carroll came injured and did not play a game until March, and when he did start playing the expectations on him were not huge because he was coming from injury and because his strike partners were finding the net. The midfielders were scoring too, there was a time when Meireles was on song and later on Maxi hit a purple patch, hence the British record transfer was not under much pressure to score. He did score two goals though, one of them being a belter that had every Liverpool fan dancing and a beautiful header past the rated Citeh and England Goalie, Hart. Those goals allayed any fears we had in him and made us imagine of the great times ahead. Though at the time there was a lot of talk of how wingers that swing in crosses would bring the best out of the 35 million man.

During the summer transfer window we bought Henderson for 16 million, Downing for 20 million quid and Adam for about 8 million. All these are players that are well known for assists and had quite a sizeable number of assists last season. Downing being the player known to “whip it in” from either wing, Henderson also had many assists last term and Adam who can provide great assists from set pieces. Comolli himself said Adam can be a left sided player and SAF said his corners alone are worth 10 million. Adam has already provided one assist so far and we know that more are coming. Dr King Kenny and Comolli also brought in Enrique whose offensive play is more recognizable than his defensive play.

When you consider all the summer signings you will be forgiven for thinking that Dr King Kenny is building the team around Carroll (I have already forgiven myself). I too believe that most the signings we made after we bought Carroll were meant for us to bring the best out of Carroll: the player that is said to be unstoppable when he gets his groove on and fully fit. And if our very own Dr believes so, then who am I not to?

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