What’s with the critisism of Andy Carroll?

To write obituaries this early into the season, and to heap pressure onto a player that despite all his troubles up north, has knuckled down and is doing exactly what is expected of him is ludicrous. The goals will come, and come soon of that there is no doubt in my mind. The return of Gerrard will help him immensely as they have hardly played together, and whilst we all expect a decent return of goals, we should remember that this is a team in a transitional phase right now and whilst we will come good, it may take a few games yet.

There is no way on this Earth that Kenny would allow such a vast sum of money spent on a player is he did not rate, or believe in. FSG are astute people also, and bottom line, it is them that provides the funding. Their belief in Carroll is more than good enough for me to feel assured that it is only a matter of time before defences are terrorised by the ‘big man’, it should be good enough for the Anfield faithful also. Who knows, an Arsenal team pulled apart internally might just be the springboard we need.

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96 responses to “What’s with the critisism of Andy Carroll?”

  1. kurt gabriel says:

    totally agree m8 i think he will be a big player for us this season

  2. byrnesey says:

    good article man i agree with everything your saying.
    I have no doubts about Carroll or any of the other signings,its a big ask to expect them all to gel straight away.
    The first half showed glimpses of what to expect and we should of been about 3 0 up but thats football and these stupid refs are always raping us too.If we were man united in that game theres no way those decisions would of went that way especially at old trafford.

    • steven says:

      it was a small ask for Torres, Aguero, Suarez…and they are not English…I thought foreigners find it hard to acclimatize …

      • Bill Shankly says:

        What has Torres done this past 2 seasons ?
        Aguero hasnt even played once single half of a game let alone one single game , if he can sustain the levels he showed on his debut against the mighty European Monsters that the newly promoted Swansea are then not only will I be surprised , I’ll probably die of shock !
        Lets see what his performance levels are like in March after he has taken a few knocks & the PL defenders have had a look at him , he wont even score more than Dzeko let alone Andy .

  3. Bill Shankly says:

    Careful lads , ya dont wanna be gettin the reputation of being genuine LFC supporters around here .
    The Mud Hutters dont like it ya see , they want a foreign manager , foreign players & foreign fans .
    They also think we should live in a sewer because they do & that professionals have no right to practice their profession in the land they come from , one of them even cursed on here that Henderson was “Just another one benefiting from his passport”
    Apparently we should all pack up & head for Nairobiastan because according to them we have no rights to be here .

    • Kenny says:

      You obviously know nothing about football. Since Dalglish got his contract the team has not won any of the 3 league games. Preseason was a disgrace and only a naive gullible fan like you believes that Dalglish has the tactical ability and the motivational ability to bring LFC back to the very top. You should remember that it was during Dalglish’s first term as manager that the club failed to win back to back league titles. He left a rubbish squad behind him the first time and he is heading that way again. LFC excluding Cole,Poulsen and Ngog have a firstteam squad of 24 outfield players made up of 11 defenders,11 midfielders and 2 strikers. Does that make sense to you. Where is the goalpower in the squad that is necessary to make serious inroads in the league this season?


      • Bill Shankly says:

        Spot the Mud Hutter .

        • Kenny says:

          Are you for real? What kind of a childish comment is spot the mud hutter? Your friend Dalglish is not up to the job pure and simple. Will you still defend him when LFC fail to win at the Emirates on Saturday? Hodgson was useless but Dalglish is not much better. The job is clearly too big for him. Simpleton fans like you with your blind allegiance is the reason the club has not won a league title since 1990 and will not win one any time soon.

          • Bill Shankly says:

            You wish , obviously .

          • crazyhorse says:

            Are YOU for real? Criticising KD because he didn’t win back to back league titles and hasn’t won the last 3 league games???? How old are you – about 10 judging by the level of your comments.

          • Carroll9 says:

            But you do agree he won league titles and FA Cups. He also won the Prem with Blackburn. Whether he left a good team or not at Liverpool, doesn’t matter as he won us sh*tloads you cretin. It doesn’t wipe out the years and years of success. Also, by the fact that he has won all those trophies makes him miles better than Hodgson who has won nothing (sorry some titles in Scandinavia)in 30 years. Not only did Kenny greatly improve us in the 2nd half of the season, but Hodgson almost relegated Kenny’s title winning Blackburn side. So yea, Kenny isn’t much better. Go and write on the Teletubbies forum, that is more akin to your intelligence level.

          • Wakeup says:


          • don wynne says:

            KENNY,read your anti-kenny comments with dis belief, and was gonna point out the obvious lack of knowledge but it looks like others have beaten me to it one comment though, even if we don’t get a good result against Arsenal (in anticipation of you being back with the ‘well I told you’) Kenny is well up to the job but its a long term project were climbing a mountain, and we’re only at base camp.

      • steven says:

        I totally agree with you and am a liverpool supporter….King Kenny has not won anything since he got the reins and the trend will continue because it is a band of very hardworking players that are full of graft and very little invention of play…carroll is a statue in the 18 yard and as we can see Flanagan is totally robotic and please…who the heck is the boy from Sunderland? Ohh! another englishman…well, might as well buy Neville…he is English….

    • D-Bo says:

      Although I agree with the sentiment of fickle foreign fans, chill out on the xenophobia. It’s unbecoming of you.

      • don wynne says:

        completely agree (oh and I am from liverpool lol)

      • Bill Shankly says:

        Its no phobia lads , its as plain as day in your face “I HATE WHITEY” , its as real as dead body’s laying on the streets of your neighborhood , thats no phobia , thats as real as it gets .

  4. Markus says:

    “FSG are astute people also, and bottom line, it is them that provides the funding. Their belief in Carroll is more than good enough for me to feel assured that it is only a matter of time before defences are terrorised by the ‘big man’, it should be good enough for the Anfield faithful also. ”

    This is a bit silly. FSG trust Kenny … they kind of have to because they know nothing about football themselves. So forking out 35m on Carroll has simply been Kenny’s decision and in my view a rather questionable one.

    Fact is: We’ve massively overspent on a player when we did not need too. Not saying Carroll won’t be a success, just saying that we could have signed him this summer for a fraction of the fee we had to pay in the winter.

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Fact eh ?
      If he plays over 30 games & scores over 18 goals will we have massively overspent ?
      If he plays over 30 games & scores over 18 goals & we win a trophy will we have massively overspent ?
      Fact ya say ?
      Bollox I say !

    • Desy says:

      So what? £35M or £3.5M we’re not short of cash so stop moaning about the fee. If he can get 15 this season, Suarez get 18 and Kuyt get 10, not to mention the likes of Downing, Adam and Gerrard (or Meireles, Max I or Henderson), then that’s a title challenge right there. Bsessing over fees paid in January is the action of small club fans. Man U don’t care about Berbatov’s fee. Man City don’t care about Barry or milner and Chelsea don’t care about Shevchenko. Just concentrate on support our team to success and you never know. Moaning is futile.

    • Carroll9 says:

      Actually that is true, we could’ve waited. But it was more about making a statement, to prove we are still a big club. We lost a star in Torres, but the board didn’t want to show they were impotent and wanted to prove that they re-invest. So, as long as we got a striker for 15 mil less than Torres went for they were happy with the purchase. Basically it was Abrahamovic’s money. Whether you agree with this attitude is another matter, but the reason why they did it was to appease us fans, not leave us short of a striker and to make a statement. Now we weren’t in the CL, it was Jan and Carroll is massive for the Toon, so we couldn’t attract a bigger name, Jan prices are always inflated, also last day of the window, Toon really needed Carroll, chance they could’ve gone down without him. Also, we had a glimpse of reaching 4th. So, that’s why we bought him in jan and for that price. Still think we could’ve waited as he was injured anyway and i don’t think we could’ve got into the CL.

      • Bill Shankly says:

        Look ,
        Quit trying to justify it ,
        If Torres was sold for £50 million & Carroll cost £3.5 million you would be sayin its a bargain even though the percentages are the exact same .
        Fact is we got Carroll for his true value .
        He was easily worth £35 million to Newcastle & if you ever seen how effective Christian Vieri was for inter in his prime between 26 – 32 you will look at Andy again & realize we got him for a Bargain at 22 years old .
        Come the end of the season his performances for us in crunch games , knock out games & his goal haul in the league will do all his talking & justifying of Kennys judgement .
        Carroll is the real deal .
        Dalglish is a genuine Footballing genius , theres only him , Cruyff & Platini on his level .
        To compare him to a modern player ?
        Imagine if Zidane took over at Real Madrid tomorrow , imagine all the expectation & hype ….. now double it , then you have Kenny at LFC .
        That is his standing within the game , the press are a shower of shit that stir the pot to sell papers , within the game , Cruyff is an acknowledged football genius , Platini is an acknowledged football genius , Kenny is an acknowledged Football genius , the likes of Mourinhio & Fergie are bricklayers by comparison .
        Kenny is LFC , LFC is Kenny things could not be better for us & keep in mind Kennys love of the Marque & that this transfer window hasnt closed yet .
        We can expect a show stopping BIG Splash on the final day , Arjen Robben is playin for Bayern tonight , I have my fingers crossed we can get him .

        • Bill Shankly says:

          CORRECTION ***
          If Torres was sold for £5 million & Carroll cost £3.5 million you would be sayin its a bargain even though the percentages are the exact same .

          • Kenny says:

            Dalglish won those trophies when LFC were banned from Europe while Ferguson has won leagues including doubles while United have also been involved in the Champions League at the same time. Your argument about sizes of clubs and sizes of budgets is ridiculous. In Paisley’s time United still had a bigger stadium and had just as much if not more cash then LFC but yet LFC were more successful. It comes down to the quality of the manager not the size of his transfer budget.

          • Bill Shankly says:

            So what did Fergie win while he was at Utd & Kenny was at Liverpool ?
            They were both banned from Europe at the same time you moron !
            Fact is in 7 seasons going head to head Fergie has only one League to Kennys 4 .
            Fergie has never won a League from a Dalglish side .
            Dalglish has won the League from a Fergie side .
            Go suck Fergies cock elsewhere , yer act is wearin thin .

        • Kenny says:

          Dalglish has won a pittance in comparison to Ferguson’s trophy haul. I cannot stand Ferguson but his trophy haul is astounding.

          • Bill Shankly says:

            Compare their trophy haul to each others when they were at similar sized clubs with similar sized budgets & Fergie is a very distant 2’nd as is your pretense that you arent his biggest fan .
            From 86 – 91 Fergie won one FA cup & one Cup Winners Cup .
            From 86 – 91 Kenny won 3 Leagues , 2 cups & lost a League Cup & FA cup final as well as finishing 2’nd in the league twice .He won the first double in 30 or so years during that time as well .
            In Kennys 2 Seasons with Blackburn in the top flight he won the League from Fergie , something Fergie never managed to do to Kenny .
            I acknowledge Blackburn are a much smaller club than UTD but their budget at the time was comparable to Utd’s
            So in the 7 seasons they were in direct competition Kenny won the title 4 times & Fergie won it once .
            Kennys time at Newcastle cant be taken into consideration because of the financial restraints he had to work under , there was no comparison between Utd & Newcastle in either expectation or budget .
            This season is the first time since 95 the both of them have gone head to head as direct rivals & that is why you are in here cursing Kenny , you are trying to turn us against him in the hope your paper Champ Ferguson at Utd can remain on top .
            Fergie like yourself , is a fraud compared to Dalglish .
            Everyone will be in agreement with me when the final whistle blows in May 2012 when we will be celebrating a double , if not “THE Double” , yet again .

  5. Carroll9 says:

    I agree about Carroll, the media are way too harsh on the lad. The same with Henderson. His transfer is being compared with everyone else’s, being slammed for costing too much. Whereas with Alex Oxlaide Chamberlain who went for the same money as Hendo, nobody bats an eyelid.

    But you do mean WC Quarter Finalists Ghana…show a bit more respect please. They went further than England. And that is coming from someone who’s parents are Nigerian!

    • Kenny says:

      Ray Harford took over from Dalglish at Blackburn before Hodgson came any where near Blackburn. The same Dalglish that you laud is the same manager whose team lost to rubbish like Wimbledon in 1988. The same Dalglish that you laud is the same clown that managed the team to defeats against Blackpool,West Ham and West Brom and draws to rubbish like Wigan last season. He made a mess of preseason. LFC will lose at the Emirates, draw with Bolton and lose to Stoke. Will you still think Dalglish is doing a great job when the club has 2 points out of 12?

      • Carroll9 says:

        Wow…You’re an Idiot! We also beat Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City and got more way more points under Kenny than Roy. In fact we were the 3rd best team in terms of form under Kenny. Do you have eyes or a brain? You do know that even great teams lose the odd game. The Wimbledon game was a shock result an anomaly. The reason why it was such a shock, was because we were wiping the floor with everyone at the time. Man Utd lost to Leeds in the FA Cup a few years back, Chelsea lost to Barnsley. There are scores of examples of giant kills you idiot. Utd lost to Wolves last season, sometimes smaller sides beat the big teams, that happens in football. But as I said our form under Kenny would’ve got us 3rd, so it’s the overall results that happened. We finished 6th because of Hodgson’s mess, we could’ve finished higher. And thanks for the predictions Mystique Meg, you are so wise. Can you send me the lottery numbers as you are soooo good at predictions. Harford may have made the team worse, but Hodgson put them in the relegation zone, he then got sacked and Brian Kidd could not prevent the slide.

        You can point out failures but I’ll just put the medals on the table.

        Here is Kenny’s record for Liverpool:

        Football League First Division
        Winner: 1985/86, 1987/88, 1989/90
        FA Cup
        Winner: 1985/86, 1988/89

        Now run along Nostradamus.

        • Kenny says:

          You forget that in the midweek before the final against Wimbledon, Dalglish played first eleven players in a meaningless league game where the league had already been won. In that league game Spackman and Gillespie clashed heads, both had to wear protective head bandages in the cup final and therefore were not going to be much use in the air defending setpieces. You may remember that Lawrie Sanchez scored the winner from a setpiece. Dalglish lost to garbage Crystal Palace in the 1990 semifinal all because his brilliant coaching did not allow for proper marking from setpieces. The league was thrown away in 86/87 when it seemed LFC had it wrapped up. Dalglish screwed up playing Cole,Poulsen and Ngog in preseason in the naive belief that this would put them in the shop window failing to realize that these players would play even worse to make sure that LFC would remain stuck with them and therefore having to pay their ridiculously high wages. Those cup defeats by United and Chelsea that you mention, did they come in the actual finals? No,they did not. There are 28 games against the socalled smaller teams each season. It is just as important to win those games as it is to get results against the socalled big 3.

      • dan says:

        you are not lfc fan at all.you rather suggest a better manager now bcos your comment always irritates me.dont be angry with my comment but it seems to me that u escaped from lunatic asylum granted u.it is better you are silent than saying nonsense.note my 1st comment on this site.be positive

        • Kenny says:

          Listen you headless chicken, the manager is not up to the job. 2 points dropped against GARBAGE like Sunderland is only a sign of things to come. For your own sake wake up and realize that Dalglish has not got the ability to move LFC forward ie to win the Premier League. The only expectation last season was to avoid relegation. The pressure to actually win the title is too much now for him. He is still playing golf and writing his newspaper articles. He is not working hard enough in the job.

      • Bill Shankly says:

        Is this guy a Utd fan or is he actually Fergie in Disguise ?
        I rekon he has a voodoo doll of Kenny & he sticks pins in it every day coz he knows Fergie is a plodder compared to Dalglish .

        • Kenny says:

          Do you judge the quality of a manager by the number of trophies he has won or what?

          • Bill Shankly says:

            Compare their trophy haul to each others when they were at similar sized clubs with similar sized budgets & Fergie is a very distant 2?nd as is your pretense that you arent his biggest fan .
            From 86 – 91 Fergie won one FA cup & one Cup Winners Cup .
            From 86 – 91 Kenny won 3 Leagues , 2 cups & lost a League Cup & FA cup final as well as finishing 2?nd in the league twice .He won the first double in 30 or so years during that time as well .
            In Kennys 2 Seasons with Blackburn in the top flight he won the League from Fergie , something Fergie never managed to do to Kenny .
            I acknowledge Blackburn are a much smaller club than UTD but their budget at the time was comparable to Utd’s
            So in the 7 seasons they were in direct competition Kenny won the title 4 times & Fergie won it once .

        • Kenny says:

          You say that Dalglish took a title from Ferguson while at Blackburn but Ferguson did not take a title from Dalglish. You forget that Dalglish resigned as Blackburn manager the summer after winning the title. You list as part of Dalglish’s achievements coming second in the league and losing to Wimbledon, that is called failure not success. Dalglish was fine as caretaker but as permanent manager he is in way over his head.

  6. ant says:

    im sorry did i just fucking hear right dalglish fail to win back 2 back league titles haha you thick twat he was the one who won the last 3 as manager along with 2 fa cups you thick piece of shit and dalglishes first team he built one of the greatest football sides ever you cunt oh he also won the premier league title with blackburn you thick mother fucker go away and kill yourself you wanker another twat who thinks he knows everything im 20 years old yet i know a lot about dalglish why because im a true fan not a gloryhunting piece of shit oh he hasnt won in the last 3 games do you want me to get a violin out and play some sad music boo fucking hooo didnt win last 3 games oh no the world has ended hahaha what a cunt you are

    • Kenny says:

      Wow what a load of waffle from a clueless moron who knows nothing about football,Dalglish and LFC. Noone at the club is bigger then the club and even Dalglish has said that himself. It is this blinkered attitude from fans like you that has held the club back since 1990. Dalglish had plenty of time to prepare for the Sunderland game and still made a mess of it. Yes Arsenal and Chelsea also drew but those games were away games at two difficult venues. Dalglish should have known how important it was to start off with 3 points at home. Why wasn’t Adam directed to take the penalty rather then leaving it to a guy who was only back in training since the start of last week? LFC will definitely lose at the Emirates, not because Arsenal are anything special but because he will pick the wrong team and the wrong tactics. LFC cannot afford another season failing to qualify for the Champions League but Dalglish is already showing in preseason and in the screwup against Sunderland that he does not have the stomach for the challenge. Henderson is a waste of money, but what the heck is the point in playing him on the rightwing where he clearly does not have a clue.

      • Bill Shankly says:

        Why do you hate Liverpool FC so much ?

        • Kenny says:

          Excuse me? I was following LFC likely before you were even born. You should research the club’s history including Paisley’s years as manager before you come on here with your secondrate analysis.

          • Bill Shankly says:

            The only thing here thats second rate is your pretense that in your hatred of LFC you havent devoted yerself to researching our success in the vain attempt to discredit us .
            Those 26 empty years stung a bit eh Manc Lad ?

  7. ant says:

    oh and it was souness who fucked liverpool up how fucking dare you say such shit because no other fucking team has lost to blackburn wigan etc man u have never lost to these teams oh wait they have i have never thought about hurting anyone but u kenny is it i realy have an urge to cut your throat you fucking worthless pile of shit

    • Kenny says:

      Threaten me all you want you little insect. Souness was a crap manager but Dalglish had left an ageing squad including such notable worldclass players like Jimmy Carter and David Speedie. Dalglish took a paltry 33 points out of 54 in the 18 games in charge last season. People like you should remember how poor a standard the Premier League was last season. United won it with a paltry 80 points. LFC had 25 points when Dalglish took over. Second place with a real attempt at it could have been attained but instead Dalglish and so many clueless fans preferred LFC prioritized rubbish like the Europa League.

      • Bill Shankly says:

        2’nd place could have been attained with a squad that finished 7’th the season before & had been in the relegation zone before he arrived ?
        Maybe in a computer game it would theoretically be possible but here in the real world finishing them anywhere above 7’th especially given the circumstances he took over in is nothing short of Genius .

        • Kenny says:

          Absolute codswallop. Defeats against rubbish like Blackpool,West Ham,Spurs,Villa and lets not forget West Brom (managed by the world’s crappiest manager) equalled 15 points which would have put the club on 73.

          • Bill Shankly says:

            I bet if you coulda woulda shoulda picked the 6 correct lottery numbers on Saturday you would be a millionaire by now as well ?
            Seriously man you read like yer mentally ill .

        • Kenny says:

          Calling me a Manc shows how little you know. Unlike gullible fans like you it is the club that is important to me not the likes of Dalglish who is only playing at being the manager and who thinks the club is his plaything. The secondrate views of socalled fans like you is a big reason why the club has failed miserably in the league since 1990.

          • Bill Shankly says:

            How come Dalglish is our most successful manager this past 30 years then ?
            Fuck off Manc.

        • Kenny says:

          In saying that Dalglish is LFC’s most successful manager in the last 30 years does not mean much when one considers the other contenders. In saying that it was a brilliant achievement to take a squad of players on extremely high wages to the dizzy heights of 6th place despite losing to rubbish like Blackpool,West Ham,West Brom,Villa and Spurs you must be on some serious magic mushrooms.

  8. ant says:

    no we had the second highest points since dalglish took over ignore that fucking cunt anyway he is either a rival fan trying to stir trouble or he is fucking retarded most likely both combined he is a sad waste of existance and his girlfriend or boyfriend left him knowing what a fucking prick he is we know he is not a liverpool fan because kk is a god as a player and manager here this prick needs to get a fucking life

    • Carroll9 says:

      Ha ha you’re right, he is a cunt, no point trying to reason with such utter wank stains.

    • Kenny says:

      How many of you clueless idiots were fans when LFC last won the title? 33 points out of 54 was pathetic, for anyone to say that was impressive reinforces how little understanding and knowledge such insects have about LFC and its history. The great Bob Paisley always said the league was the priority every season, unfortunately Dalglish does not have the ability Paisley had as a manager. How many of you clueless idiots remember Paisley’s time as manager?

      • Bill Shankly says:

        If the manager who signed em could only get a 7th place finish outa em the season before then how the hell can you fault a manager who took them from 13’th to 6’th in only half a season ?
        It was nothing short of Football Genius the way he turned em around .

        • Kenny says:

          They went from 2nd down to 7th remember. Benitez was another manager who messed up by allowing Alonso to leave and playing crap fullbacks like Johnson and Insua. Dalglish finished in sixth on less points then Benitez finished in seventh the previous season so it showed the Premier League was of a poorer standard last season. Dalglish showed in the defeats to the likes of Blackpool,West Ham and West Brom a clear lack of tactical knowhow.

          • Bill Shankly says:

            Who singed the players ?
            Who had em for pre season ?
            Was it Dalglish ?
            NO !
            Did he take a squad that was on the slide for its 2’nd season in a row & turn em around ?
            YES !
            Two managers failed with those players before Dalglish .
            The fact he took em from 13’th to 6’th proves he is a football genius

  9. Jeff says:

    Can the dalglish hater please fk off! You know shit! Look where we were when he took charge, look how he turned our season around, and where we ended up! We were second on points amassed to Chelsea! You know shit! And by my count we have four forwards, not two you tit! Have you forgotten about kuyt and ngog?

    • Kenny says:

      Look where we ended up last season you say! Wow we finished in the lofty position of sixth, that was some achievement considering how bloody awful the league was last season. Considering Chelsea dropped from 86 points down to 71 points, how was a paltry 33 points out of 54 a miraclous achievement?United were substandard and still won the league with only 80 points. You are seriously deluded if you rate Ngog as a striker, he is not an option up front as he has shown innumerous times. Kuyt does not score enough to be classed as a striker option.

  10. dan says:

    the best option for kenny is no reply you real fans just have to comment on the article snub kenny so he can hang himself if lfc beat arsenal

    • Kenny says:

      I notice you wrote if LFC beat Arsenal. Why the lack of confidence in our superb visionary manager? Anything less then a win at the Emirates is unacceptable. It was a stupid decision by FSG to give Dalglish the 3-year contract.

      • Suarez says:

        I think the only think Kenny has right is the slating of Carroll. looking at Aguero the other day makes you think!!

        • steven says:

          Kenny is right all the way…the same ‘loyal fans’ sung Benitez’s name to the high heavens but he fucked the club right up the arse and the same applies for the present manager who to my knowledge wasted a lot of space by playing some of the so-called British players…

  11. Faz says:

    dont feed the troll please

  12. njanja says:

    As long as KK continues to build his team around Carrol, then we would be heading to 6th/7th place in the EPL. Carrol is the biggest mistake in LFC history and like a boil is expanding by day. All our summer signings with the exception of Doni were all tailored towards salvaging this stupid waste of resources, but instead of addressing it has yet plunged the club into more problems such as wasting 40m on Henderson and Downing just to keep the ball on the air for Carrol. Our free-flow pass and move tradition is becoming a thing of the past just b/c of this boy. KK must re-strategize now

  13. vipakindele says:

    When Barca won the laliga three years ago,they lost their opening match,drew the second.Afterwards,it was winning all the way.I wish this is the case with lfc this season,but KK needs to correct many things ie starting Carro from bench,when opponent seem tired to contest the ball with him,start kuyt,allow us to play in lfc way,not woofing the ball all the time cos of carro,etc.Long live kenny!

  14. kingfra says:

    i agree with u Vipakindele, Carrol should come frm tha bench.Kyut n Suere lead tha front. I all fairness Carrol is overrated.

  15. kingfra says:


  16. eben says:

    why do english fans fink england is de best football nation yet dey only hav one world cup title to their credit. Spanish clubs hav won more champions league titles dan english clubs yet dey dont bluff. U pay lots of money 2 bring a clueless capelo who is at evry epl centre week in and week out yet has won u nothing. U can go ahead nd shower all de praises u lyk on carrol but dont drag ghana in2 ur madness bcos we performed better dan u in de last world cup nd gyan is a better striker dan carrol. Its only in england dat carol wil hav 1st team selection either at club or national level. If he were 2b a south american,he wldnt hav even attempted 2 make football his career.he can only play in an english club managed by a racist, no club outside england wil pay more dan 2m pounds 4 his services

  17. Nolez says:

    if u think the money we spent for carrol is wasted, Dont worry he’ll be a profit for lfc in some years. KENNY (dalgish hater) really u r a mug. In Most of ur comments u talked about points we scored during last half season.. out of 54 we archive only 33..Bla..Bla…Fuck u!!! How much point u think we scores from the players like joe cole, poulsen, shelvey, ngog, playing as creator n finisher? How much point u expect from the 18 years old kids who dont have any epl experiences? Also we lost our captain in most of the games. The point we scored, it was good.. In compare to our squad that time.. Also we were 2nd successfull team behind chelsea (with gr8 squad in compare to us that time.. To whom we won at stamford bridge) just think how kenny motivated those ‘flop’ (during dogson’s period) “king kenny ynwa!!!”

  18. Joel says:

    Bloody good article by the way, I agree that Carroll is a born goalscorer and was very unlucky to have a perfectly good goal ruled out on Saturday. I’ll remind people too that the last time Kenny broke the British transfer record for an unproven geordie strikers it went pretty well.

  19. I dont y people keep on cmpalining about Caroll 35 Million if that was too much, then we must also thank Kenny for briging Suarez at cost of 23 Million because he is worth 50 million.
    as for KD he will be in the top 4 came May next year ask me that in May again.

  20. bri says:

    Did t….s score 4 at the weekend? Because to listen to the media, he,s back to his lethal best.the media are desperate for t….s to do well you can hear it in the match report.here is a 50 mill pound striker who,s scored once since january.they even made a big deal out of him scorin in a practise match..behind closed doors! Why isnt carroll afforded the same leniancy and he cost 15mill less? He gave an idea of what he,s about against man city a few months ago.i always thought winnin the league was more important than the fa cup? [Thinkin of 1988] kenny ,did you not see the other 40 odd games we strolled that year with some of the best football ever seen in the top division,by a team assembled by dalglish?

  21. bri says:

    If your gonna judge a manager on trophies won then you must think fergie is a better manager than paisley? His 2 euro cups in god knows how many attempts is pathetic and both of them were flukes.two playground goals against bayern after being outclassed for 89 mins,and a slip by john terry takin that pen.not to mention being completely schooled by barca in the other finals.he knows dalglish is a threat.just the look on his face when they were walkin down the touchline at mould trafford at kenny,s first game back.a look that sed“ s..t,whats he doin back? ”

    • Kenny says:

      What else can a manager be judged on other then the amount of major trophies won? LFC were outplayed by Roma in 1984 but won in the penalty shootout.

  22. bri says:

    Its a simple question kenny do you think ferguson is a better manager than sir bob paisley?

  23. jimmy says:

    Hey Kenny, can you tell me why a sad pathetic manc would come onto a Liverpool website? It’s a lonely old life living in mummy’s house isn’t it. perhaps its time to put on the big boy pants and get a life.. saddo! you’re arguments are fundamentaly flawed and I can’t wait when our second rate side gives the team for the theatre of (wet) dreams another good spanking. till then, go back to your picture of the great wayne and enjoy yourself mate

    • Kenny says:

      Wrong again loser, I am a LFC fan not a Dalglish groupie like you.

      • jimmy says:

        really!!?!?!?!?!??! doesn’t sound like it mate….. perhaps keep your opinions to yourself until the end of the season, perhaps we’ll see whether the dalglish ‘groupies’….. (it seems 95% of all who post on here)… are right, or whether your view is correct…..Dalglish will be the manager this time next year regardless so stop bitching

        • Kenny says:

          Were you a fan when Dalglish resigned in 1990? Dalglish will only last at most this season because the job will be too much for him.

          • jimmy says:

            whatever mate, I had respect for you believing in your views, but now you’re just becoming a tiresome oik. does it matter whether or not I was there in 1990? No, not really. KK took over when we were deep in the shite last season and transformed the clubs fortunes to a state where we can realistically challenge for champs league spot. there was, and is noone else around who could have done that. Dalglish carried the club through very dark days after Hillsbro’ and yes he deserved a break. stop posting now as you’re boring me and everyone else. noone values what you have to say now, nobody believes you support our great club. you call us dalglish groupies, but maybe its just that we love out club and want to get behind the manager and players and see them do well. you on the other hand are one of those who seem intent on causing disruption and division. ps, for the record, I remember vividly the day Kenny signed as a player…. not that it matters

  24. bri says:

    So there you have it .a supposed lfc fan has not only insulted argueably the greatest player weve had but also the greatest manager.4 european cups in just 7 years puts him above everyone before or since.fergie would trade in his son and a load of league titles for a record like that and you know it.he hasnt come close.the only thing he,s got over sir bob is longetivity.only bob,s health stopped him adding.

  25. bri says:

    Or 3 euro cups in 4 years.correction

  26. Kenny says:

    In response to Jimmy who the hell are you to lecture to me. I seem to be one of the few supporters tired of settling for secondbest. I too remember when Dalglish signed as a player, so what. Dalglish himself said that no personality at the club is bigger then the club. The team screwed up against garbage like Sunderland who lost at home to Newcastle. LFC only beat ten men at the Emirates.

    • jimmy says:

      “i remember when kenny signed as a player, so what” you asked me a question, so i replied dip shit. am i lecturing you? no, its a debate. you clearly have your bitter and twisted anti liverpool/dalglish view, i don’t. i actually support the club, its players and managers instead of slagging it off. bugger me, i’d even cheer on Poulson if he pulled on the red shirt, why, because whilst i am sick of seeing the mancs at the top, i will never boo my own team, nor will i slate the players unless they disrespect the shirt. enough of your nonsense now,jog on

      • Kenny says:

        So you are content with not winning the title any time soon. Very strange from a socalled fan.

        • jimmy says:

          where does it say that twatto? fuck off and get a life you sad manc twat. support the club, bollocks. with people like you supporting the club its no wonder we’ve gone barren in the league for so long. bet you were one of the dicks booing from the stands… sorry, booing from your computer. don’t bother replying, i’m blocking your responses as i can’t be bothered listening to your drivel

          • Kenny says:

            LFC have gone without a league title since 1990 because socalled fans like you have become content every season if LFC manage to win some games against the likes of United,Chelsea and Arsenal. Do you really think the likes of Poulsen gives a damn about LFC? He,Cole and Ngog are there just for the money.

  27. bri says:

    I Ågree Kenny.in fact i thought lucas should of been sent off for throwing his shin at frimpong,s raised boot which i.m sure you,ll agree should lead to a points deduction.did you see the way we celebrated that second goal? Clearly a code violation leading to dicipline charge with fine