Date:14th August 2011 at 2:25pm
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As I type this one hour from kick off and after having already driven by Anfield twice sampling the match day atmosphere of the eager fans as they buzz around Walton Breck Road, I find it hard to contain my excitement & genuine expectation for the up coming season .

Something in the air tells me we have got our opponents on the back foot already with only Man City even possibly matching our ambition in the transfer market. Arsenal continuing to rip off their fans and rape their heritage in the name of pennys and Utd with an even more woeful midfield than this time last year and Chelsea trying to convince us with the exact same disjointed shower of shit players that failed last season but with the gimmick of having a teenager who never kicked a ball in his life in charge of them !

I have no doubt we have bought the best players in the League from within the league and we are going to be one hell of a train to stand in front of with Kenny Dalglish guiding us down the tracks .

I was actually thinking of the pressure the big spending Steve Bruce must be under coming to Anfield today with yet another unproven team of strangers new to the League and some of them too old to be new to anything!

A manager of his experience both as a player & manager must have considered keeping the score down .

He suffered greatly as a player at the hands of a Dalglish managed LFC before and he has Suffered at the hands of a Dalglish led Title Winning Blackburn , theres no way he is coming to Anfield today with hope in his heart much less expectation .

If they were to get a draw today he would feel like he has won the lottery .

Realistically ?

You can’t tell me he hasn’t considered all his options , looked at the percentages and has decided to keep the score down as his first priority , steal a draw as his second priority and should all his lucky stars align for him: miraculously win by the odd goal .

I can see us patiently controlling the tempo of the game and dissecting them clinically in the final third time and time again , I almost feel sorry for them , they are going to be run ragged .

Call me Mystic Meg if ya must and if ya gimme a fiver I’ll tell ya tha winning lottery numbers for tonights draw too !








Carroll is having a blinder , his goal should have stood , it was a beautiful piece of centre forward play , he took it down & buried it in 3 touches under pressure , Christian Vieri couldnt have done it better.

Fuckin referee robbed us on that one !

What about Downing ?

Fucking beautiful run & shot , would have been an early contender for goal of the season if that went in instead of cracking the bar so hard it hasnt stopped wobbling yet !

Hendo hasn’t misplaced a pass , Lucas is having a blinder as is Adam & young Flanagan is justifying Kenny’s faith , he is havin a great game as is the very composed Agger .

What about Suarez ?

He should be chasing a hat trick by now , t’was a beautiful wee finish at the near post for his goal & he has been his usual electric self with his movement off tha ball giving them conniptions at the back … Less said about his penalty the better !

All in all boys ?

We are playing some very commanding & domineering football , its a beautiful game when its played by us like that !

Fuck Barca & Fuck that robbing bastard referee !

If it wasnt for him we would be at least 3-0 up by now !

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