What does Dalglish have planned for Meireles this season?

Meireles wasn’t always the happiest playing out of position wide right or wide left but Kenny did utilise him in both positions quite frequently last season. My favourite to start in the position on Saturday though would be Dirk Kuyt, before perhaps Luis Suarez returns for the Arsenal match.

This only leaves the attacking midfield position for Meireles to take up. With Steven Gerrard sidelined until September it seems it maybe an ideal opportunity for Raul to impress Dalglish if, as reported, he is not going to be a first team regular. Still, Raul will have the obstacle of Alberto Aquilani, another player whose future is uncertain.

Aquilani has been very impressive in pre-season and has a good case for starting in the attacking midfield role. If Raul is fit and raring to go though, he also has very good argument for being chosen. He loves arriving late in the box and going past the opposition backline, characteristics which are ideal for playing in the attacking midfield role. He also had some of his best performances for Liverpool playing in the role, during his purple patch run of goals near the start of Kenny Dalglish’s reign.

Do you think Meireles is in Dalglish’s plans? Will he start on Saturday against Sunderland?

Article is courtesy of David Tully at Live4Liverpool

17 responses to “What does Dalglish have planned for Meireles this season?”

  1. ANDY says:

    Sell Lucas, Cole and Poulsen – Keep Raul!

    • bazza says:

      Andy – Sell Lucas! Are you as fucking moron. You obviously know fuck all about football. Why dont you fuck off and support man u.

    • Dan says:

      you a truly a man with no brain, Lucas is the one person who can help prevent the goals going in

      • Oscar says:

        The lack of Lucas in pre-season is why we leaked so many goals! He was our best player last season, his performance against Arsenal and Chelsea were top-class last season! Truly a big game player!

  2. Lee says:

    Sell Raul, even though I like the player he backs out of challenges so won’t play DM, leaving 3 positions he can play AM, RM and LM. LM will be filled by Luis and Downing, RM Kuyt and Henderson, leaving the AM role for Stevie and one other, I’m guessing at this point it’s going to be Aqua. But we never know

  3. Oscar says:

    A very elegant player in possession and a good passer. If we are to trim the squad I don’t see why it should be Raul who goes. He was our player of the season last year and his wages are only at £30,000 a week; the same as Nabil El-Zahr. Poulsen is probably on at least double his wages and Joe Cole is on triple. You’d expect players such as these to get the chop before a player who far out shone them last season. However, he doesn’t fit in with FSG’s transfer policy and Commolli’s reluctance to hand him an improved contract suggest he has one foot out of the door already. Sad…

  4. Abass says:

    Please, i dont think this a issue we should be debating on,meireles is a very good player for us since he join us.He supply us some winning goals,name of chelsea,stoke and so on.We will miss him a lot if we sell him or dont use him.

  5. Telly says:

    Please ..we are trying to sell poulsen, deggen, el Nzar, Ngog but only interests registered with no concrete offers on the table. Finger crossed they will be off the book before the close of transfer window. LFC should buy Gotze and Neymar if we are serious about winning the EPL.

    • bole says:

      Neymar is rubbish,so overrated,great in slow brasilian league,in EPL would be new Robinho,agree about Gotze the best young player in Europe 18 yaears old and plays like 25!

  6. carra says:

    He’s a good player to have in your squad. Though as you have correctly said, his options are very limited. I prefer him in a more central role or playing just behind Caroll. My lineup would be like this
    Suarez- Aquilani or(Kuyt)-Downing
    Caroll or(Kuyt)

  7. the fact remain that our midfield is overloaded some where, some body must go, and is between Meireless, cole, Aquilani and if i have to choose to stay at anfield will be Aquilani.

  8. Will says:

    Raul is class and he fits perfectly into our team, hes always comparing tatts with Skrtle and Agger, he clearly loves playing for the club and has a lot of quality. I say if he wants to stay then keep him, sell cole, poulsen etc.

    And anyway, all i care about is seeing some more of those cracking volleys that won him LFC goal of the season! YNWA!!!

  9. Bill Shankly says:

    What the hell difference does it make if he is in anyones plans or not ?
    If theres any player at our club who thinks he isnt going to have to earn his place in our starting 11 then those players shouldn’t be & hopefully wont be at our club for too much longer , its princess poofter players like that who have seen us fall to mid table standard since we last won the title .
    We played a 4 4 1 1 against Valencia not a 4 2 3 1 , Aquafresh was the support striker/Attacking Midfielder .
    If I’m right & then I’d like to start against Sunderland with Downing on the left , Adam as Captain in centre Midfield , Lucas beside him with Henderson on the right .
    If Suarez isnt quite ready ?
    I’d play Kuyt behind Big Andy .
    If Suarez is ready I’d play him behind Andy & consider playing Kuyt on the right ahead of Hendo , but I’d probably go with Hendo no matter what barring injury .
    The major difference this season over the past few seasons is we are going to have quality options on the bench , not freebies , cast off’s & developing unproven kids .
    That is the type of bench you need if you are going to challenge for the title .
    Theres only one Kenny Dalglish & thank fuck we got him back !

  10. glen says:

    merieles is going no wer…

  11. Johnno says:

    The bench. Then sold in January.

  12. Rooster says:

    i hope Raul leaves liverpool ASAP. He deserves better. For any club to treat their best player from last season like this is disgraceful.

    Liverpool is a sinking ship. Their only hope for CL is that Arsenal sinks faster.