Date:8th August 2011 at 3:00pm
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Former Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry has said that when he was incharge at Liverpool, there first plan was to redevelop Anfield instead of building a new stadium but it became to complicated to do so and building a new stadium turned out to be the better option.

If Liverpool, lead by Parry, had decided to go ahead and build a new stadium in 2008, we could be in our new home by now and life would be better from a financial perspective.

FSG are also find themselves in the same quandary of redeveloping or building a new stadium, but it seems most likely that building a new stadium in Stanley Park will be the final move.

“The new owners have been very smart in not making any false promises or predictions,” Parry told Sportsweek on BBC Radio Five Live.

“They have taken their time to study the options with great care.

“For them the main thing is to ensure the stadium does what it is supposed to do, which is to secure the financial future of club and not become a millstone.

“Full marks to them for taking their time to make sure they come up with the right answer. I think we will have to see that answer sooner rather than later.

“Initially we wanted to develop Anfield, that was always the hope, but there were too many complications. The idea of building new actually became increasingly attractive the more we studied the options.

“I can’t imagine what has changed radically that would lead you easily to a different conclusion but I am not privy to the latest information that the owners have got.”