Date: 7th August 2011 at 10:00pm
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Back in the days we used to have tricky wingers with pace and a little and large partnership upfront in Keegan and Toshack.

After that came Rush and Kenny with Barnes as the playmaker/wide man.

Now we look to have a repeat of this in Carroll and Suarez with Downing providing the crosses. We don’t seem to have a pacy player for whichever wing, Downing isn’t one but with the above formulas we went on to win games, emphatically at times, and then trophies.

Pre-season hasn’t gone to plan but at least without our full first team regulars we know that goals can come from other places whether it be courtesy of Agger, Aqualani or Ngog. Although any of these three could have question marks over if they will be at Melwood come the start of the Premier League.

Throw Carroll, Suarez, Downing, Gerrard, Adam and Kuyt into the mix and goals should be free flowing against most teams.

Remember the end of last season? Suarez had settled in and United and Fulham specifically were disected with little trouble. Add the summer signings and we seem to have most places covered. Attacking full-backs are coming back into fashion and in Johnson we have one of the best natural attacking full backs. Enrique is now rumoured to be out of Newcastle and he could be available for £5-6 million with the fee rising with add ons. Plenty of centre backs on our books and as long as fitness is not a problem we have most areas if not all pretty well stocked. It would be wrong to suggest the title will be ours this season but top four should definitely be our aim and with the talent that is at our disposal we should be able to accomplish this. If some of the players don’t leave we know that there will be adequate back up should a crisis arise due to injuries.

A few more departures and one or two arrivals left and the revolving door can be stopped for the reast of the year. I hope that history is repeating itself in terms of style of football. Everyone wants to win but to do so with great attacking play will be the icing on top for any fan.

We just need to hope the defensive issues that have been highlighted in pre-season are eradicated with current defenders or a new transfer. If any transfer stories that come up involving Liverpool. I won’t believe any have a possibility unless they link us with a defender.

The King will get the job done and do so with flair.


14 responses to “Is Dalglish repeating success with his blueprint from the 80’s?”

  1. 'Will says:

    @ Ash Williams
    Turns out Downing is very fast – as fast as Glen Johnson anyway. (source: LFC fitness coach)
    I was surprised at that tbh…
    Gerrard and Johnson were the fastest at the club after Babel (who was miles faster than anyone) left. I don’t know if Gerrard has since been robbed of some pace by the groin injuries he’s suffered.

  2. pete says:

    Rush, Kenny and Barnes, in the same team???? are you crazy? do you know anything about Liverpool. If you’re going to write anything, please do a little research, you can’t even spell Aquilani

  3. Kenny says:

    The reason that daniel agger is getting so many injuries is the same as the reason why glen johnson is injured.Its this 4 2 3 1 bullshit system.It leaves the likes of johnson having to cover the entire length of his side of the pitch which as we saw with johnson,kelly,aurelio is a killer to a players hamstrings,calfs,achilles etc.DID ANYONE NOTICE HOW COMFORTABLE AURELIO WAS WITH DOWNING IN FRONT OF HIM LAST NIGHT?Agger is so good on the ball that one wonders why he isnt in central midfield.Aggers body isnt equiped for the constant grind of fighting big forwards.Why cant we reduce the stress on our wings by getting a partner for downing and thus reducing the amount of ground our full backs have to cover?KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!!!!!

  4. DaveB says:

    @Pete, sorry but Dalglish’s last season playing was Barnes’s first season with us an it was the last season tha tRush was with us during his first spell so the facts are right.

    sorry that for once Aquilani wasn’t speeled right. Everyone can make a spelling mistake so get over it.

  5. Mike S says:

    Stop embarrassing yourself comparing Downing to John Barnes that’s like comparing Ngog to messie!

  6. sai says:

    downing has the capability to penetrate any defense so is suarez who much more trickeir; aquilani can play against smaller teams as he has keen vision and good passing.. carrol has good shot and heading but has low tricks..
    what we need is a strong defense.thts it!!

  7. Burt says:

    Close mr article writer

    Downing is an exact clone of Jason Wilcox from Blackburns title winning side. Wilcox and Ripley provided all the ammo for the SAS partnernship. Hopefully Downing can be as crucial for us as he was for them.

  8. Redshadow says:

    Kenny you really are a PRAT aren’t you? That ‘bullshit’ system as you call it? Won us EIGHTY SIX Points a few seasons back – MORE Than enough for the title now (& more by a distance than what DID win it for the past 2 seasons); What’s more regarding your utter CRAP about Full-backs? Our full-backs did well enough in THOSE Months & THAT season didn’t they idiot? I notice to you come up with ALL this crap to justify the utter Shite you’ve posted here and totally IGNORE like the brain-dead IDIOT you are that Agger is a CENTRAL DEFENDER Not A winger or Full-back so your utter CRAP about full-backs? Had NOTHING to do with him even if it WAS true which it was NOT!!!

    Now, I wonder WHY you didn’t mention that eh? A word from the wise and tip for the future you utter fool – BEFORE You embarrass yourself by typing such bilge in future – DO your research and KNOW what you’re talking about – Then? It won’t be so easy to dissect your sorry excuses for ‘arguments’ and embarrass you as I have done FAR to easily here no? Now get lost and do NOT return – Maybe you’ll have learnt something next time though I doubt it………….

  9. Redshadow says:

    DaveB? Dalglish’s last season OFFICIALLY Playing for us? Was 1989/90 when we last won the league – He came on during our Final HOME game that season (1-0 win over Derby County) and was present for the trophy presentation of the title AFTER the game – His last SUBSTANTIAL playing season was Barne’s first FULL season in 1987/88 but his last OFFICIAL season? Was as I said in 1989/90 – His testimonial was just held just before the start of the following 1990/91 season and after that? He never again played for us officially. Just thought to clear that up for you there.

  10. Kenny says:

    In response to foulmouthed Redshadow: What exactly are your points, it was hard to see any amid all your expletives. Do you United play this system? United have proven time and time again how important wingers are. It is not a coincidence that the likes of Johnson,Kelly and Aurelio have got injured because this constant having to cover the entire flank on either side is too much strain on their legs. The same system 4-2-3-1 system that you refer to earned LFC only 63 points in the season after the 86 points. Agger is a genuine goal threat when allowed near the opposition goal, it is ridiculous in a squad that struggles for goals and will struggle again this season that his ability is not utilized in midfield. Even if this system you like so much was persisted with it should have in the three Downing on the left, Johnson on the right and a variation of Adam,Aquilani,Meireles,Gerrard or Kuyt behind Suarez and leave Carroll on the bench as an impact sub. So when you call yourself wise remember the saying that selfpraise is no praise. How many injuries does the likes of Evra get playing for United? If you ever played football you would realize the strain it puts on a player having to run the length of the pitch several times in the 90 minutes. This system places the most strain on the fullbacks and LFC will only have themselves to blame when this system wrecks the careers of the likes of talented players like Johnson,Kelly and Aurelio. Agger as I said should play in central midfield alongside either Lucas or Spearing.

  11. Bill Shankly says:

    Pete is 100% correct , Barnes , Rush & Kenny never started a game together & I cant remember a game the 3 of them were on the same pitch at the same time .

  12. bri says:

    Just a word on evra.he,s classed as full back who likes to get forward.see him regularly in the final third joinin the attack on the left.think we get to hung up on formations.that great team of 87/ 88 was so attacked minded the formation almost became irrelevant.havin stood on the kop watchin us thrash forest 5-0 and seein gillespie and jocky bringin the ball virtually to the edge of forrest,s penalty area[not just in that game either]you cudnt say there was a formation.the opposition were so pre occupied with markin barnes,beardsley,houghton huge gaps wud open up. its about havin the right players fittin the way the manager wants to play.if kenny is tryin to replicate that style then we,re in for a carnival.of coarse its not that simple.your not gonna see carra or skirtel bringin the ball deep into the opposition half but kenny will av somethin up his can see similarities already.uve got carroll in an aldo type roll,suarez in a beardsley floatin roll,obviously downin isnt john barnes[who is] but the idea is the same.a left winger who can cause trouble and occupy the defence.henderson to do a similar roll to houghton,on the right, energetic,busy, joinin the attack.a centre midfield of gerrard [when fit] to provide the drive and goals like macmahon did so brilliantly.adam to compliment gerrard,to bring variation to the passin,pickin up the pieces in midfield like whelan did.the full backs to get forward when they clearly ive give a very simplistic comparison but football is a simple game complicated by fools.that team kenny put together in 87,with a few exceptions,the excitin fluid attackin style,pass and move, was done basically in that summer.the previous season the team hadnt played with that style at yeah it looks like kenny is tryin to replicate his blueprint from the eighties.there,s loads of hardwork to be done as he started from a stronger position in 87 but he proved at blackburn that he can do it from a worse startin position aswell and sorry guys if ive waffled but if can do it,it,ll be party time!

  13. Bill Shankly says:

    Great Post Bri .
    I will say that even at Newcastle & Celtic Kenny had not just a definitive style but he has a method .
    When he takes over a side he doesnt do a Souness , clear out everyone he doesnt rate & bring in his own players , he works with what he has got within the budget he has been set & he mixes & matches them until he finds their blend , at both Newcastle & Blackburn he took over gung ho defensively naive attacking sides & gave them rock solid defenses & clinical attacks with workman like midfields , Newcastle fans didnt like that so turned against him even though he got them a top 2 finish in the league along with a cup final even though the club were cashing in on their top players .
    Just saying what Kenny has done for LFC in the past , what he is doing & what he will do is not going to be easily predicted , wecan expect success , he is Kenny after all & he is at Liverpool after all , there are strong similarities & I for one am glad to see them especially now with no back pass & the off side law changed to favor the attacker .
    Beardsley & Aldo averaged 50 per season over 2 seasons , I’m starting to think it will be hard for Suarez & Carroll not to challenge those numbers this season with the quality of players we have around them .