Have Liverpool found Gerrard’s replacement?

If he is creating so many chances for team mates at the age of 21, just imagine how many he may create when he develops his game and reaches the peak of his career in five or six years time. Although he wouldn’t like to be compared too much to Steven Gerrard, it took Stevie some time to hit his stride, and if Hendo is making such an impression even at 21, I am hopeful he can press on and make considerable progress in his game.

Stats of course don’t mean everything, and one of the main reasons why Liverpool bought Henderson was down to the potential that Kenny Dalglish saw in him. The King has a great eye for spotting talent and picking out a couple of names such as Alan Shearer and Jamie Redknapp, demonstrates his ability to see potential at an early age.

At £16million though, it is still a gamble but Kenny would not have spent so much if he didn’t believe he was worth it. He won’t be a first team regular straight away, especially with the likes of Gerrard, Meireles and Adam all competition for his place in the side, but I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to say that Kenny is looking at the long term future for this one. Gerrard is 31 and Raul is 28, Jordan’s signing must be in some part because Kenny believes he can be their long term replacements. These are big expectations to have on your shoulders at a young age, and hopefully Henderson can live up to the faith placed in him by Dalglish.

Article is courtesy of David Tully at Live4Liverpool

9 responses to “Have Liverpool found Gerrard’s replacement?”

  1. Oscar says:

    More of a Lampard style player in my opinion, but his quick one touch passing and crossing from the right is sensational. This lad is destined for big things!

  2. Craig says:

    I honestly as a fan didnt see henderson as a potential summer signing! Seen him a few times last season and now with us in pre-season, he looks good on the ball although im yet to be convinced however im sure a few seasons will change that! Young player but me personally im hoping gerrard has a few more seasons left in him

  3. jimmy says:

    Very good engine but to compare him to stevie g is a joke!
    would be good if he could actualy do something with or around the ball,and he needs to learn to tackle and shoot.
    needs to improve bigtime,I am more impressesed with charlie adam and downing the latter being a player i thought was not right for us.

  4. nomad says:

    For the future,no doubt.

  5. Paul says:

    Think about it. Hes solid on the ball, doesnt give many away, creates chances and will run all day! Give the lad a break, he’l be a good player for us!

    Think about it, if he creates another 82 chances this season, tbata over 2 a game! That will already have paid half of his price tag!

  6. Mike says:

    A poor mans Jack Wilshire.

  7. nomad says:

    Mike,of late,Jack Wilshire is a poor mans Jack Wilshire.

  8. Bill Shankly says:

    Hendo hasnt got that Crafty Cockney attitude Wilshire has but in two season time he will be a damn sight closer to captaining England than Wilshire for that very same reason , namely he is already streets ahead of Wilshire in terms of temperament , theres nothing between them in terms of technique & from what I have seen of both of them Hendo has an edge on Wilshire in terms of final ball & end product .
    You may as well compare him to Carra as compare him to Gerrard , he is a totally different style of midfielder than Gerrard is .
    If you were to compare him to Meireles & Cole I’d see the sense in it & already Hendo is a better player in the Premier League than Meirelesis & The faded Cole .
    What tha hell do you want from this Kid ?
    Complaining about him there & he has never even played so much as 1 league game for us !
    Fuckin Racist third worlders tha lotta ya !