Date: 2nd August 2011 at 1:07pm
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With Liverpool conceding three goals again on Monday against Valerenga, speculation is rife today that Liverpool will go back into the transfer market and sign a new central-defender before the season starts. We have been linked with a move for Birmingham’s Scott Dann but it is thought that they want too much for him and thus Dalglish may turn his attention to 23-year-old, ex-Manchester United defender, Ryan Shawcross who is currently the captain at Stoke.

It is thought that Stoke may be willing to part with Shawcross if they get a bid in the region of £12million but Manchester United have first refusal on Shawcross if or when Shawcross leaves the Britannia Stadium. And I can bet you United would just sign Shawcross for the sake of him not joining Liverpool.

If Liverpool are able to prize Shawcross from Stoke it would signal another great statement of intent by Liverpool for the coming season as we would be getting another top Premier League player. The trend would continue with Liverpool signing the best players from the other teams; Carroll was Newcastle’s best player before we signed him, Henderson was one of Sunderland’s best, Adam and Downing were the best players last term at Blackpool and Aston Villa respectively.

Do you think Shawcross would be a good signing for Liverpool?


12 responses to “Tuesday Rumour: Liverpool linked with ex-Manchester United defender”

  1. eri says:

    i think dejan Lovren or Gary Cahill it s be a good for Liverpool this season…

  2. don wynne says:

    unless the owners change their minds we’re stuck with the problem of raising more funds before we can buy, fringe players sitting on fat contracts wont be easy to shift, so kenny might have to make the best out of what he has. All this talk of Cahill, Dunn and co is a bit pointless until we sell. Best we can hope for is that the re introduction of Lucas gives the support that the back four need, and that a few good training sessions get the back four, whichever players he uses, working as a unit.

  3. Darren says:

    He would be an excellent signing! Can’t see united signing trying to sign him as they have signed jones plus the have smalling and evans along with jones as cover for rio and vidic! I’d personally have dann as he represents the best value for money! Cahill would be a great signing too but I wouldn’t pay the 18 million that they reportedly want. Also stoke don’t want to sell him so shawcross’s value is propably valued near cahill’s pricetag. We need a LB more than anything! I personally wanted cissoko but I agree it’s probably to much of a gamble! So either enrique or baines for me but really can’t see everton selling him to us!

  4. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    Sometimes a player has to leave a club to find his feet , leaving a big club Like Utd isnt necessarily a bad thing for a young player especially if they are local , they dont become too comfortable & complacent & stop developing .
    Shawcross wouldn’t be a bad signing , he has good leadership quality & could make a valuable instant impact on our starting 11 .
    Man Utd also released Peter Beardsley , David Platt as young players so I wouldn’t hold it against him .
    I haven’t seen enough of him playing to say yes or no but I wouldn’t be disappointed to see a player of his profile join us .

  5. sai says:

    well,lets try..!

  6. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    Darren ,
    Its not for us to wonder why it is for us to boo & cry .
    Let the suits figure out how we can persuade a player or how we can afford him , all we as fans should be concerned about is if his quality is or isn not good enough to improve our squad .
    I agree with you about the LB & I rate Baines because of his quiet consistency but If It was my money ? I would sign Baines as back up to the higher profile more affective in attack Bale .
    If we couldnt twist Spurs Arm enough ?
    I’d sign Baines & Enrique & let them battle it out for the starting place .
    Over every two seasons there will be more than enough games for the both of them .

  7. john says:

    johnson is not good enough he will always make the centre backs more exposed valerengas first goal was partly his fault he should have done more to stop that ball coming across. he is a week defender good going forward but can,t defend jose enrique would be the same.we need lB & rB who can defend kelly for RB and buy LB who can defend.

  8. Robert says:

    i dont know anymore. it has become obvious that the likes of Cole, Poulsen, Degen, Insua, Kyriakos must be shipped out and the board should have been working on this since June already. Shawcross is good but just because we need defenders does not mean all the promising players MUST be linked with LFC. if we are not going to use Ayala and Wilson, loan them or sell them. Preferably, i would pay the 18m for Cahill and get that done and dusted. after theat, we need two more players but one will suffice. if we can land Adam Johnson, believe me all our problems will be solved and we will be able to at least compete consistently this coming season. dont sell Aquilani. PLEASE KENNY. dont sell this player. most intellectuals think it but wont say it but he can fill Stevie’s boots. bar all this captain fantastic stuff, he made it to 6th without him last season after a dismal start.

  9. bole says:

    I dont like Commoly i think we dont need him and so many directos, looking me like we becoming a worst version of Arsenal

  10. joe says:

    The transfer policy looks to be puzzling a few people at this much is Comoli responsible and how much is Dalglish..and more importantly if things dont work out too well, who will get the blame..I think I know who the fans will blame, but who will the owners hold responsible??

  11. Darren says:

    I know I get carried away sometimes haha would love to see bale in a red shirt but I’ll boo n cry one last time 😉 if he came available this transfer window we wouldnt get him. The reasons being we wouldn’t be able to match the wages chelsea and city would offer him and without champions league football we would be his 5th choice! Not saying he is a money grabber but he would be stupid to turn down about an 80k difference in wages and it would also be foolish of him to turn down a champions league team.
    Jovo has gone now so if a few more follow soon I think we will add another two players this window possibley 3.

  12. Micky-G says:

    I think to some degree our defenders have taken too much heat and been under far too much pressure because as a club we have lacked quality wingers up front & general pace in the midfield to get at our opposition and place them on the back foot. Last season I watched Wolves destroy us at home because like so many other teams, they didn’t have to worry about the quick breaking counter attack from us. Our backs were so often having to absorb so much pressure because we couldn’t reverse a situation when a team is pressing at us. I understand most of this was under Hodgson and thank god Kenny made a big shift in our style of play and confidence.
    Adam Johnson or Aaron Lennon could help us in that area.