What does this season hold for Lucas?

Lucas’ success last season came after often playing that anchorman role, shielding the defence and setting up play for Liverpool’s more attack-minded stars. Lucas’ role next season may depend on what formation Dalglish uses to accommodate his new signings. Downing is the only purchase that offers real width so the main competition for places will remain in the centre of midfield. The fact that neither Henderson nor Adams have similar styles of play to Lucas will benefit the Brazilian as he can offer a more defensive approach when required. But if Dalglish aims for a more attacking Liverpool, utilising those new signings, Lucas may be the unfortunate player to make way in the starting line up. But the talent he showed last season has no place on the bench and that’s where Liverpool may come unstuck in their desire to keep hold of him.

Business wise there could also be some doubt over Lucas’ Anfield future. Spending as much money as Dalglish has since January means that the books will need to be balanced in some way. The deadwood around Liverpool (Joe Cole, Alberto Aquilani, Christian Poulsen etc.) would be the first to try and be shifted but if that is unsuccessful there could be plenty of suitors to take Lucas off Liverpool’s hands at the right price.

Much of Liverpool’s success, even through the bleak spells of recent seasons, has come down to the continued development of Lucas. Dalglish has clearly pinpointed the need for more attack-minded midfielders but their arrivals and the transfer fees paid for them should not overshadow Lucas’ key role in the Liverpool midfield.

Article is courtesy of Jenny Kerwood at Football FanCast

5 responses to “What does this season hold for Lucas?”

  1. nomad says:

    Lucas was bought as a box to box midfielder.He may have been “adapted” to a more defensive role as the need arose,ala Kyut as a winger,but the quality that got noticed is still there and has been seen on the pitch.He is an asset in attack,don’t discount that.

  2. Micky-G says:

    Nomad- yeh I agree. There’s more opportunity under KK’s pass n move style of football for Lucas to venture forward and I saw glimpses during the Copa that he can link up well with the strikers.
    Im just a big fan of Lucas, he’s got a steely determination about him. He copped plenty from the ‘boo boys’ early days but never gave up or looked to quit the club.
    He continues to grow and hopefully his best years are still to come in a Red shirt. He’s always on twitter let us fans know he’s excited to be a Red.

  3. nomad says:

    Mickey-G,I’ve not seen any Copa football so ta for the update.I was sceptical when he first arrived but the only critisism I can level now is the number of free kicks he concedes around the area.Proof for me that he’s no Mascha or Makelale.His age,ability,maturity (as you said,he coped with the booing planks)and the KK/FSG approach should gell well.I’m optimistic which is a plus as I’m generally a cynic.No fan of twatter/faceache but a plus when he can show his feelings so easily.

  4. Micky-G says:

    Yeh I could be wrong but I thought he started his career as a move attacking type midfielder and it was Rafa who tried to mould him into a more stay at home, link up with the backs holding type player which then gave Gerrard more freedom to push up. I think Lucas will benefit big time under Kenny. He’s not the greatest tackler I’ve seen either 🙂 I can’t wait for the season to start!

  5. Lucas is the only holding midfielder at the club, so he’s unchallenge