[Video] Why Liverpool should not be worried about the loss to Galatasaray

With this match out the way, hopefully the Valerenga game will give us a greater perspective as to what to expect from the Reds, personnel wise, in the coming season. Even if we do lose the match though, it will still not be time to be concerned about the team. The only game that truly matters is on 13th August against Sunderland.

As I said in a previous article yesterday anyway, the Reds may have to cope without the likes of Lucas, Suarez and Gerrard in the immediate future anyway, and although this could cause some problems in the short term, I firmly believe the Reds now have strength in depth in most positions on the pitch to cope.

If we play a 4-3-3 formation, we should have good backup in most positions. Carroll as the lead striker, with Kuyt as backup, Downing on the left with Maxi as backup, Suarez on the right with Kuyt or Henderson as backup, Gerrard in attacking midfield with Meireles as backup, Adam in central midfield with Henderson as another option, Lucas as the holding midfielder with Spearing as backup, Agger at centre half with Skrtel as backup, Carra at centre half with Soto as backup, and Johnson at right back with Kelly or Flanno ready made replacements. The only real concern currently is left back, which will hopefully be rectified by the end of the transfer window.

So to all those fans who are concerned with our pre-season form I say, don’t worry, forget about pre-season results and wait for the games that really matter.

Article is courtesy of David Tully at Live4Liverpool