For all you boys & girls too young to remember & all you edjits who have drank so much they “canne” remember just how wonderful life was being a LFC Supporter under the management of an overly modest , genuine naturally born Football Genius , rightfully called “The King” by those lucky enough to have seen him play & manage us to trophies galore , our boss Kenny Dalglish ….

You are going to love this !

So allow me to set an eerily familiar scene ,

Liverpools recently appointed 34 year old player/manager inherited a League winning side & went on to win the double with them in his first season .

By the Anti LFC Press & rival supporters it was considered no great shock & when that aging side failed to deliver silverware the following season everyone were sniggering at Liverpool’s foolishness in appointing Kenny.

The laughing stopped & changed to concern for our great clubs health because instead of replacing Kenny or appointing a more experienced man to work alongside him , what did we do ?

We handed him a big bag of money & said …

” Kenny , you are our manager & we have unshakable faith in you , money is no object so go out & build us a side that will win the League ”

Of course Kenny being the decent fella that he is didnt let us down & went out & bought the players he needed to build a side that fitted in with his outstanding Footballing Vision .

Anyone starting to see the similarity’s yet ?

No ?

OK I’ll continue …

We have sold our our Goal machine at that time , Ian Rush for a record transfer & in anticipation of losing Rushie Kenny had already bought in his replacement , John Aldridge in January .

Yes we have replaced better players than Torres before !

To that he broke the Domestic transfer record & he added probably the finest goal providing striker England has ever produced , not to mention one of England’s most handsome men ever & one of the most under appreciated players in my lifetime , Quasimodo himself , the one & only Peter Beardsley , & who did he pay that record fee to ? ……. Newcastle again !!!

The Anti LFC press had by now shut its mouth & was anticipating a renewed challenge by us but shutting anyones mouth was never Kennys priority , building a side that could fulfill his vision of how LFC should & can play was Kennys priority so he went out & bought the Best Left winger in the League , the enigmatic , sometimes individualistic but always reliable & sometimes simply magical John Barnes .

Well of course by now the bandwagon had changed direction & the Anti LFC press were now pretending they were a liberal even handed journalistic profession once again & once again Kenny let them get on with it & went out & bought a a goal scoring , goal creating , hard tackling , hard working live-wire that manages to make Dirk Kuyt look lazy by comparison , the under appreciated Ray Houghton .

What happened next is both documented history & the stuff of legends in equal part .

I could try to tell you how great my life felt with Kenny leading us to glory & I could try to tell you that even in those less professional times that team could evenly compete with Barcelona today but I know it would be impossible to do so well enough to convince you …
So instead I’m going to provide you with the video evidence & allow you to make up your own mind after taking into account the tone of John Motson’s commentary & his integrity as a legendary football journalist who is universally admired & respected by all within the game & all connected to the game .

Now bear in mind this is what happened as soon as 4 players Kenny staked his reputation upon started playing together while we were banned from European Competition & bear in mind the similarity with todays situation ….. QPR are even back in the top flight , SPOOKY !!!

Things to note alongside how well Barnes, Beardsley & Aldridge link up are …

How they link with the established players .

The amazing Steve Nichol popping up in every position & scoring from there & not a sob or a tear or ever even a mention of being played out of position not even once , EVER ! I remember a season he played every position across the back 4 & across the midfield 4 & then got dropped when players returned from injury & he never complained even once ! What a truly fantastic LFC player Nichol was & he had big massive CoCo The Clown size 15 feet !!!

The non stop tenacity of the McMahon led midfield .

When Barnes went on a dribble see the Tactical runs of Beardsley & Aldridge in particular , making space for him to attack .

Notice the timing of the attacking moves , the amount of players attacking different dangerous areas in the box all at the same time before the ball is released .

Notice how they never make a single run , there tactical movement is always either in 2 or 3 parts .

Steve Clarke is going to earn his money drilling them under Kennys tactical formation movements !

Manchester -WHO ? !!? !??

Yer off yer head !!!

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