For all you boys & girls too young to remember & all you edjits who have drank so much they “canne” remember just how wonderful life was being a LFC Supporter under the management of an overly modest , genuine naturally born Football Genius , rightfully called “The King” by those lucky enough to have seen him play & manage us to trophies galore , our boss Kenny Dalglish ….

You are going to love this !

So allow me to set an eerily familiar scene ,

Liverpools recently appointed 34 year old player/manager inherited a League winning side & went on to win the double with them in his first season .

By the Anti LFC Press & rival supporters it was considered no great shock & when that aging side failed to deliver silverware the following season everyone were sniggering at Liverpool’s foolishness in appointing Kenny.

The laughing stopped & changed to concern for our great clubs health because instead of replacing Kenny or appointing a more experienced man to work alongside him , what did we do ?

We handed him a big bag of money & said …

” Kenny , you are our manager & we have unshakable faith in you , money is no object so go out & build us a side that will win the League ”

Of course Kenny being the decent fella that he is didnt let us down & went out & bought the players he needed to build a side that fitted in with his outstanding Footballing Vision .

Anyone starting to see the similarity’s yet ?

No ?

OK I’ll continue …

We have sold our our Goal machine at that time , Ian Rush for a record transfer & in anticipation of losing Rushie Kenny had already bought in his replacement , John Aldridge in January .

Yes we have replaced better players than Torres before !

To that he broke the Domestic transfer record & he added probably the finest goal providing striker England has ever produced , not to mention one of England’s most handsome men ever & one of the most under appreciated players in my lifetime , Quasimodo himself , the one & only Peter Beardsley , & who did he pay that record fee to ? ……. Newcastle again !!!

The Anti LFC press had by now shut its mouth & was anticipating a renewed challenge by us but shutting anyones mouth was never Kennys priority , building a side that could fulfill his vision of how LFC should & can play was Kennys priority so he went out & bought the Best Left winger in the League , the enigmatic , sometimes individualistic but always reliable & sometimes simply magical John Barnes .

Well of course by now the bandwagon had changed direction & the Anti LFC press were now pretending they were a liberal even handed journalistic profession once again & once again Kenny let them get on with it & went out & bought a a goal scoring , goal creating , hard tackling , hard working live-wire that manages to make Dirk Kuyt look lazy by comparison , the under appreciated Ray Houghton .

What happened next is both documented history & the stuff of legends in equal part .

I could try to tell you how great my life felt with Kenny leading us to glory & I could try to tell you that even in those less professional times that team could evenly compete with Barcelona today but I know it would be impossible to do so well enough to convince you …
So instead I’m going to provide you with the video evidence & allow you to make up your own mind after taking into account the tone of John Motson’s commentary & his integrity as a legendary football journalist who is universally admired & respected by all within the game & all connected to the game .

Now bear in mind this is what happened as soon as 4 players Kenny staked his reputation upon started playing together while we were banned from European Competition & bear in mind the similarity with todays situation ….. QPR are even back in the top flight , SPOOKY !!!

Things to note alongside how well Barnes, Beardsley & Aldridge link up are …

How they link with the established players .

The amazing Steve Nichol popping up in every position & scoring from there & not a sob or a tear or ever even a mention of being played out of position not even once , EVER ! I remember a season he played every position across the back 4 & across the midfield 4 & then got dropped when players returned from injury & he never complained even once ! What a truly fantastic LFC player Nichol was & he had big massive CoCo The Clown size 15 feet !!!

The non stop tenacity of the McMahon led midfield .

When Barnes went on a dribble see the Tactical runs of Beardsley & Aldridge in particular , making space for him to attack .

Notice the timing of the attacking moves , the amount of players attacking different dangerous areas in the box all at the same time before the ball is released .

Notice how they never make a single run , there tactical movement is always either in 2 or 3 parts .

Steve Clarke is going to earn his money drilling them under Kennys tactical formation movements !

Manchester -WHO ? !!? !??

Yer off yer head !!!

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115 responses to “What happened the last time Dalglish rebuilt a Liverpool side?”

  1. Tony says:

    Andy Carroll is a donkey, a waste of money, Im sorry to say that but he has no pace or technique. Yet again our squad is hideously weak, Cole, Deggen, Poulsen, Jova, Insua etc…..terrible players with no heart at all. If we don’t get our big-hitters on the pitch we are in for a long tough season!!!

  2. rick says:

    Superb article mate.
    Good business.
    Our faithful in Kenny is remarkable.

  3. Jim says:

    when you can play 90 minutes week in week at out the most elite level, then you can critique a player.

    until then, stick to playing fifa11 on your Xbox at home, with your left over fish and chips still in your lap.

  4. Tony says:

    Jim!. Do you deny what i said is true????, you are deluded son, we are going nowhere. The same crap squad players and £35m on a mule like Carroll, Ngog is better technically, fact!!!!Im from Anfield and watched Liverpool for 35 years now and i know a crap player when i see one and Carroll is the worst number9 for years at Liverpool, Adam Morgan is a better striker and Michael Ngoo…… you don’t know who they are do you????

  5. jonesey says:

    Caroll is working hard and we will see whether he is crap as so many of you believe – personally I think your wrong but time will tell. Cole has to go

  6. iraqired says:

    Well said Jim!!!! and Long Live the King.
    YNWA from Iraq, Liverpool for Life!!!

  7. Michaeljon says:

    Tony, Andy Carolls’ never had a bad word to say about you !
    Why the verbal attack?, the season hasn’t even started yet, give him a few games first for crying out loud then you can make your EXPERT comments.

  8. Steve says:

    God bless kenny.
    God bless liverpool with trophies.
    God bless LFC players with good techniqes.

  9. Mads says:

    Yeah Tony, I deny it. What you are saying is idiotic to be fair. The club has money to spend, the best manager there is, we´re buying superb players, our pointhaul last season since Kennys appointment was enough to see us 3rd-highest in the league. The new season hasn´t even started yet and you are proposing “we are going nowhere?”

    As for Andy Carroll he must be the most unplayable striker in the league. Some of the goals he scores are undefendable, even if the best defenders out there does everything correct, sometimes it will still end up in the back of the net. At Newcastle he singlehandedly won them matches they should have lost. If you look at his workrate before his injury it is phenomenal. Him, Suarez; Meireles and Kuyt will be able to put so much pressure on defences it will lead to countless mistakes and all of them are able to convert those mistakes to goals. That is not going to be fun playing against and that alone will tally up points in games otherwise ending 0-0. Carroll has scored two goals in eight matches for us. Suarez has four in 12. Look again at the man city highlights and pay attention to the chances he creates for Suarez, great first-touch, great vision, great awareness.

    I hope as much as anyone, that the youngsters will make it. I think Morgan has a chance simply because of his ability to always find the back of the net, even though most are poachers goals. Ngoo thrives on being stronger than the players he is up against, that is not going to last and I personally don’t see him making it.

  10. Gerrardious says:

    Tony, before u start making silly statements, tell me the last time a 21yr old was given the No9 jersey. am sure ur prob with Carroll is not his quality, its his price. maybe, when u get over it, u’ll realise that we have the best English striker under the age of 24. the guy is far from the finished article (admittedly), but the good thing is that he can only get beta. his physical presence inside the box and his aerial prowess is mouth watering. No kidding here, I agree his movement, technique and pace needs a lot of work and his upper body needs some slimming, but still, he’s not as bad as u ppl paint him out to look. He’s got a good left foot also.
    those sayin Ngog is beta than him, Ngog is slow in thinking, terrible at keeping possession, and easily bullied by the opposition. oh!! i almost forgot his terrible 1st touch

  11. Tony says:

    Andy Carroll has NO TECHNICAL ability…end of story, he can’ trap a ball. he is very slow and doesn’t work hard enough, forget the price he is crap. Michael Ngoo is bigger and has better feet, much better. I see a lot of our youngsters and they are better than Carroll, we will have to play to carroll in the air but what if he can’t do it?, what then?. If you lads think Carroll is a quality player you are fools, he is not and never will be a quality player!!!!

  12. voiceofreason says:

    all I gotta say is
    Kenny did a hell of a job last season
    he’s only made the team stronger this summer
    imagine what he can do with the squad he has now

  13. Tony says:

    Look at the shocking players on show lastnight!, Kenny has no chance with rubbish like them, no chance. If we can’t keep Gerrard and Reina fit we are doomed, Cole, Poulsen, Deggen etc…..OMG!!!!. Kenny is the right man absolutely 100% but Carroll and is not professional enough for LFC and is a big mistake……………..would he get into a decent championship team????

  14. Gerrardious says:

    he was the best player wen he was there. wasn’t he?

  15. redz says:

    brillant i really enjoyed that. personally i think carroll is a good buy, give him til the end of season before writing him off, kk will get the best out of him and others that recently came,kk is the man to put a v good team together and make it work, cole,ngog,poulson,jovanic have to go they had more than enough chances to prove.

  16. Ramesh says:

    Last night kenny has not used the first team players. May be he is looking to filter the best in the rest for the coming season. I dont think kenny is preparing team around Carroll. I guess he is preparing a team to attack on all fronts. It is not correct to put all our expectations on a single palyer like carroll.

  17. michael says:

    good article. all your footage is from a video the mighty reds. i used to watch it all the time as a kid. what a great side. can KK repeat the trick this time around. i hope so hes the best manager we have had since himself.

  18. Bill Shankly says:

    Tony is tryin to pretend that no Everton fans come from the Anfield area .
    I seen Tony in the Pub the other night , he was dressed in blue shorts & a blue jersey & was slurring some old shit about Howard Kendal & Alan Ball I ignored him after that because he was stinking of piss & begging everyone in the bar to buy him another Barcadi Breezer .
    The only reason he knows who the youth players are is because his mother is a LFC fan & she goes to all the Youth games , she buys him tickets to go along with her because she always lets him take a sip of her Barcadi Breezer in the Bar after the games , then she buys him fish & Chips on the way home , I would call him a Mommys boy but he is 48 !

  19. Bill Shankly says:

    Andy Carroll is a clone of Christian Veri .
    He has an excellent 1’st touch , he has excellent tactical awareness , he holds the ball up well under pressure & he brings other players into play . Anyone saying he has no pace is an idiot , he may not be lightening quick over the 1’st 10 yards but he is a monster after them & the distance between the halfway line & the goal line is 50 + yards .

  20. Tony says:

    Andy Carroll has a good first touch, are you blind son???. As for being a blue what a tool, ask Ron@ourkop if im a blue????, im saying what loads of reds think, end of story. Im in the Arkles every match day or Sam Dodd’s and come from the Campfield area, next to the Merebank pub!!!. Don’t try to tell me that Carroll is a top player because he is crap!, Downing, Henderson and Adam are good players no doubt about it but for me CArroll sits on the bench and no more!!!….Doni was excellent lastnight a decent keeper and to sell Aquilani is suicide???

  21. Bill Shankly says:

    You haven’t seen Andy Carroll play if you havent seen his excellent 1’st touch .
    Look how many of Kevin Nolans Newcastle goals Carrols supposedly awful 1’st touch has created .
    Every ball that is passed forward sticks to him until he decides to release it & 9 times outa 10 he releases it to not just his own players but the correct player at the correct time .
    You claim to have watched us for 35 years but you seem to have forgotten how good John Toshack was & you are obviously on the Barcadi Breezers early today if you dont think that in todays modern game with no tackling from behind , no pass back & the off side law changed to favor the forward that Carrolls goal ratio isnt going to top Toshacks goal in 2 for us .
    Do you remember Chris Sutton ?
    Carroll is a better player than Sutton was but do you remember what Kenny done with Sutton at Blackburn ?
    Do you remember how Kenny got Mike Newall firing at Blackburn ?
    You are doing the club no favors talking shit about one of the best purchases it has made in years before even a ball has been kicked this season & I dont need Ron or anyone else to tell me you are or are not a Blue because your actions are speaking louder than any words ever could .
    Kenny sees a role for Carroll , Kenny has put his money where his mouth is & staked his reputation on Carroll , I trust Kenny , I respect Kenny , I admire his Footballing Vision & I acknowledge his proven track record .
    If Andy Carroll doesnt score over 25 goals & play a part in creating at least 15 more next season I will drop dead with shock .
    Smarten up & Sober up Tony

  22. Tony says:

    So Carroll is as good as Toshack, are you a loon or what?. Carroll is never in the same league and you think Carroll is one of the best in years, you are a joker son. Carroll is as bad as Sean Dundee or Erik Meijer….you probably never heard of them?. At £10m Carroll is overpriced and anyone can see it, as for the ball sticking to Carroll, when was that then?, It usually bobbles off him because he can’t control it!!!!. Crouch is a better player than Carroll, pity he was too weak but great feet. I know Liverpool sunshine and i know Carroll is crap, end of!!!

  23. Peter says:

    Tony, I think you are smoking your socks along with drinking your mom’s Bacardi’s. Some people can see talent and others not…. that is why King Kenny is our manager and you… well you are a drunk that likes to smoke your socks!

  24. Gerrardious says:

    now dis is just funny

  25. Tony says:

    See how funny this is when we finish 6th this season, hilarious eh???????

  26. don wynne says:

    lol Peter.
    Don’t think carrol will get loads of goals ut the chaos he will cause should make up for that.I’m a long time fan to and i remember the Toshack Keegan partnership was all about good service and the incredible work rate that Keegan had, Toshack was a great solid target, which the rest of the team could rely on, Carrol has more mobility and is better on the floor than Toshack ever was, mind you thats not saying too much, the only danger is that we rely too much on this big man and become predictable, I think thats why Kenny is concentrating on his midfield, he needs lots of movement and options to make it difficult for other teams to combat.
    All that being said enough of the ‘shop window’ teams it’s time for players who are likely to be getting regular football to be played in the friendlies.

  27. Jim says:

    Tony, i don’t live in england, i wasnt old enough to remember the last time we lifted the championship. But i know what it feels like to support a team as great as liverpool with unwavering faith. I never got to see the king kenny play live, nor Barnes parade the wing like a machine. Listening to my father tell the stories of how it felt to be in the kop is enough for me. To see the passion in his eyes, the quiver in his voice. And the thing he tought me was this – never slag ur teammates, have faith in your team, and never rubbish a man on the pitch cos of his last 90 minutes… Its the 90 minutes playing NOW that matter the most. Stop slagging carroll, have faith in the king’s judgement… U may just be about to witness the next shearer, maybe not… But if ur wrong i can garauntee the humble pie will taste divine.

    P.s i would give my left arm to sit in the kop and watch a liverpool game. Dont take the fact u can do it week in week out for granted. If so, go support manYoo, cos we have no room for bad seeds in this fan base.

  28. Bill Shankly says:

    don wynne ,

    Keegan & Saurez are easily comparable in terms of work rate & energy , judging on Saurez last season anyhow , I kno he has a long way to go to be compared to Keegan just pointing out that good big man + Good smaller man isnt breaking new ground at LFC
    As for Tony ?
    I think its time to repeat myself until he goes away
    Tony is tryin to pretend that no Everton fans come from the Anfield area .
    I seen Tony in the Pub the other night , he was dressed in blue shorts & a blue jersey & was slurring some old shit about Howard Kendal & Alan Ball I ignored him after that because he was stinking of piss & begging everyone in the bar to buy him another Barcadi Breezer .
    The only reason he knows who the youth players are is because his mother is a LFC fan & she goes to all the Youth games , she buys him tickets to go along with her because she always lets him take a sip of her Barcadi Breezer in the Bar after the games , then she buys him fish & Chips on the way home , I would call him a Mommys boy but he is 48 !

    Tony is tryin to pretend that no Everton fans come from the Anfield area .
    I seen Tony in the Pub the other night , he was dressed in blue shorts & a blue jersey & was slurring some old shit about Howard Kendal & Alan Ball I ignored him after that because he was stinking of piss & begging everyone in the bar to buy him another Barcadi Breezer .
    The only reason he knows who the youth players are is because his mother is a LFC fan & she goes to all the Youth games , she buys him tickets to go along with her because she always lets him take a sip of her Barcadi Breezer in the Bar after the games , then she buys him fish & Chips on the way home , I would call him a Mommys boy but he is 48 !

  29. Tony says:

    It was bad seeds like me that got shut of H+G and Roy Hodgson son, on the streets before games. Bad seeds like me got u muppets J W Henry and Kenny Dalglish back, don’t forget that son!!!!. This is not communist Russia, I speak my mind as i have a brain which helped me decide Roy Hodgson was useless within a month!!!!Think about it lads!!

  30. Tony says:

    Carroll and Suarez are comparable to Keegan and Toshack?, they’ve won what exactly?. Carroll scored 2 against City and he is as good as Toshack, what a joker. Dirk Kuyt and Suarez are much better together than the donkey Carroll, we are a much better side without him.

  31. Bill Shankly says:

    Carroll hasnt even played 10 games for us let alone 10 games along with Suarez & I have never seen a League won playing less than 10 games ! But yet & all we have scrotum’s like you trying to tell us he is a bad player .
    Carroll & Suarez are instantly comparable to Toshack & Keegan because both partnerships are Good big man + Good Smaller highly mobile man .
    They are comparable because they both play for LFC .
    You on the other hand are compatible to dog shit if that isnt an insult to the intelligence possessed by dog shit .
    Kuyt & Suarez would also be an exceptional partnership as would Kuyt & Carroll , not because you know the difference between yer arse & yer elbow but because all 3 are excellent players at an excellent club under an excellent manager .
    Get out of here Blue Nose , your act is wearing thin .

  32. Bill Shankly says:

    Hush now everyone !
    Bow your heads & pray for the Lord Tony Christs blessing for he has single handedly ousted the unpopular H + G ownership !
    The Lord Tony Christ with his heaven sent man boobs has also seduced J W Henry & enticed him to invest millions in our club .
    The Lord Tony Christ has also single handedly managed to persuade the reluctant Kenny Dalglish to once again manage us , even though The Lord Tony Christ doesn’t trust Kennys judgment on Andy Carroll , yes its true that The Lord Tony Christ does move in mysterious ways !
    The Lord Tony Christ is also responsible for removing the woeful Hodgson from our club & is in no way responsible with his snap judgments in hiring Hodgson in Preference to Kenny in the first place .
    Let us now give thanks & praise to our Lord & Saviour , Tony Christ without whom none of the above would be possible .

  33. Tony says:

    I bet you muppets were telling everyone we were gonna win the league last season, you tool. When anybody could see we were a mess, now Carroll is gonna save us from 6th is he????, Joker!!. I guarantee you need sat-nav’s to find Liverpool and have never been in the Arkles???, I bet you were were slaughtering Torres before he left, to be replaced by your hero Carroll!!!. your hero spends more time on the ale than he does on the pitch, anyway I’ll see you in the Arkles against Valencia, If you can make it?????

  34. Tony says:

    Bill Shankly!! Tell me what was the Centenary stand called before it was re-developed????? Your a red you should know this????

  35. Bill Shankly says:

    I’m in Tuebrook so I could walk it to the Arkles if I so wished but after the way you have behaved on here I’d be foolish to walk into a bar where you are all woozy on Babysham or Barcadi Breezers , you might get some kinda stupid ideas about gettin uppity when ya think ya have a bar backing you up .
    I think I’ll give it a miss .
    I didnt know Torres well enough to lay into him for his performances before he left us but I did suspect he was deliberately playing poorly to get a move , but I kept it under my hat , I have laid into him since for being a deceitful rat .
    Before Torres left or there was any talk linking us with Carroll I did post elsewhere that he would be a fantastic signing but only if we could get Kenny back , we got Kenny back & we got Carroll & I am delighted on both fronts .
    I have also posted publicly in support of signing Downing , Catermolle , Bardsley , Baines or Bale & Arjen Robben .
    We got Downing & I am delighted .
    We can live without Lee Cattermolle until January if needs be & Phil Bardsley was for squad rotation coz he can play both LB & RB .
    Baines we need , simple as that .
    Arjen Robben if Kenny thought he could work with him would be an absolutely brilliant signing .
    And no I didnt think we would WIN the league but I did believe we were good enough to challenge for it after finishing 2’nd the season before .
    I had zero faith in Hodgsons capabilities from even before he was linked to us & I would have died of shock if he had us challenging .
    In closing Carroll isnt my hero , he is a big robust , battle hardened League proven tough ambitious kid from a place they dream big ambitious dreams in the shape of Shearer , Beardsley , Waddle & Gascoigne , he is fearless in the box & gets his head on things even a crazy keeper like Pepe wouldn’t even put his hands on , he has a sweet left foot , can run at players & links play well .
    I’d take a 21 year old that already plays like Christian Veri in his prime , with 10 Premier League under his belt by December & has shown the guts & determination he had shown up until that point every day of the week over some over hyped over priced over paid delicate technically good foreigner that has no heart & has no balls when we are 1-0 down with 10 minutes left to play .
    None of the players I have mentioned would be looking around themselves waiting on leadership if Gerrard wasnt on the pitch , any & all of them would take the bull by the horns & wouldnt go out without a fight .
    Andy Carroll is a damn fine player & I suggest you try to make him feel welcome .

  36. Tony says:

    OK!!! you don’t know it was called the Kemlyn Road stand and was a single tier, If you walk towards the Annie Road you will see the Arkles to your right on the corner!!!!. Here’s an easy one, Wayne Harrison was signed by Liverpool for £250,000 as a teenager (record fee), from which club did Liverpool sign him?????

  37. Bill Shankly says:

    Not that it matters ….
    Kemlyn Road Stand .

  38. The Rock says:

    I fear for us without without Suarez. Without Pacheco we have no one who can play that role with guile and flair apart from Aquilani. No suarez and Carrol &co will look as bad as they have done all pre season.

  39. Bill Shankly says:

    I dont even know who Wayne Harrison is & unless he scored an important goal I have forgotten ?….
    I dont care either .

  40. Bill Shankly says:

    Anyway wasn’t Mark Kennedy our most expensive teeny bopper ?

  41. Tony says:

    Ok i accept you are a scouser!, I can assure you 100% i am a red and a scouser, as for hassle im not interested in any of that at all, you started all the effing and blinding. To call me a blue is the biggest insult there could be, you can have an opinion but so can i, you also will know what we got upto to get rid of H+G??, some lads got Police records trying to force them out!!!, i didn’t thank God. I have been invited to write for OURKOP, ask Ron???
    My main boozer is the Queens Arms in Huyton next to the station, on Fridays im always in there. Come and have a beer and we can argue about it over a few scoops. As for Kenny, he is the best thing to happen to LFC….ever!!!, to have him back is fantastic but i think Carroll was a mistake, please God im wrong!!!…..I went to St Anthonys Jnr’s and Campion High Snr’s, 100% scouse and RED!!!!

  42. Tony says:

    Wayne Harrison was signed from Oldham Athletic, he was a striker who quit very young, a cracking kid!!!!…..not taking the piss i accept you are a scouser…cool.

  43. Bill Shankly says:

    Yea The Rock is right , we have won nothing since Panchetta was dropped !
    SACK KENNY !!!

  44. Bill Shankly says:

    I’m not Scouse , I’m not even English .

  45. Tony says:

    Scouse or nothing!!!!!

  46. Bill Shankly says:

    Its not that simple Tony .
    Wat about us kids from the 70’s & 80’s who were raised in lands with no full time professional soccer teams to support ?
    Were we supposed to switch the TV off & curse England anytime a cup final or good league game was broadcast ?
    Perhaps we were supposed to throw the TV out altogether & make it our life’s mission to create a club & play Liverpool in the European Cup Final ?
    We were kids man , relaxing in our homes watching TV so we picked a side … or the side picked us & you know as well as me that once you follow a team with your heart you can never unfollow them .
    So once again , I am not Scouse & I am not English , but I am a red , no doubt about it .

  47. nomad says:

    A tear in my eye at the memories.

  48. mark says:

    borin you tony,well borin

  49. Bill Shankly says:

    Snap outa it Nomad !
    It wasnt supposed to make ya feel soppy it was supposed to inspire you for the long hard season ahead when we are going to be going toe to toe with UTD & Fergie & all his dirty tricks & manipulations trying to destroy our spirit & faith in Kenny !!
    Shape up man !
    We dont need a soppy 12’th man , we need a rock that is going to pick us up carry us through the hard times !
    SHANKLY !!
    SHANKLY !!!

  50. nomad says:

    Comment by Tony

    2011-07-29 19:44:27

    Scouse or nothing!!!!!

    That’s going to seriously deplete the team then.

    Bill Shankly,wind your neck in mucka,it was a compliment to the author and the memories.There will be the passion-when it’s appropriate.

  51. don wynne says:

    ok last comments from me, Bill Shankly, agree totally about Suarez/keegan analogy (don’t think i spelled that correctly ah well) thats why i drew the comparison with that pairing rather than the aldo/beardsley one in the article.

    Tony, lol I’ve been in every pub you’ve mentioned, always call into the Arkle befor the game, so will look out for your Breezers.

    Met Shankly when i was a kid and if ever there was a man who knew how to build a team he was the man, went much further he built a dynasty one that Kenny is trying to breath life into,

    players are only as good as their support, team mates and supporters alike, thats why we stand head and shoulders over everyone else, thats why we need to believe, thats why the players and team need to believe in the club and each other, we stand on the brink of a new season, greatness is achievable, one game at a time win or lose, can’t wait.

  52. Darren says:

    I’m very pleased with the signing king kenny has made! It’s the deadwood that we still have here that worries me! Here are the players I think aren’t good enough for us;
    JONES- no disrespect to him but he has no future with us.
    AURELIO- injury phone and average at best.
    MAXI- came on at the end of last year but just doesn’t cut it for me but good enough for next year.
    KYRGIAKOS- very clumsy and loves giving penalties away.
    SPEARING- there is better prospects and the best thing for his career would be to at least go out on loan but for me we should let him go.
    LUCAS- shocked aren’t ya but him winning our player of the year just shows how much we need to improve because other than being hard working and I respect him for that, he is average but I would keep him for next season because he deserve a chance for the improvements he has made over the last two seasons. Tough one one that but if we want to be were we belong, the best club in England then these are the tough decisions we will have to make.
    NGOG- not good enough surprised if it’s true that Bolton want him. My burnley fan mates say they wouldn’t even have him.
    POULSON- experienced but passed it! Too slow for a start.
    DEGEN- who is he again haha not good enough!
    EL ZHAR- been here years and has made it so can’t see him doing it in the future.
    INSUA- there’s potential but I think we should buy a proven leftback as we have looked a little bit rusty in pre season at the back.
    JOVANOVIC- not worth his reported wage packet for me.

    We need a left back, a center half and a back up striker for the season ahead. If we get those signing a get rid of some of the players above I would put my life on us finishing in the top 4 because the best signing we have made so far is Kenny Dalglish! And with him anything is possible as we have seen before well not me as I was born in 1986 but I’m from near Blackburn and used to get taken to all the games by my grandad when King Kenny was their manager so I have seen his magic!
    What ever happens this season I have complete faith in Kenny Dalglish and with the new owner on board who are saying all the right things and backing that up with actions we can all see the future is very very bright for Liverpool Fc. YNWA

  53. Bill Shankly says:

    Well played Darren ,
    Although I dont agree on everything its plain to see yer a football head & a wise one at that .
    Personally I dont think we NEED a CB . In Agger Skrtl & Carra we have 3 top class men fighting for 2 places & Carra is a rock , the linch pin that holds us together at the back & either of the other 2 are more than capable of playing at a consistently high enough level to be considered the best in Europe .
    For me Big Kelly is already better than the Greek , big Kelly is only a make shift RB & Danny Wilson who plays a very similar game to Agger is only a makeshift LB , by the time Skrtl & Agger turn 30 both those lads are going to be seriously world class CB’s so if we get rid of the Greek ( Fingers Crossed ) that leaves us 5 very good players looking at 2 first team places & they deserve their chance to hold us together until Jan .
    I like the thought of Gerrard & Adam in CM , but if either is injured or suspended we have no guard dog to come in and stamp his authority on a game .
    It takes a player that can do the simple things well every time , thats win it & give it 10 yards on the deck no matter what , like you said Lucas is good squad cover but he hasnt got that authority needed , it takes courage , patience , sheer bold faced cheek & temperament & for me Cattermolle has all those , along with a fearsome reputation that will make the twinkle toed imports think twice about their next move when he’s spitting & cursing anywhere near them . He’s only 23 & could develop into an England Captain , he is similar to David Batty & Steve McMahon & Kenny signed both of them .
    I dont see any reason why a club our size cant sign two LB’s ?
    Baines & Bale would be Dalglish standard & a wonderful statement by NEVS if we landed em .
    I’d also like to see another proven quality senior RB at the club , Bardsley has my vote , when he tackles he hits em like a ton of bricks & being ex Utd he would have no problem fitting into a squad system or dealing with the pressure of expectation , Its not going to do the kids or us any favors throwing them into the deep end too often .
    I wouldn’t panic about the also rans at the club , we may have to be patient in order not to ruin their career’s like we did with tha disgraceful way we treated Robbie Keane , Paul Koncheskey & a 19 year old Insua .
    I think with what we have in place will see us through to Jan at least but it would be nice to get a few more proven quality players in & if we need a striker to come into the side on rotation of come off the bench I wouldn’t look further than Kevin Doyle at Wolves who has hit 20 goals as the main striker when Reading were in the Top Flight , for Wolves he plays Wide in a front 3 & still hits around a goal in 3 for them , hes consistent , clever & has a very good temperament , he could develop into a big game player along the lines of Kuyt who always seems to score in the big games .
    But like ya say our most important signing is Kenny , Give him Squad of tea ladys & grounds men & he will get us top 4 & a cup final in a bad season .

  54. Micky-G says:


  55. Micky-G says:

    Kenny feats are legendary, no doubt. Thou building a team in the league now is so much more harder than any other time period. The league is full of international stars and billionaire owners.

  56. Darren says:

    Were not saying it isn’t going to be hard to win the league, realistically 2-4 years. Kenny Dalglish lives breathes eats and sleeps football it’s his passion he loves it always has done and always will do so if you really think he doesn’t know what it takes to win the league then your a clown Micky G

  57. Darren says:

    I agree that we don’t really need a center half but Dann is available and I think he would be perfect replacement for carragher who hasn’t many years left in him. He is a fan, he is at a relegated club with no money and most of all he is a quality player. Think we should snap him up before someone else does. On a RB I’d probably have Kelly as back up for now. Would love to see bale here but can’t see that happening. Can’t see everton selling baines to us so either cissoko or enrique (spelt wrong I think it is late tho) for me. Doyle is a good shout always been a fan but I think he is injured for a few months. Also I think henderson is easily capable of filling in for Adam or Gerrard if one gets injured plus he can play right mid, I can see him playing alot of games next year.
    Kenny Dalglish has got us a solid core back. Reina, Carra, Skrtel, Agger, Gerrard, Adam, Henderson, Carroll, Saurez just as good as the team that finished second a few years ago with Alonso. We have Johnson at RB who is quality in a good back four. Get a quality LB and we have a solid back four with good cover. Downing is an awesome signing he is what we have needed for years. And if Cole gets back to his best which I really hope he does then he can play left or right mid and we can also play him off the strikers. Henderson, Kuyt and Maxi for right mid ain’t too bad. Would defiantly look at buying a right mid next summer as Kuyt can be used as a striker. So like you say Bill Shankley we are well equipped for the coming season. We now need to get rid of the rubbish and add quality and depth when we can. Happy Days

  58. Micky-G says:

    Darren I never said Kenny can’t to do it. Read what I actually posted knob end. I said it’s going to be harder than any other time period to build a top team given the finances required to do so.

  59. Tony says:

    If Carra gets injured we will suffer, im thinking we need to go in for Scott Dann, a scouser and former LFC season ticket holder as well as good player!. I think Carra is well worth his shirt for 2 seasons yet, he is class alongside Danny Agger but will they stay fit?. Skrtel was better last season but is he consistent?, we could get Dann for £6m-£7m?, well worth it!!!

    • Oggy says:

      Firstly the writer of the article is truly red and inspired me massively with his pen and brain which was all backed up with facts and video (which i haven’t watched yet – but will after this though)

      The reems and reems of debate and differing opinions is also a great read despite the insults and passionate beliefs of all concerned…

      i say we only need the best centre back in the world (or one of the top 5) to complete the team now…what that fee would command is anyones guess but im assuming it would be considerably less than the fee demanded of the forwards. I dont have a list of dead wood but if i did it would be pretty identical to Darrens list.

  60. Darren says:

    Skrtel is class for me probably our best center half. We have quality in that position but I wouldnt like to go into the season with just them three as like you question, can they stay fit? Dann is a no brainer for me and I hope he is our next signing. Who would you like at LB Tony, Micky and everyone else? My bad Micky G thought with the comment living in the past you was on about Kenny.

  61. Tony says:

    Im happy with Glen Johnson to be honest at LB, he seems to concentrate more on his defending on that side. As i’ve said Scott Dann is the man for me, 6ft 5″ tall but he did have a serious hamstring injury last season, which needed surgery??. Im hearing these rumours of Diego Forlan coming as a back-up striker, on-loan???, strange but i suppose it’s possible as Athletico have money from Aguero and De Gea, apparently Forlan wants off so it could happen but only on-loan!!!!

  62. Darren says:

    I’d take him on loan tbh he showed in the copa that he still has it. I’d personally like to see Johnson at RB but he did play well at LB last year and if we don’t get a LB I would probably play Johnson at LB too with Kelly at RB

  63. Micky-G says:

    Darren- to be honest I have no idea on a perfect LB. It seems Kenny wants to buy players from within the league so maybe Enrique? I cant think of a British left back good enough. It’s possible Kenny isn’t sure either hence why we haven’t signed any defenders yet. I’m sure there’s a level of frustration as well trying to move on some deadwood so Kenny can have a clear picture of how much he has to spend. I have a feeling a bid for Enrique might happen but I like everyone else is just guessing because who could possibly know what Kenny & Comolli are thinking. I never thought Henderson would be a Red so nothing would surprise.

  64. Kennys Big Brother says:

    Mickey G,
    You type like some little “I told you so ! I told you so ! ” prophe of doom chickenshit wee ponce .
    So tell us when the top flight in England was owned by poor chairmen & non international players ?
    You got a big mouth & a wee brain Mickey G .
    How did Alex McLeish manage to win the League Cup last season ?
    Was it because he had a big squad & a billionaire chairman who bought him a internationals galore ?
    No !
    He won it because he is a good leader that knows how to communicate well with the players he has & he gets the best out of them .
    Martin O’Neil is the same , David Moyes is the same , Alex Ferguson is the same , Sam Allardyce is the same , Owen Coyle is the same & guess what ?
    Kenny Dalglish is a cut above alla them .
    Kenny was the best player in Britain under the best manager in Britain .
    Kennys unofficial assistant for his first 2 seasons was that very same Manager , the one , the only , Trophy winning machine Bob Paisley .
    Picture Ryan Giggs with Alex Ferguson as his unofficial assistant at Utd , then double it & you might get close to Kenny & Bobs stature within the game .
    You can maybe string together 5 names in World Football who could in theory possibly do as good a job for LFC as Kenny & one of them is Alex Ferguson from 20 years ago !
    Fact is Kenny is the best .
    You dont have to believe me , this time next season you will have no choice but to believe me , Kenny Dalglish is as real as it gets & if the interpreter Jose Mourinhio is “A Special One” then that leaves Kenny Dalglish “A Super Duper Special One” , not because I say so but because his record says so .
    I’m not being optimistic when I say this not only do I expect Kenny to lead us in style to a Premier League & a Champions League , I will be very surprised if he doesn’t .
    Kenny Dalglish knows only one thing in soccer & that is success , he has never failed to deliver an improvement anywhere he has been & he is not going to dilly dally now that he is 60 + , he is going to cut to the chase & there is every sign that NEVS agree 100% with his judgment & that they are here not just for the long haul they are here to write their names into Football history alongside our Legendary manager .
    It was never easy .
    It never will be easy .
    Count your Blessings we have “The Chosen One” in charge coz the good times are about to start rolling in a way you or your like never believed possible at LFC .

  65. Kennys Big Brother says:

    There is no such thing as a perfect LB or a perfect any position player .
    There are players who will fit in to the squad already in place & improve it by providing a quality option in a weak area .
    How you can say theres no British player capable with Bale making Europe shit its pants last season is beyond ridiculous .
    Bale like almost every other Welshman would walk on broken glass in bare feet from London to Liverpool just to have a chance to play for a Kenny Dalglish LFC side .
    Baines is as consistent as the sun , he isnt the best in the world but he quietly gets on with the job & never lets anyone down , he is more or less a clone of how Dennis Irwin played for Man Utd , he is a very under rated player .
    Either of those British players would strengthen our squad in the LB area & both are players Kenny could easily work with .
    Wheres tha mystery or what the hell is your problem ?
    Enrique is a good player & he would also strengthen us but has he got the temperament to dg in a prove his worth while under the critical microscope at a hugely pressurized club like us ?
    Perhaps he has , Pepe Renia has , Alonso had & Arbeloa had , they done themselves & their country proud .
    So thats 3 players from within the League whos performances have proven they would strengthen our squad & we only need two of them !!
    My pick is Bale 1’st choice , Baines 2’nd & Enrique as cover for either of the 1’st two .

  66. Micky-G says:

    OMG hahaha funny shit and full of shit. Moyes, Allardyce & Coyle??? Yeh they have lifted the premiership as managers haven’t they. Bale would what..fuck off he would. The question Darren asked was for an opinion on a LB….sorry for assuming he might want realistic candidates. But hey Kenny might as well go for Ashley Cole because in your fucked up head Kenny Super Dooper Dalglish could probably have him walk on his hands down to Melwood. I suggested Enrique based on Kenny targeting premiership players. But according to you or should i say according to what you think Kenny’s opinion of Enrique is that he’s got a temperament and there could be too much pressure at Anfield???? Is that right? I never suggested Baines soley based on his age which doesn’t seem to fit into the FSG strategy BUT at least he does’t have a temperament right?? I cannot understand why the big rant to me on how fantastic Kenny is? I’ve never questioned Kenny’s standing in the game be it past, present or future. I gave an OPINION on why I think Kenny will find it harder to win the league this time around. If your OPINION differs then so what! I would love nothing more than for Kenny & Gerrard to hold up the premiership. Like I posted previous I believe it will be hard given the spending power of a couple of other clubs. Yes im perfectly well aware of Kenny’s man management skills I’m sure Ive heard it somewhere too you fucking clown! If we are to break back into the top 4 or to lift any trophy the credit will go down to Kenny’s fantastic leadership. If we are unsuccessful do you then blame Kenny….NO! But is it too left of field for you to recognize that some other clubs have greater depth in players of a higher calibre??

  67. Darren says:

    We will only start buying top class players like bale if we finish in the top four next season. At the minute we wouldn’t stand a chance in signing bale. Can’t ever see everton selling baines to us either but agree that their both quality british players. I think we should take a gamble on cissoko. He reminds me of richards from city but that’s my opinion. I’d take enrique but can see him going arsenal if anywhere but we will have to wait and see.

  68. Darren says:

    Well said Micky G

  69. Kennys Big Brother says:

    Richards can run & tackle but he is clueless tactically & his passing is weak .
    CASHLEY Cole has a bad temperament , a bad attitude & inconsistent distribution I wouldn’t sign him if Chelsea paid us !
    Spurs are hardly a regular fixture in the top 6 let alone the top 4 & it was Comolli who brought him there in the first place , why the hell wouldnt he sign for us who have only been out of the Champions League 2 seasons from the past 10 ?
    Leave the “Poor Me” Millionaire Cheap Skate routine to penny pinching rip off artists Arsenal , LFC always did & always will spend big bucks on quality players & Bale it a top quality player .
    As for taking a risk on a player Lyon dont want & who failed a medical at AC Milan ?
    Why the hell should we ?
    Let Wigan or somebody desperate take the risk , we can afford to buy proven players & we should unless we want to remain mid table ?
    When it comes to income & expenditure in relation to debt we are Top of the Premier League & we have a massive fan base World wide & now we have men in charge who are head hunting Multi National monster companys like Nike’s top executives .
    Wake up boys .
    If you want to rack yer brains about taking a chance on unproven nobodys & counting the pennies you can always go support Swansea who have no choice but to deal with that situation but Liverpool are one of the 10 richest clubs on the planet !
    Its a no brainer from now on ,back to the future , top players for top dollar .
    I only acknowledge our squad can be improved but unlike you I have enough experience to ignore press hype written by gossip mongers intent on selling papers & I judge a player on his performances over a few seasons , not on how a computer game rates him .
    Man City if full of average , over hyped , over priced , over paid & in some cases over the hill players . They have a manager who publicly fights with his own players & seems more interested in getting a part on Corrination Street as a poofy Italian mincer than he is in cementing his reputation in England as a respectable manager , his Coach David Platt was a better quality player than him & they played in the same team So It wouldnt surprise me if it isnt the respect the players have for Platt thats holding them together behind the scenes , that & Mancini has a poor standing among other managers & that leaves them a goal down going into every game .
    Arsenal are average with no guts , take Van Persie & Fabregas out & they are inconsistent , its only Wegners managerial skill getting them top 4 .
    Chelsea made a bad situation worse by sacking one of the best managers in Europe , they have a disunited squad of money grabbing mercenaries who dont kno who’s going to be the boss next week & nobody can tell me players with the experience , success & standing within the game like Lampard , Terry or even Drogba or Anelka are going to be able to take some snot nosed kid who never kicked a ball in his life let along kicked a ball at the level they are at , seriously , they will be lucky to get top 6 & Villa Boas will be lucky to last longer than Scollari , Spurs are stronger than them .
    Utd on paper & even by performance are unimpressive but like us & Arsenal they have a magician managing them & they will be very hard to stop next season .
    Man for Man over 38 games we have nothing to fear , but that has been true since we got rid of Houllier but the fact is the Players overshadowed Rafa & Hodgson , something our rivals who had Wegner , Ferguson & Mourinhio didnt have to deal with , now we are all on a level playing field .
    None of you acknowledge that , both of you think its about the most hyped players when its not , its about much more than that & the Likes of Torres is proof that its the club that makes the player not the player who makes the club .
    You are a ball bag Mickey G.

  70. Micky-G says:

    yes I see it now, your obviously bang on the money. What was I thinking.

  71. Kennys Big Brother says:

    I can answer that one for ya too ,
    You were obviously thinking a whole loada idiotic , ignorant egotistical shite like the computer football expert , never kicked a ball in his entire life useless bell end that you are .

  72. Micky-G says:

    thanks for filling in the blanks for me. It’s clearly apparent someone of your intellectual brilliance should be managing the team.

  73. Kennys Big Brother says:

    You flatter me Mickey G , in truth I am only amateur standard & no where near the Standard of Dalglish who’s talent & achievements I respect & admire ,
    That said , if ya wanna through me a few quid for looking after a Sunday League side you can contact me at my email address which is

  74. joeymax says:

    Why the fuss? We all REDS.

  75. Kennys Big Brother says:

    No Joey ,
    sadly we aren’t all Reds .
    There are those among us who either through sheer stupidity , ego or pure malice are vocally doing Wegner’s & Fergusons work for them by destroying the public image of our club & its efforts to win something for the first time since 20006 .
    I have made an example of of Mickey G because his & his likes stupidity is like a cancer at our club & it has to end .
    We have the best Owners available , we have the best manager available anyone who is a true Red will accept that , grit their teeth & hope for the best between now & May .
    Anyone doing anything else is an enemy of the club .

  76. nomad says:

    Totally Kennys Big Brother.

  77. Kennys Big Brother says:

    Nomad ,
    Are you saying I am “Totally” Kennys Big Brother , like I intended to portray myself or are you saying “Totally” in agreement with me ?

  78. Micky-G says:

    Kennys Big Brother- haha your a fuckin laugh. We sure do have done ignorant supporters! Pls keep your dribble coming.

  79. Kennys Big Brother says:

    Its not like you have a say in the matter Mickey G & the fact you havent even tried to contradict any point of view I have put forward is all the proof of that anyone needs .

  80. Micky-G says:

    I’m baffled by your thought process, unfortunately for me I cannot tap into your fantasy land. Scroll back up and read the nonsense dribble you’ve posted. Yes your passion for Kenny & Liverpool cannot be questioned but some of the statements you’ve made are sheer brain dead examples of ignorance.

  81. Kennys Big Brother says:

    You are simply baffled because I have an independent thought process that isnt force fed by gossip monger at The Sun, The Star , The Mirror or EA Sports or whoever it is that makes your computer Football Manager game & have left you with a head like a 3 month old cabbage .
    And before Fergie or whoever it is pulling your puppet strings calls you away nobody who walks on with hope in his heart can or will be called brain dead & ignorant by anyone attached to our club .
    You are a fucking Disgrace .

  82. nomad says:

    Are you saying I am “Totally” Kennys Big Brother , like I intended to portray myself or are you saying “Totally” in agreement with me ?

    Ahh,I see your point.In agreement mucka,”completely”!

    Mickey-G,drop the swearing,lose the keyboard warrior approach and debating is easier.Otherwise your insulting yourself mate.

  83. Kennys Big Brother says:

    I’m glad to hear it Nomad .
    Sometimes when I’m on here trying to make a point to benefit the club the best way I can see it , its like I’m talking to the Stretford end or Wegners mother , the amount of shit these people who claim to support us talk against the club is frightening .
    If thats a true reflection of the support we have then unfortunately I have to say we have won all we deserved to win since 20006 .

  84. Micky-G says:

    Nomad- I’m all for an open pleasant debate but unfortunately there are numb skulls out there who live in fantasy land and cannot accept another persons opinion if it differs from there’s. I’m a realist unlike some who simply refuse to see pass their own ignorance to actually process another persons point of view without getting on their high horse with their roses colored glasses on giving an over the top spiel (as per above posts) which adds nothing to the topic of disscussion other than to demonstrate how ignorant they are. I love my club just as much as anyone else but it’s becoming obvious to me in order to be a ‘true’ supporter of your club you need to spout ridiculous statements without adding any realistic point of views. Unfortunately for me Im use to being level headed and live in the now.

  85. nomad says:

    Maybe KBB/M-G got off on the wrong,so a bit of latitude chaps?Personally I love “talking” football but won’t if ignorance/tunnel vision/or insults enter the fray.I’m totally prepared to see the others view,if there’s a reasoned explanation to support it.To change the subject,a quiz.
    I’m no scouse but became a Lfc fan when a relative signed for the club in the late 60’s.His first appearence being in the fairs cup v a Scottish club.He played 44 times for his country and won numerous honours with us including the EC.We then quite unexpextedly sold him.He’s still around and can be seen occassionally on tv.
    Anyone ?

  86. Kennys Big Brother says:

    So living in the now is saying Dalglish wont find things as easy as he did ?
    When did he ever get it easy ?
    Living in the now is saying that anyone who thinks the financial muscle NEVS are providing a manager whos performances with a relegation threatened team since January had him behind only the managers of top two teams in the league & his same side beat both of them into the bargain , is going to bring us back to where we believe we belong at the top of English & European football is “Ignorant” & not accepting so called “Realistic” point of views .
    Theres no rose tinted glass’s in acknowledging the very slick professionalism , financial acumen & Business expertize of an American company who have a track record of success in professional sport .
    Theres no rose tinted glass’s in acknowledging Dalglish’s tactical mastery seen us beat City , Utd & Chelsea , one of them won the cup , the other won the league & played in a Champions League Final , the other were defending both the league & cup !
    But supposedly we are living in the past by acknowledging as much ?
    So tell us whats realistic & why Mickey G , dont just be mouthin off like a kid that is stinking of shit trying to convince us he didnt just shit himself .

  87. Micky-G says:

    Would that he a certain Mr Johnston mate?
    Look Kennys Younger Brother for the last time I have NEVER said Kenny cannot do it. But i stated that its of my OPINION that unfortunately as a club we do not have the financial muscle of some other clubs and despite our fantastic recovery last season it’s going to be difficult to win the league and return to our past glories. You don’t have to agree with me!!! To take that as some sort of attack upon the manager or the owners is not warranted. If it took passion for the shirt, manager or fans alone to win trophies then our club would reign supreme every year. You can accept my opinion regardless of whether you agree with it because it’s just that… OPINION. I love your passion I honestly do but you’ve totally shown you cannot respect another persons view.

  88. Micky-G says:

    Nomad- my bad I got the years very much wrong. No idea. Haha Johnston was born in the 60’s lmao. I’m coming to the end of a 14hr work day and I’m super tired. Pls tell us.

  89. Kennys Big Brother says:

    I have shown only a disregard for your egotistical desperation to post an early “I told you so back in pre season” negative cowardly bullshit unfounded statement & your ongoing perverted pretense it was only a casual opinion being aired .
    Winning a league was never easy , Chairmen were never poor & players were always over paid pretentious pricks to one degree or another so where the hell is the clarification of your statement that it wont be easy .
    Facts are when it comes to income & expenditure V Debt we are the richest club in the League .
    So wheres your clarification ?
    You are fulla shit & now you are wriggling & squirming like a worm on a hook with no answer but more stupid old womanly bullshit trying to claim you didn’t say what you said in the face of all the evidence against you .
    You are a disgrace to our club & you have said that I and anyone who had hope for the upcoming season based on last season & this transfer window are brain dead & ignorant & not living in the now .
    You are worse than a disgrace you are scum trying to pull the rug out from under our season before it has even begun .

  90. Micky-G says:

    WOW you are a lot more than the ignorant little cunt I thought you were. You have assumed far too much. You must be a fucking retard and for that I feel sorry for the inbred cunts who gave birth to you. That’s right I just made an assumption about you too fuck head! You have managed all in your own warped mind to find something out of nothing and claim that I’m a so called “told you so”??! Seriously WTF??? How many times were you dropped on your head as an inbred infant?? All your fucking stupidity is there for all to read!! Not anywhere have I claimed anything negative towards the club, at least not for those who have a functioning brain and are capable of taking other people’s view into consideration. I’m not going to bother with you anymore, it’s very clear what a pathetic individual you are. Never on all my many travels around home & abroad have I come across a more retarded ignorant Reds supporter!

  91. the linesman says:


  92. the linesman says:

    @Micky-G firstly I think your “inbred” remarks are very distasteful despite the fact I can see where your frustration stems from. I’ve read through this thread & yes there is plenty of blind & bias ignorance. I thought you were stating the bleeding obvious re- financial reasons as to why the league has become harder to win. But we like to live in hope it’s the Liverpool way and some don’t too kindly to anything which could suggest doubt.
    Hint- There will always be argumentative people on these forums who cannot & will not see reason to anything. Just ignore them. I do.

  93. Micky-G says:

    obviously not that obvious enough. Yeh not the sort of comments I’m proud of but it’s like bangin your head against a brick wall sometimes. Ahhh forget it! Bring on Sunderland….let’s get this season started already!

  94. Kennys Big Brother says:

    Oh Jesus !
    Now he’s brought in back up !
    So Mickey G where is the clarification of the so called points you claim to have made ?
    Where have you rubbished any of the points I have made ?
    They are both in the same place …
    As for Linesman , who has obviously read no more than 3 previous posts if he is serious in his judgment all I can say is it isn’t the first time I came up against a blind linesman .
    Both of these miserable cunts claim something is different regarding the financing the club with regards to the past when they seem to think we had a poor chairman & that the whole League laid down & allowed us to win .
    Both claim ignorance is the reason their idiotic , ill informed prejudiced views arent accepted even though not one of them has managed to raise a point of contention let alone contradict any point I have made regarding our status as one of the 10 richest clubs on the planet & regarding Income & Expenditure V Debt our standing as the Richest Club in the Premier League .
    I think by now even the Blind can see that birds of a feather are flocking together & that in order to cover their shame as they perceive it they are now trying to accuse me or their own faults , namely they are obviously ignorant , incestuous anti social anti LFC scum & they are here to pull the rug out from under our season .
    Its all above here in black and white for any & all to see .

    • Oggy says:

      i dont believe at this point the insults are having their intended affect…nobody is wrong here…just mistaken…the last 30 posts youve both made are claiming so. Lets accept you both need a rest from the misunderstood world of forum anxst. here have a ciggy and if you calm down quickly I’ll make you both a mug of that famous anfield tea and throw a peaceful pie in for blocking ya mouths…

  95. nomad says:

    Ray Clemence !

  96. Kennys Big Brother says:

    That was a bloody good Question Nomad .

  97. Darren says:

    Come on now lads, I started my friendship with Micky G on here by slating one if his comments he made but since that he has showed he has a good footballing brain and most of the points he makes are decent views and like he has said many of times before its just his OPINION! So let’s just all get on!

  98. Darren says:

    I agree we have fantastic owners in charge now who are saying and doing all the right things and im personally over the moon with them. But their not billionnaires like man city and chelsea owners who can go and splash silly amounts of money about whenever they feel like it! We can not match them or the mancs or arsenal when it comes to signing the top players in the world! Until we get back into the champions league! FACT!

  99. Kennys Big Brother says:

    Who the hell have Man City got that we would want ?
    Man City are the most over hyped over rated over paid shower of average at best , shite I have ever seen in England .
    They are about what Martain O’Neil had Villa at 3 seasons ago , they are a top 6 side in terms of quality & to try to tell me different you are going to open up a can of worms called “Corruption In Professional Sport” like when Former Soviet agents like Abramovich who all of a sudden at the dawn of Capitalism in that land becomes an Oil Barron or Politicians like Citys Previous owner or Arab Royalty like their current owner start buying clubs & all of a sudden start doing well with shit squads & unproven managers like what Chelsea & City have done recently .
    As for Arsenal who the hell have they signed ?
    Wegner sits outside playgrounds like some creepy Pedo looking for 3’rd world children he can enslave for next to no money at Arsenal .
    All our players including Poulsen & Jovanovich have a much better playing pedigree than anything at Arsenal baring possibly Van Persie & Fabregas , the rest are a gutless shower of fly by night here today gone tomorrow hit & miss shite I wouldnt look twice at & none of their own fans complain about when they see then leaving .
    How the hell most of them have even managed to obtain professional contracts at clubs in Britain reeks of poilitcal shenanigans more commonly known as TOKENISM gone crazy .
    Its no wonder the England , Scotland & Welsh national teams have gone so far backward this past 10 years that the Republic of Ireland who have one of the financially poorest domestic leagues in western Europe now always look as likely as England to qualify for a major tournament .
    Arsenals saving grace is that their manager , much as I find his presence distasteful , is top quality , how he has managed to keep that shower of shit in the top 4 is almost as an amazing feat as Fergusons magical achievements of making a particularly plain buncha domestic players mixed with weak second rate imports constantly finish in the top two & get them to Champions League finals & win it . He musta sold his soul to tha devil !
    Spurs are very similar to Arsenal , hit & miss big time Charlies who believe their own press & like to keep their own noses firmly planted between their own arse cheeks !
    If we dont get more points than both of them next season I’ll never post again .
    Depending on how Frank Lampards fitness holds up & if Villa Boas gets some beginners luck or not Chelsea could possibly finish 3’rd .
    But if Lampard gets injured or suspended they got next to nothing .
    I cant believe you weak little pussys cant see their faults & have jumped on all our rivals Bandwagons with yer skirts hitched up round yer waists .
    Not only have we out spent them all but the pedigree of our players is way better than their imported nobodys who they rely upon us giving the benefit of the doubt to for a season or two before they get found out for being at best average Championship players , like Obe Mikel , Alex Song , Essien , Chamack , Ballotelli , Dzeko , Lescott , Park Ge Song or watever he’s called ? Obertan , Them twin full backs from Brazil at Utd , the ones with the poor temperaments & no final ball , That flash in the pan Mexican forward they got & a nothing too special about him Berbatov & a shadow of his former self Micheal Owen ..
    Blinded by hype the whole lotta ya if you cant see their weakness’s .
    Thats Fact , not Hype .
    Its supposed to be a Competition , you lot are supposed to rival them & talk shit about them but all you talk about is who you hate at LFC & all the nobodies you want to see at the club & pretend we got no loot when we are loaded .
    You make me sick to my back teeth with yer rape victim attitude !
    & Weaklins like you lot have us mid table considering top 4 an achievement .
    A Fuckin Bloody Disgrace upon our club you are .

  100. Micky-G says:

    Darren- Thank you. Our owners are also our saviours as god only knows where our club would be if H&G had been still at the helm. Most have likely ended up like all their other ventures which is bankrupt! It’s nice to know there are people like yourself who can take a step back from our obvious emotional attachment we have for our club and at least acknowledge varying degrees of opinions. I’m a Reds supporter thru & thru but I’m also a football fan and whilst I love to slaughter our rival supporters I found it hard to comprehend some of KLB’s bias statements about not only clubs financial strenghth & the task ahead for Kenny but also I found it arrogant the comments made about our rivals. Forgive me if it’s wrong but I’d love a David Silva, Aguero or Micah Richards in a red shirt. I want to see them play poorly against us of course and my admiration for many many players around Europe takes nothing away from my support for the players who do actually pull on the red shirt every week. Sometime being able to detach myself, take a deep breathe and see things objectively helps me get thru the tough times we had last season. It certainly doesn’t make me any less a supporter.

  101. Kennys Big Brother says:

    I dunno bout less of a supporter but posting soppy shite like that certainly makes you less ova Man !!!!

  102. nomad says:

    Kenny’s Big Brother,the only yardstick in reference to other teams we have is the final league placings of last season.Each team you slated,finished above us.That alone undermines your post.Not logical at all.I’m not being disloyal,just accepting facts mucka.

  103. Kennys Big Brother says:

    Logical !?!?!?!
    What the hell is logical about working class grown men supporting teams of millionaire Grown men trying to one up each other by sticking a ball in the back of the net more times than each other ?
    Where you going to draw the line here Mr Spock with yer logical talk ?
    Its hardly logical for you to post your opinion to me , a faceless stranger to you , via text format on the internet now is it ?
    Where do you draw your Logical line ?
    I never claimed to be logical but I am a man , I like a challenge & I never lay down without putting my whole heart into an effort & if you dont like that then you can blame Bob Paisley & Kenny Dalglish for my football education because they were the never say die sides my football intelligence grew up on , not the limp wristed concede the title before even a ball has been kicked Houllier , Benetiz & Hodgson sides of recent years .
    Walk on with hope in your heart ?
    Simply not logical !
    May as well not show up because we aren’t going to win anything eh ?
    Its only logical isn’t it ?
    Theres fuck all logical about being working class & pinning yer hopes on some millionaire shower of cunts that couldn’t care less about yer health , wealth or general well being is there ?
    Where you going to draw the “Logical” line nomad ?
    Whether we win or we lose I couldn’t give a fuck as long as I receive a quality product that makes me proud to be a LFC supporter .
    If we succeed or we fail ?
    I couldn’t care less !
    If we suffer the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune or falter & fail just so long as I can feel represented in a sporting arena by a club I chose to support at 4 years old on my first day at school in the playground break time game I will be content .
    Its only a game after all , not life or death , I’m proud to have Kenny Dalglish represent me , If God gave me the ability to create my own perfect representative to lead the Team of My Choice I couldn’t even imagine a better man let alone create a more perfect representative for my hopes & aspirations & even though I have little or no doubt that if we see a true unhindered Kenny Dalglish effort in a genuine competition that success will follow , I was well enough raised by my family , friends & neighbors to roll with the punches should things not go our way . This big man needs no babysitter or no prophet of Doom to set his expectations , I’ll risk a broken heart once again , I’ll place my money & roll tha dice & live the life I have got in the manner that suits me best & thats the manner of the time & people that raised me . Win lose or Draw I can only be me & its as me I will live & die .
    Tough shit if you don’t like that & as soon as either Kenny himself or John W Henry tells me that my support isnt welcome I’ll be the first to withdraw my support & gladly watch our younger supporters throw in the towel without seeing a ball kicked in the new season .
    I am a sportsman & its the love of the game & the love of the club & the thrill of the chase that has me , you , Rupert Murdoc , Brainless gossip mongers like Mickey G or anyone else wont change that about me .
    Logical ?
    Give yer head a shake mucker , before ya make a whole show ov yerself .

  104. nomad says:

    KBB,ahh,a bitter that’s lost his way.Bye

  105. Kennys Big Brother says:

    Yera logical wat now nomad ?
    Dont go Mr Spock !!!!
    I need you to logically manage mt expectations this up coming season !!!

  106. Darren says:

    I suggest you should read back through mine micky g and tony’s post because to say we have thrown in the towel is an understatement of what were saying! Underneath your fancy overuse of words posts you clearly have many opinion alike! Read the post by jeff on the lasted blog and tell me were not true supporters! I could of ended that alot worse but I’m making a peace offering to you to stop all the nonsense when we like you are only giving our point of view especially when there are true idiots out there like jeff!

  107. Kennys Big Brother says:

    Oh La De Fuckin Dahhh !
    Arent you the gracious one at this time of night not ending things worse than you could have !!!
    It must be my lucky day ?
    Eh ?
    Listin up Darren ,
    Nobody mentioned you , its only you throwing your lot in with whoever you are claiming is being portrayed as disingenuous supporters because the only name I have mentioned is that clueless walking News Of The World Parrot , Mickey G .
    If ya wanna play us against HIM , that being all you against me then play on coz its all above in black & white , I have called it as it is presented & I haven’t forced anyones hand .
    You are either onside or you are offside , there is no in between .
    If you wanna play textual hand holding games with Mickey G or whoever thats up to you but you both gotta put the club first , before yer ego .
    I have pointed out a few general weakness’s in a few peoples games its up to them to improve themselves , I’m nobody’s babysitter & if they keep on typing with one finger up their arse I’m gonna keep on callin them on it as & when I either see fit or as & when I am around .
    Steven Gerrard may not bark Orders but I do .
    You have made it clear you want to maintain a division so go for it .
    I have standards & I’m not going to let them slip just because some lazy little prick thinks its a victory to act like a kept woman & get everything handed to him on a silver platter .
    Yer either LFC standard or yer not .
    Being the best of a bad lot (Ashley Young) is not good enough , neither you or Mickey G lack ability its only laziness & the blind arrogance of egotism preventing either of you from getting on the ball at the required level .
    Thats the bad news , the good news is you have the rest of yer life to work at it .
    As for Jeff ?
    I have no idea who he is at this moment I don’t care , perhaps he hasn’t got the brains to know any better & perhaps he does but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones so its not for you to point him out to me , I’m here doing my bit for the club the best I can , as I see it , I’m not here to play grumpy headmaster or whoever you think I am , if Jeff needs a slap I’ll hit him a clip round his ear when I see him but between now & then this is where I’m at & I’ll be here until its LFC job done .

  108. the linesman says:

    Mickey-G@ I stand corrected your assessment of this moron is spot on! Only a “special person” (being political correct) would so openly drown in their own dribble (figure of speech). It’s pure diatribe from someone lacking any credibility!

  109. Kennys Big Brother says:

    So says the spokesperson for the Bitch & Moan Party !
    Or did I over look the contradictory point you made Linesman ?
    Nope didnt think so .
    Nothing but another dingleberry trying to get noticed by swinging from the hairs on my ass .
    At least Mickey G had an attempt at making a point , It was a very poor attempt granted but your only point is what ?
    Your so intimidated by my presence you feel the need to cheerlead for Mickey G & let him know your withered old man boob is there to suckle him when I’m done slappin tha shit outa him ?
    Fuckin pathetic mid table lovin faggots .

  110. Oggy says:

    if i was trapped in a chillian coal mine with somebody so insistant that i understand all his confussion…I would be planning to eat him first on day one…

  111. Kennys Big Brother says:

    Wouldnt be the first time or wont be the last time you had a mouthful of man eh Oggy ?