Date: 28th July 2011 at 10:18am
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If Arsenal fans are frustrated about the speculation surrounding Cesc Fabregas leaving them this summer, we must equally be frustrated with the future of Alberto Aquilani!

It seemed as if Aquilani was headed back to Italy to join Fiorentina but today understands that Aquilani has rejected a move to Fiorentina on loan as he wanted a permanent deal. Now Liverpool and Fiorentina are not agreeing on a fee for the permanent deal!

I think it is time Liverpool decide on what they want to do with Aquilani. I know it is not easy as these transfers are always complicated. Either we take a knock on our asking fee and let him go or we keep him and make him a part of our plans for the coming season.


9 responses to “Thursday Rumour: Aquilani will not be going to Fiorentina”

  1. njanja says:

    I am so delighted with this news. My fasting and prayer that Aqua remains with us might finally have been answered

  2. dood says:

    Does Aquilani actually want to be at Liverpool though?

    If not, Liverpool are in a tight corner – either take a huge hit moneywise or have a grumpy, possibly demotivated, superfluous, player hanging around.

    It seemed strange that Hodgson let him out on loan last year when he was actually coming good (over his injuries and playing ok) and replaced him with Raul (very similar type of player in many respects). I think that suggests Aqua man doesn’t want to be at the pool at all. Looks like a lose-lose situation for Liverpool.

  3. pothead11 says:

    i think this guys agent is the problem he has something to say every day.hes going here,hes staying, hes going there on loan,hes being sold,hes staying again.shut your mouth pal and keep it to yourself.your not doing your client any favors. its not the way kenny likes to do things,stay away from the media and shut your cakehole.

  4. jonesey says:

    WHO CARES – Sick of hearing about him and his agent

  5. Bill says:

    All agents should be lined up against a wall and shot, they just cause trouble for everyone including their clients.

  6. Badd says:

    KK should use the money for Anderson to spend for Juan Mata or world class left back as Liverpool has enough stock in midfield. There’s no issue about Aquilani should KK spend money wisely.

  7. Steven says:

    I think we should have learnt from Juve that loaning him out with the potential of purchase is a joke! They just use it to fill a void then do not agree to the price as per pre arranged! I am glad he disagreed to this! It is totally disrespect to him! He should stay and fight for position as he has the talent to offer some cover or even be in the starting 11!
    We need to focus on buying a quality LB, CB, RW and cover striker for Suarez and Carrol!
    Also sell: Cole, Ngog, El Zhar, Degan, Poulsen, Jovanovic (Greedy Snake) and Maxi!

  8. RedRobs says:

    I agree with njanja. I don’t want Aquilani to leave just yet and delighted that this deal has collapsed. He has something to prove to all his British critics and showed glimpses of the fine football he can play during his first season and this pre-season. LFC have worked hard to finally rid his ankle problems that has blighted him during his earlier career and now a fully fit Aquilani can offer something that only Gerrard has mastered – a creative eye to open defences.

    There are many other players to ‘offload’. Ngog, Puolsen, Jovanovic, Aurelio, Brad Jones, Insua, Degen, El Zhar. That should trim the wages somewhat.

    We can also loan out Shelvey to get more first team chances, improve and return back. I would keep Spearing though as he is our only back up to defensive midfielder Lucas.

    I don’t think we should be chasing a new centre back with 7 central defenders already on the books (including Wilson, Ayala and Kelly). We also don’t really need another striker with Pacheco and Sterling coming up through the ranks. Gerrard can also play just behind the front striker in a 4-4-1-1 formation. Reinvest some of the cash earned from above sales for Mata (before Arsenal move in) and Jansell / Pereira at LB.

  9. chuks says:

    lcf please do not sell for selling sake aqua is quality in every reapect