Date: 27th July 2011 at 11:00pm
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With reports claiming a bid from Bolton Wanderers for David Ngog is imminent; it’s time to consider whether his departure would be best for both him and Liverpool.

The young Frenchman has looked sharp so far in pre-season, perhaps driven by the fact that he was offered to Sunderland as a makeweight for the Jordan Henderson deal. His performances this summer even led to a mention by Liverpool’s owner, John W. Henry, who publicly showed his appreciation for Ngog’s efficient finishing during the tour of Asia on his twitter account. The problem is though, that David Ngog has always looked fantastic in pre-season.

When facing opponents the calibre of Guangdong and a Malaysian XI, David Ngog can appear to look like a future star, but in seasons past, the Frenchman has failed to follow up his sizzling pre season form while playing in the Premier League. He’s been at the club since 2008 and is still relatively young, but the question is whether it’s finally time to give up on N’gog.

On paper, he seems to have some of the main attributes needed to be a top striker in world football; he’s tall, he’s quick, he’s athletic and he even has decent ball control. What he seems to lack, however, is some game intelligence and confidence. It’s true that when he’s high on confidence, it shows and he looks a real player, but on more occasions than most, he’s failed to make much of an impact on the matches he’s been selected for and may now benefit from being the main man at another Premiership club.

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25 responses to “Will Liverpool regret selling David Ngog?”

  1. michael says:

    wont regret selling him should never have been bought in the first place. between rafa and hodgson we have some really poor players at our club.

  2. eric jones says:

    loan him out for a season and if he is still useless get rid of him

  3. nigel honeyman says:

    sell him and bring in arda turan please

  4. Sean Alexander says:


  5. ANDY says:

    He’s far to lightweight for my liking. Yes he shows from time to time he has something (the goal against Arsenal for example). However if Liverpool want to be back at the top and reign supreme again we need strikers with a cutting edge, power and consistency. Sadly Ngog has none of these qualities.
    If we sell him and he comes good then good luck to him but I can’t see it myself.

  6. jay says:

    He’s average at best , yer he’s young n you can’t take the fact that he needs experience out of the situation but he clearly isn’t Liverpool quality he did the same last pre season n Europa but didn’t produce on the big games and as for Henry its not as if anybody should take he’s word on a football matter due to the fact he knows very little about the sport .

  7. Steve says:

    Loan him and give dani pacheco some chance

  8. Aslan says:

    Bring back Eric Meijer!

  9. red2death says:

    For a baseball guy, Henry knows what he’s talking about. Ngog has the natural knack of being in the right place at the right time to knock in goals. Not every striker has that quality. Robbie Fowler, Alan Shearer, Andy Cole, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, David Ngog?

    It’s not like we have amazing depth up front anyway. We have Suarez, Kuyt who’s needed on the wing, and Carroll who hasn’t yet proven he’s not a permanently-injured crock. I say keep him.

  10. Mark says:

    I can’t help but wonder if John Henry, uses his twitter account to just ‘stir the pot’. I wondering if all his comments recently, about players who are rumored to be moving on, isn’t just a way to increase their re-sale value in an attempt to lift the speculation and transfer price.

  11. For people that say we shouldn’t have signed him we are looking at making a decent profit on him and he has actually been quite useful over the last couple of seasons with our attack lacking options.

  12. Micky-G says:

    Fact is he’s not physically built to be a forward in the premiership. The wind alone can knock him off the ball!

  13. Micky-G says:

    red2death- knack of being in the right place????? Your having a laugh. 19 goals in 94 games would suggest he’s hardly ever in the right place. Most his goals came against fodder in the Europa. Sorry but N’Gog’s name should never but placed along side proven goal scorers.

  14. njanja says:

    As long as we have a better replacement, may be Rodallega

  15. Greg says:

    wow.. someone with a handle of “red2death” actually compared Ngog to Fowler!! LMAO!! … please take your head out of your ass after that comment… ngog is ngarbage…has been useless since day 1…

  16. Simon says:

    I’m confused by the logic of the article. It says in essence N’Gog doesn’t have the confidence if he is only a back-up striker, so loan him out to a mediocre club where he can be the main striker for a year (whilst probably not seeing much of the ball- that tends to happen at lower end clubs) and then bring him back as a back up striker so that he can lose confidence again! N’Gog just isn’t showing any signs of becoming a top class striker.

  17. nomad says:

    “Decent ball control”-when ?

  18. Akash@Superstarfc says:


  19. Bheko says:

    I say keep him and send him out on loan because, wait for the grunts and moans, he’s a better player than Andy Carroll will ever be and he cost £1.5m and that big lump cost a whole £33.5m more but cant control the ball, can’t dribble, can’t run, has no game intelligence, his hair’s too long(very few long haired players are good, count them!) and on top of that he’s going to change how we play our football meaning we’re going to be long ball or crossing merchants when he’s in the team.

    It’s funny how you lot can accuse Ngog of being lazy, weak, not LFC quality, not showing signs of improvement (which I think is out of choice and spite because he has improved a lot from his first season with us – check the stats), etc. but cant see the same with Carroll and he can’t even control the ball on his ‘barrel chest’. Ask yourself what has Carroll done since coming in and DON’T say “he was injured for weeks” because Rafa bought Aquaman injured and nearly got burnt at the stake in the centre of Liverpool? The answer you’ll come up with is NOTHING MUCH except that super strike against Citeh and he’s God-awful on the ball making Bambi on ice look like an ice skating prodigy. I implore you lot to stop judging a player’s ability by the sound of their name or nationality but judge them by what they do for LFC on the pitch.

    At least Ngog performs in pre-season and against small teams, Andy Carroll cant even do that and don’t say “he’s been injured” because Ngog has played about as much as him since Woy left but he’s playing well in pre-season so far. I say loan Ngog out for a season to Bolton and I’ll bet my left nut he’ll come back a far better player than long-hair-Carroll. YNWA Ngog!

  20. The God says:

    Please, Rafa only bought him for 1 mil and LFC now pricing him at 6 mil. We need to thank Rafa.

  21. westcoastLFC says:

    Unless we can bring in another forward we have to keep him as back-up. He may come good at some point but I think we need to loan him out for a season if possible. It did well for Welbeck and Sturridge to get the confidence that comes with a season of consistent playing time. A year at Wolves or Norwich would be enough to figure out whether we should offload him or whether he will be a contributor in the long run.

  22. red2death says:

    To doubters, yes I do rate him. Not that he’s the finished article, far from it. But he has a lot of potential. Seriously, the guy’s 22. How good was Henry at 22? How good was Drogba? I’m not saying we have the next Thierry Henry in our hands, but if he fulfills even half of that potential he’ll be a great asset to the squad.

    If we can spend 17m on Jordan Henderson based pretty much on future potential, surely we can’t let Ngog go for 3m. It just doesn’t add up.

    Btw, yes he only performs against small teams. But do we have problems beating the big boys? No. We have a great record against them. Play us against Utd any day. We screw up in the league because we consistently drop points against lesser sides.

  23. Bill Shankly says:

    The author appears to have N’Gog confused with some other genuinely talented player ….. either that or we now kno that Rafa posts under a pseudo name in his spare time since he left Inter !

  24. Dan says:

    Simple yes we will regret it. He hasn’t been given a great run so of course he won’t be consistent. To give him away at the price we are is a waste he has scored some good goals he just needs a little belief in his capabilities and needs a manager who believes in him. He is still young and I am convinced given the right team where he can fit in better he will shine. I am not saying he will be a Suarez or anything but he will be worth a lot more than what we are selling him for. And at this moment in time he is better than Andy

  25. SC says:

    NO REGRET AT ALL … he has no capacity to be in Liverpool ! so bye bye NGOG and good luck ! .

    I also agree with andy caroll .. but hopefully we can see next season whether he is another ngog or not .. very rush decision to by injured andy caroll, should’ve waited to buy sergio arguero or juan mata. 35millions can but a lot of GREAT PLAYERS.