I may just be imagining it but I do get the feeling that there is a tension among Liverpool supporters recently about how the team should play. I alluded to this in a previous article yesterday about the use of set pieces and the importance of both Charlie Adam and Andy Carroll next season, and I think it is something worthwhile elaborating a bit further on.

A lot of supporters, both young and old, could be termed to be “Football Purists.” Although it is not really right to pigeon hole fans so specifically, if you did generalise slightly, there are those who like to see the beatifically game played as exactly that, beautiful. It is a style of play most perfectly demonstrated by the current Barcelona side, and it is a winning, attractive style which has won them many plaudits as well as many trophies. Great Liverpool teams of the past, playing the Liverpool Way have also come close to matching this style in the pass and move philosophy instilled first by Shankly, and latterly perfected by Dalglish in the late 1980s.

For this reason then, there are a higher percentage of “Football Purists” among Liverpool supporters than anyone else, and so there should be, considering how we have all been brought up believing in this way of playing the game, watching the Reds over the years. It was a big factor in fans hostility towards Roy Hodgson as in no way did he befit this style despite proclaiming its virtues before the start of last season.

The argument has reared its head again during the last 6 months though after the purchase of Andy Carroll. Why do we need a big burly old style English number 9 some have asked? Won’t he mess up our style of play, and prevent the pass and move style from being established again?

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15 responses to “Will Andy Carroll spoil Liverpool’s pass and move philosophy?”

  1. migwar says:

    “To beat teams such as Stoke, you need a different game plan”

    So, you rekon Barca would struggle against Stoke?

  2. djspoon says:

    horses for courses is wot he’s saying u lemom!!!!!!!!

  3. Kenny says:

    Carroll is unfortunately a waste of money. He clearly has no interest in trying to succeed at Lfc. The beard is on his face to cover up his drinker’s jowl. If Dalglish had any balls, he would get Carroll to get rid of that ponytail and get a proper short back and sides.

  4. iraqired says:

    I agree in a lot of things you said, and I believe that KK will do what is best for the players he has now. I also believe he needs time to put things in his perspective. Losing to Hull hurt for sure, but I always say it is a pre-season and these games are there to build upon.

    And about Different game plans, for sure the premier league especially needs that type of team plan, where lower table teams can really sting you bad, and I believe although Barca has the best side I have ever seen but yet if they play in the EPL they wont have a simple ride as they have in the spanish league.

    Anyway Liverpool should build on there season knowing that they have one major competition to fight for not getting over exhausted with mid week games.

    Moving a step from what KK did in the second term last season, I can only respect and wait for what he is doing now, and I think all red fans should show some respect and patience as we are in an ongoing healing process.

    YNWA from Iraq!!!!

  5. Brian Shapiro says:

    Iraqired…how can you say that the current Barca side would not have an easy ride in the EPL? It was plainly evident that Man Ure had no answer to their “thinking” football in the final. They have a great mentality and an over-abundance of talent. If Man Ure couldn’t cope with them, who in the EPL is going to be a thorn in their side? A team led by Allardyce, Hodgson or Holloway?

    Get real…Barca would “eat” any team in the EPL!

  6. iraqired says:

    Brian Shapiro… I respect your point of view, but you should also realize that their game was a cup game against a team that should play to win and not sit and defend to gain a point from a draw right!!!! When you play a cup tie is not the same as playing A league, and thats why RAFA was criticized for while he was boss. Also if you look at the Spanish table you will see two teams floating away at the top leaving a big gap between the rest, for me, not under estimating the barca team at all, this kind of lack in competition for 38 games gives the team both free training games and momentum/confidence.
    It would be a complete different story if they play the EPL with Chelsea, Arsenal and other teams to play against, remember Arsenal gave them a good fight in the CL RIGHT?!!!!

    After all I don’t care what Barca Have or will do, I believe that Liverpool and KK need and deserve some patience to work things out the right way and forget about 20 years without a title or MAN-UREs 19th title. We need to figure things out to make our future brighter.

    All respect to all especially Brian Shapiro, as everybody is entitled to their own opinion. YNWA!!!

  7. Lion Heart says:

    I think that defeat against Hull was poor performance by Liverpool because they were not interested in passing short but everyone was only interested in passing long, in first half to Ngog who was useless and proved why he needs to move out and in second half also Liverpool played too many long balls.

  8. kopitefromcali says:

    First of all, great read thanx for the thought.

    This game to hull hurt, but let’s be patient. I love this club, as all you do, can we please not bash it in tough times. It was very hard to bite my tounge with Roy, but we have kenny back now! Let’s not forget that.

    To Brian shapiro; I agree Barca simply is amazing to watch(coming from someone who’s whole family is born in Madrid)but I do not think they would have it as easy in the epl. Every game w the top teams would be a battle. The gunners played them brilliantly. Barca turned the game on them when a man was sent walking. I just hope we are there to get a shot at Barca soon!cheers.ynwa
    I agree w what you said as well. hopefully a lil time with the whole squad together…..under kenny….we should do well. I can’t wait to see a full STEVIE W the rest of the lads! the future looks good from California.

    on another note; GOOD LUCK TODAY LUIS! We will be cheering for you! hope skrtel,agger, and raul are watching in case fergie tries to hire a hitman from Paraguay. Lol. URUGUAY!


  9. Reds phoenix says:

    It is obvious our record signing n No. 9 for dat matter is absolutely crap…honestly no other club on earth wud pay even 10mil pounds for dat drunk. Sometimes i do wish we play dat big greek idiot up front instead of our unskillful, unserious, overrated, beer addicted No. 9. To me there is no much difference between big soto n alcohic andy. If we really want to succeed this season, daglish shud stop bn sentimental n pair kyut n suarez up front or beta yet get anoda awesome striker like our current el pistelero. Carroll shud make a great super sub. And we need a new centerback like a heart needs a beat pronto!

  10. Jevon says:

    everyones a fuckin expert.

  11. m kop says:

    I was hoping he can fit in play and move style + give an aerial threat as well.

  12. Exasperated ! says:

    Spot on M Kop .

  13. Idiots says:

    Bunch of wighning idiots! Thats what’s wrong with today’s football fans, everyone is an expert! go get a coaching job and lets see how you get on…

  14. Idiots says:

    Oh! And this website keeps coming up with KRAP article(s)! Find something better to do with your time instead of talkind down Liverpool FC and it players!

  15. Reds phoenix says:

    Nobody needs to be a nostrademus or an expert 4 f**ksakes to know two wrongs don’t make a rite. Anyway evryone has his own opinion. I bleed red 4 live!