Date: 24th July 2011 at 11:52am
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FC Porto have signed Brazilian left-back Alex Sandro on a five-year contract from Santos. Sandro is only 20-years-old but is rated as one of the hottest prospects to coming out of Brazil right now. Porto’s signing of Sandro has now paved the way for Liverpool to sign Porto’s Uruguay left-back Alvaro Pereira.

Pereira has been linked with a move to Liverpool this summer for £17.5million. Many Liverpool fans do not think that Pereira is the right player we need to join Liverpool and be our new number one left-back as he is more suited to playing on the left-side of midfield which means his defensive attributes are not that great of he were to be our left-back.

One fan said:
“Pereira isn’t really a left back, he can play the role well enough if needed, but he’s more at home in midfield. Uruguay lack full-backs, which is why Palito gets a lot of playing time.
Uruguay’s starting LB at the World Cup was Fucile, he missed the Copa America due to injury. Caceres has been paying as LB during the Copa, and moves into CB when Palito drops down to defend.”

Whilst some fans say that the £17.5million fee is way too much to spend on a player not tried and tested in the Premier League and we should rather spend that money on signing someone like Jose Enrique. But the fact that Porto have signed another left-back could signal that Porto want to get rid of Pereira or they simply want to use him as a left winger now as Porto. Then again, it could just mean Liverpool are set to make a move for the Uruguay international after the Copa America.


19 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Liverpool edge closer to signing left-back”

  1. Micky-G says:

    doubt this will happen. He’s not British, has skill and it’s being quoted at a reasonable fee. I’m sure Kenny will settle for another average Brit and of course in that process make one our competitors very happy by filling their kitty just like Sunderland.

  2. Lion Heart says:

    He is quality player but can be rash with his tackling

  3. m kop says:

    I doubt that Liverpool will get him, they will probably find a left back for around 9 or 10 mil. and then we will want this or that player to come and replace him in a year.

    I’m not too happy with Liverpool’s spending. I will not comment on signings, good or bad, they were KD and Comoli’s choices but I was hoping to see one more winger signed, one CB to replace Kyrgiakos and really good left back.

    Also, I was hoping to see Liverpool rid of Cole and other deadwood, with new players ambitious and capable of contributing.
    Cole just has no drive to fight any more, he is satisfied at playing part time and earning lots of cash. His prime is behind him and he has no will to fight any more.

    Liverpool players need will to fight, at least, because quality will be at the other side when it comes to playing top 4 teams, and probably Tottenham.

  4. njanja says:

    The Heinderson and indeed our summer transfer mistakes have just been exposed with the Hull test! So disgraceful that a team not worth half of Heinderson fee could humiliate the entire LFC. Certainly manure and chelski can never be so humiliated.

  5. James says:

    Najanja you FOOL. You have no idea what you are talking about mate. Chelsea lost 5-1 to Wycombe last year in pre-season. Look it up on the internet. And if you are a true supporter of the club just keep your mouth shut until we have actually played a few games with the full, main squad instead of half the reserves and the deadwood that just got their last chance in a Liverpool jersey.

  6. john cronin says:

    The grammar and punctuation in these comments is frightening!!

  7. Old Timer says:


  8. jm t jgj says:

    all you glory hunters can fuck right off we dont like or want cunts like you anywhere near the team you fucking pricks a near full strength arsenal drew against a fucking chinese team and last year chelsea got hammered by a league 2 team so fuck you all you pricks r not fans

  9. Brian says:

    Just to compare things and put pre-season into perspective, Liverpool beat a Malaysian Xi 6-3, Chelsea struggled 1-0 thanks to a 90th minute Drogba goal so is it such a worry that we lost to Hull after all It is pre-season

  10. chuks says:

    kk should insua fabio a chance we should be#more desirous of a cb and big named forward

  11. chuks says:

    kk should give fabio and insua a chance just as lucas had the chance to prove himself and now his celebrated fabio is skillful and highly technical but he’s prone to injury so keep both one serves as cover for the other

  12. a finnigan says:

    buy aiden mcgeady and go with 3 at the back we have jon flanagan and glen who can play right or left back and jack robinson and right back martin kelly we need a top forward andy carrol was a rushed signng cos ov torres augero has a 39m clause is he worth 4m more than carrol and would he come danny sturidge was offered and kalou in the torres deal but we went for carrol could have got sturidge and kalou plus 30m for torres

  13. Gary 7 says:

    Maybe the reason Dalglish is not too concerned about a new left back is coz he is going to play Johnson there for the whole season. Remember Carra was our first choice left back once in 01 and we won the trebble.

  14. Yes I’m not convinced by his defensive ability. If we are looking at attacking fullbacks Enrique and cissokho are better.

  15. Nathan says:

    So the moaning has started already. I’m guessing most of the critical comments are from ‘champman’ experts who have never been to Anfield. The facts are, Liverpool’s results under Dalglish were good enough for the top four. Since then we have added a genuine winger, last year’s best premier league newcomer and the current captain of England U21s. Still to come are a reserve striker and attacking left back.

    Our strategy is spot on, in the interests of cohesion and communication we should focus on British based players with a few top class foreigners such as Reina and Suarez. NESV, Commoli and King Kenny know more than the illiterate keyboard warriors who infest the internet.

  16. danny says:

    messi the best

  17. Ahmed says:

    Nathan, spot on m8,,, I’ve always said that and why would we even bother about a meaningless friendly, without most of starting 11 in it,,, wait till the actual action begins ballbags,,, and as far as LWB is concerned, I’d say lets see what the king does,,, its not that our comments here on the net matters anyway… but KK knows what he;s doin and what he has been doin,,, ofcourse we are all disappointed that result went bad,,, its certainly not the reason to moan about,, I bet the entire team started in the first half wont be even in starting 11 though,, So chill out, and YNWA

  18. chuks says:

    nathan you suck! and your comment is crap wether we ve been to anfield or not our interest in the success of the club makes us express our opinion about the club

  19. bobbiDanger says:

    I kept an eye on how Uruguay used the left back Alvaro Pereira with Suarez in the Copa America and wondered if Liverpool would make a move. He was involved in the attach but I really didn’t see anything happening on the left to much. Price seems high, hopefully our Brazilian Aurelio can surprise us all with an injury free banner season. But if Liverpool buy Pereira it would still be okay.

    Marcell Jansen would be perfect and apparently Liverpool FC are interested. He’s 26, 6’3″ with pace and good at set pieces. He says he won’t leave Hamburg at all but Liverpool FC are LIVERPOOL FC and if they get him in for £10M job well done, search over, position filled. This guy is a very good defender.

    At any rate, a fit Aurelio would be a boost, Pereira probably a good fit but there are other options, I would like to see a stronger defender.