Is the pressure off Steven Gerrard now?

To put it into perspective, Gerrard is no longer the only highlight of the team – nor is he Liverpool’s only GO-TO man. He will thrive on the huge skill capacity of Luis Suarez and his ability to bamboozle defenders at will, along with the physical presence of Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing’s ball-crossing attributes. Dirk Kuyt looks to have finally found his goal scoring boots following his move to the English Premier league from the Dutch Eredivisie after failing to make an impact on the scoring charts in the Premier League during his initial years at the club. However, Charlie Adam’s arrival at Anfield will perhaps be the signing which will benefit Gerrard the most. His vision and eye for goal is unquestionable – and as Sir Alex Ferguson said, his set-piece deliveries alone are worth 10 million pounds. Adam can fill the gaping hole left by Xabi Alonso’s departure, a feat many have failed to achieve before.

As a result, Gerrard can now play with fewer burdens on his aging shoulders. He will have the support of Downing, Kuyt and Adam in midfield and will be able to feed Suarez and Andy Carroll to devastating effect. Provided he stays fit, Gerrard will be able to play with less pressure on his mind and could very well turn out to be a high scoring season for Liverpool’s Talisman.

Hence, it is safe to say Liverpool now has a team full of match-winners – players who can share responsibilities and form a team capable of challenging for top honours. With the squad Liverpool now possess, they will pose a menacing threat to all Premier League teams and a rejuvenated Steven Gerrard could very well be the man to look out for!

Article is courtesy of Waleed Ahmed at Live4Liverpool

6 responses to “Is the pressure off Steven Gerrard now?”

  1. michael says:

    good article. i think everything is coming tigether nicely and for the first time since roy evans was in charge we have alot of game changers in our squad. hopefully gerrard will benefit from having less burden on him. am really excited to see an attacking brand of football next year its been too long.

  2. ode says:

    its not all about presure any more the players around naw can diliver liverpool need this bite to come in when they play smaller tems it has always being our week point that should be look into as day preper.which them all the best lfc4life.

  3. sai says:

    good article mate.. Gerrard is a legend in our hearts..!!!
    he will rise with glory again with liverpool.

  4. Exasperated ! says:

    The Aging Gerrard !!!?
    Holy fuck !!!!
    He is only 31 & still in his prime for at least another 2 years !
    So you can expect Steven Gerrard to play the best football of his career for 2 more years at least & you can expect him to play the best football in Britain for another 4 years at least .
    The pressure is never off great players because truly great players like Ian Rush , Jurgen Klinsman , Dennis Bergkamp , John Barnes , Peter Shilton ,Mark Hughes , Kenny Dalglish , Tony Adams , Sami Hypia , Neville Southall , Matt Le Tissier , Bryan Robson , Graham Souness , to name a few examples are their own worst critics , they are always under the highest of high pressure because they never stopped working on their game .
    Steven Gerrard is a truly great player & the day he stops working upon his game is the day he will retire from playing .
    The challenge before Gerrard now at the dawn of the stage in his career where he has to readjust his game to suit his body which has endured 14 years at the top level of professional sport .
    The weakest part of Gerrards game has always been his ability to Marshall the troops around him by barking orders .
    He has always been able to lead by example but he has never been able to so far lead by doing nothing but shouting .
    With Kenny back in charge Gerrard as captain & midfield General has to dictate games by ordering those around him to raise their games , calm themselves down or concentrate on their tactical instructions .
    Perhaps this is the indiscipline that Rafa tried to express but got lost in translation for him ?
    Roy Keane wasn’t nearly as talented a player as Gerrard but he was a much better midfield General because he had that Souness like angry psycho style of terrifying a tiring team mate to give it 110% until he hears the final whistle .
    In these next 5 years a more mature , wiser Gerrard is going to emerge & a player who dictates games with his passing , Giving orders & reading situations before they develop is going to lead us to at least 3 titles & one Champions League over that time … Bet your Mortgage on it .

  5. Good Article…I feel Gerrard have less weight to carry now…less pressure…good quality players supporting him, Adams…Suarez etc

  6. chudygerrard says:

    steven gerrard still has some burden when he comes back bcos our attacking duo are nt doing any good.i hope gerrard will come back with a bang