Date: 21st July 2011 at 5:29pm
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For a long time , Liverpool fans have been reminiscing off past glories, of previous conquests of Britain and Europe and the world. And as our rivals mock us for this fervent and stout passion we have towards our history, I would like to point out to them it is the regard and respect that we have our past crowning glories that truly unites us under our banner –which proudly reads , You’ll Never Walk Alone.

But now we must awaken; for too long have we walked in our own shadows. Our last English Premier League outing proved this , our power has waned. Under the somewhat unconvincing manager Roy Hodgson we have fallen. Yet the tides have shifted. It began with a change of ownership , the possibility of a new stadium and then ultimately the return of the Kop’s most beloved son , Kenny Dalglish.

Some said that he had been away from football for too long and it was a bad choice , or novelty choice to boost morale. But look at what has happened in the dying stages of the league, we sprung bright from the shadow. Our rivals are beginning to feel the trepidation , they sense what is happening.

Our squad has been strengthened with the arrivals of Charlie Adam , Jordan Henderson , Stewart Downing and Doni. A lost player in the form of Aquilani surprised us throughout the Asian tour with his awareness and his skill.

Leading our surge we have the presence of Andy Carroll and the guile of Luis Suarez – a man who has won over us so soon and so fast , that comparisons to Kenny Dalglish are being made. And Dirk Kuyt is coming into the same vein of form he displays constantly for Netherlands .

In the pulsating and beating heart of our midfield -Raul Meireles has a 5 goal volley streak to his name, Maxi has showed us in Asia that he still is holding on to that purple patch that saw him dispatch 2 hat tricks in the span of 3 games. Jay spearing is showing maturity. Lucas has finally evolved into the player so many managers saw him for. Joe Cole is now coming back off his longest break and is showing why he was and still is rated as one of England best midfielders. And our captain , Steven Gerrard has returned from injury.

And now we turn to our sentinels , our obelisks- our defence. For long has it been stretched and weak but now we have bled our young guns in. Using the acceptance of a horrible season , Kenny managed to give the younger players a shot. And they have repaid him in style. Robinson is so promising and just as much is Flanagan. Agger has returned determined to prove his place. Skrtel is raring to go and between Kelly and Johnson, we have two solid and remarkable right-backs. In his final few tenures Jamie Carragher has, I dare say, improved to the point where he will forever be remembered as one of the greatest.

And yet throughout the countless forums that seem springing up during the break , we hear a constant criticism – that our squad is muddled and a mess. But I say “No my friends we are truly now spoilt for choice.” But what is different this time around is that we have the right man to lead us.

I will leave you with this quote:
“Why do we need a Sir , when we already have a King” would like to welcome Zansher Husref to the team


8 responses to “Liverpool are now truly spoilt for choice”

  1. glen says:

    i love ur last liner…..

  2. janz says:

    well said glen… a gud 1 to sign off !!

  3. Bheko says:

    Finally someone that sees sense in our like I do, very nice piece mate and who needs a sir indeed when we have ‘The King’. YNWA!

  4. Nikhil Senan says:

    i have nothing to say that hasn’t already been covered in full Zan. well done, and that last quote will be sure to exit my mouth in many heated liverpool v united arguments to come. hats off!

  5. Mr Lionel says:

    mr husref, your article sucks balls, it is poorly written with obvious grammatical errors and overuses rhetorical speech. you should know better than to waste your words on over-pompous use of zealous posh. I’d say you deserve an award for yarnballing an excess of hay found in the dumpster by king’s cross.

    the only company willing to pay for this fluff to be published would be news of the world, that’s how bad your article is written. given your name, you’d very likely be one of those pakistani immigrants with much aspirations but little maturity or substance to match.

    I remain sorely disappointed that a person of your standing (ironic, because one requires a spine to stand) could write such rubbish. Unfortunately, I must refer to your writings as rubbish, for to refer to them as such would be placing them on an equal footing as blue chip stocks on the FTSE.

  6. Zansher says:

    Im sorry, Lionel if my article has caused you great pain and hurt.

    And just to clarify your point , I actually sent this as a draft but it was posted before I could ammend it. If my use of flowery speech really annoyed you to such an extent that you were compelled to compose such a livid and truly, truly heartbreaking and menacing comment …then Im truly and ever so sorry. But heres a suggestion mate , just dont read another article of mine.

    As for the pakistani comment your spot on 😀 congrats. but alas im do not reside in the united kingdom. I am a 3rd generation Singaporean , so it would be apt to well call me an Asian Immigrant.

    But finally man , try not to hate so much the world is so full of it but I will take you comments to heart.

    Alas good day my friend lionel. Hark we meet on dawning morrow (too fluff?)

    sense the sarcasm please for both our sakes 😀

  7. Jonasdal5 says:

    Does anyone have the picture with a fan holding up a poster where it stands: “Why do we need a Sir , when we already have a King”

  8. zansher says:

    jonasdal5 i have the picture on my tumblr 😀 just scroll down