Damien Comolli has stated that the Transfer activity at Anfield is nearly over. Presumably this means players in, not players out, as I believe at least one or two will be shipped out of Anfield before the season kicks off, not including loan deals.

With this in mind I sat down with my mate ‘red Chris’ (red, as much in his passion for Liverpool as for the colour of his hair), and chewed the fat over our best starting Liverpool eleven.

In the recent seasons this has been pretty easy. The players pretty much picked themselves, either through class, or the fact there was no one else. This season there are real conundrums and players no longer merit their places based on reputation. Would anyone in their right mind have suggested a year ago, that Liverpool could function without Stevie G? That a young player such as Jay Spearing could come in and play with the confidence to actually cause selection headaches?

Firstly we had to decide on formation. This has been debated long and hard on fan sites all over already, but we stumped for the tried and tested 4-4-2. Including; two wide players, one defensive midfielder, one attacking, with one ‘free role’ behind a central striker.

Let’s start with the easy one, Goalkeeper. Pepe Reina. Simply class and needs no further discussion. Doni has signed to be number two and will push for starts, but if fit, Reina has the custodians role.

Right back, Glenn Johnson. His performances at the end of the season, after the shocking collapse of form and confidence during the Hodgson reign, began to justify his big player reputation. Adequate back up from Martin Kelly and John Flanagan, both with big futures we appear sorted in this area.

Left back. Let’s start the controversy here. Emiliano Insua. Farmed out on loan last season, did ok and now has a new start under Kenny, (if he stays). Aurelio is unreliable and too fragile. Johnson and Agger have played there in the past, but not a long term solution. Jack Robinson is coming through but to warrant a starting berth for the whole season is perhaps a bit much to ask. All this supposes we do not sign a left back before the window closes.

Central defenders. It has to be Carra. Yes he is getting on, but his pride and passion will get him through and his organisational ability is second to none. Who is to partner the vice captain is less clear. Agger is undoubtedly the best of the rest, but like Aurelio a bit fragile, hence the ever presence of Martin Skrtel last season. Kyriakos and Wilson will offer short term cover, but the clamour for another C.B. will go on (Scott Dann anyone?). I plumped for Agger, if fit, although Skrtel will push him close.

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77 responses to “How Liverpool will look this season in a 4-4-2 formation”

  1. doug heffernan says:

    John Robinson ? whos he, or do you mean Jack Robinson.

    another clueless idiot pointless article on the internet

  2. Oscar says:

    Adam and Gerrard in the middle together will not work, much in the same way Alonso and Gerrard never worked! Both are not regimented enough and like to foray forwards. It will be a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 variant as we have seen in pre-season, and perhaps will adapt to 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 against particular opposition.
    My XI atm (+their back-ups):
    Kelly-(Flanno) Carra-(Skrtl) Agger-(Soto) Johnson-(insua)
    Lucas-(Henderson) Adam-(Spearing)
    Suarez-(Kuyt/Merelies) Gerrard(Aqua/Shelvey) Downing-(Cole/Maxi/Kuyt/Merelies)

  3. ikcl says:

    doug heffeernan, in fairness you’ve pulled him up on one error! pretty well thought out post otherwise! another clueless, pointless comment on the internet!!

    Oscar, i’d fully agree with yourself, with the addition of a new left back causing all sorts of brilliant problems in the fullback positions hopefully, with Kelly maybe covering CB too and Henderson covering RW aswell as CM, with Meireles, Aqua and Shelvey covering all CM positions too; but considering our style of play this is a given I guess!

  4. ruben says:

    sorry mate but if you think that kuyt is a starter we are gonna end the season in 7 th place.give me 50,000 a week and i will do 4 hours daily running.he s like a chicken with out head.and even lucas,he s just not good enough.so if you want to stick with both of them don t ecpact nothing next season.

  5. barry says:

    If Kuyt is on the wing. We’re doomed. You have lost all credibility in my eyes. He is a backup striker. Do you want Kenny sacked. Your kind of thinking got Rafa and Roy sacked – too blind to see it. Hard work, passion, commitment, loves the club – crap – we may as well play Dalglish on the wing if thats the criteria. Scores goals. Yes – not from the f****n wing though!!!

    Be quiet before this stupid idea contaminates any other small minds out there. The last two games of 10/11 – Kuyt back on the wing – two losses – It’s always the same.

    Some red-goggled halfwit with no brain spouting crap(Sorry, but this Kuyt on the wing rubbish has never won a trophy and never will. Because he’s crap there….. and that’s being polite).

    LFC.tv have enough Kuyt propaganda without this rubbish too.

  6. barry says:

    I just read the rest of it. Yep, not a clue.

  7. Ac says:

    What Are u saying!!!!! That henderson a player in my opinon that is not worth more then 6 mil if i am Nice goes ahead of a player the made 7 goals in the last games. Hope the abilty goes ahead of passport

  8. adey says:

    wasnt kuyt 1st choice for holland who got to the world cup final

  9. Felderkirk says:

    Sorry lads but I don’t agree with this formation and I hope Kenny doesn’t either. Granted, at some stage we’ll probably play the 4-4-2, but one of Dalglish’s strongpoints is his flexibility and unpredictability with formations. Our squad lends itself to this flexibility too. For me, if we MUST pick a ‘default formation’, it’d be 4-3-3 – or better, 4-3-2-1. I personally feel that this ‘Stevie plays best in the centre’ hokum is typical British lack of creativity or imagination. It sells Stevie short. I’d probably agree with your defense, nut my 3 in midfield would be Downing, Lucas/Adam, and Dirk (for want of a right winger). I’d then play Stevie in front of them possibly alongside Luis (just slightly deeper) with Andy up front.

    I believe Kelly could start to push Carra all the way for a centre-half position, ideally alongside Agger. I also think we’ll need a proper right winger, but Dirk’s limitations here would be complemented by Glen’s overlapping and this would do for the time being.

    We need a left-back, a centre-half and a right-winger with lots of pace. Until this has been addressed then I’m not going to get carried away.

  10. adey says:

    gerrard has to play on the right, puts in a great cross and scored over 20 goals last time he played there.like oscar says he’s not regimented enough for the centre

  11. michael says:

    the more i think about it 3-5-2 will be the way to go in the big games. downing could play on the left if we dont get a LB carra,skrtyl and aggar johnson on the right. suarez and carroll up front and you guys can argue over the midfielders. i think what kk is doing is giving himself options. hes building a squad slowly but surely. we all feel bad as liverpool fans for how the last 20 years has gone but id say kenny feels worse but guess what hes got a chance to do something about it. our failing in recent times has been against the lesser oposition but with the players we have now i dont think its gonna be so much of an issue this year.

  12. wazio says:

    Aquaman is the best blind passer in the epl

  13. Felderkirk says:

    As I said though, the main strength of our current squad is its flexibility. If we ARE going to hang onto Aqua, Mereiles and Cole, then i think the main difference we’ll notice is the strength of our bench. Henderson and the youngsters who impressed so much last season will be there too

    Incidentally, by many accounts, this Doni fella is shite (I have a lot of Italian friends who are Roma fans and they’re overjoyed to see tge back of him) so this is a position we’ll probably have to address again.

    So: Reina, Insua (or new left back), Carra, Agger, Johnson, Downing, Adam (or Lucas for the big games), Dirk (or new right winger), then Stevie pulling the strings with Luis, Andy up top.

    Hopefully, Raheem will be a force in the Cups, and he might be unleashed NEXT season – but perhaps this season is too early.

  14. Ollie Briggs says:

    My team:


    Johnson Kelly Carra TBC (Enrique IMO)

    Gerrard Adam

    Kuyt Suarez Downing


    Subs: Doni/Mierles/Aquaman/Lucas/Robinson/Skittle/Cole/Maxi/Ngog/Spearing/Shelvey/Flanno

    Possibly buy Long from Reading as back up and another option up front, need striker to bag at least 15+goals. Got be to be good enough to get back into CL!

  15. jonny harkness says:

    Blimy, there’s some serious negativity going on here huh! slating one of our best players, world cup finalist and top scorer?

    anyhow, aren’t we entitled to opinions on players. Dalglish will be flexible, maybe we’ll even see kuyt up top with Carroll, maybe we won’t who knows…. who cares???

    well actually I do. so let’s just for one second pretend that we all care more about the team, and less about slating those who actually try to justify ridiculous wages by leaving everything out on the pitch. With what we have ‘Barry’ who would you play right side then? Johnson? Gerrard? as far as attacking right siders go we don’t have much, if we change the formation yes, but we’re not, we’re looking at a 4-4-2 formation, or as the article suggests,actually a 4-1-3-1-1, pretty close to what we had not so long ago.

    ps Alonso and Gerrard can’t play together???? do me a favour, we nearly won the league with those two pulling the strings?

    we can all have our opinions, but it takes a bigger man to accept the opinions of others

  16. Mikey76 says:

    Mere speculation I’m afraid chaps. One thing about Kenny is he will want the team to be flexible. And Adam as a DM – please. The guy cannot tackle. Kenny does like 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 though.

    Best stick to the x-box!

  17. Gerrardious says:

    Kuyt is neither good on the flank nor upfront. Lacks pace, skill, creativity and brilliance. He’ll always throw d ball into the box(to nobody) even when there are acres of space to run into. Works hard…. thats all. He wont be a bad squad player though.

  18. Lewis says:

    I agree about getting a rw but if we don’t I think glen should be he first option to play in that position , that way we can use Kelly on the rb. We have to think about Suarez. We won’t be playing the first 2 games of the season, so who is going to play for him? I will use 4-2-3-1. With Kelly cara agger and insua/Aurelio ( when fit) in the middle Lucas and Adam or aqua. Rw glen or Henderson lw downing and Gerard or meireles behind Carroll or Kuyt. And we all know who will be on the bench. Skertel, flano, adam/aqua, glen/Henderson, meireles,Kuyt/Carroll. Once we have suare back we have to go with the 3-2-3-2. Cara Skertel agger on the back. Lucas Adam/aqua on the middle Rw glen/Henderson lw downing. Gerard/ meireles behind Suarez and Carroll/Kuyt. With Wilson,flano,aqua/Adam,Henderson/glen/meireles,carroll/Kuyt. Who don’t agree with that??

  19. Gerrardious says:

    @Harkness: The only person I remember ‘pullin the strings’ was Gerrrard (who finished 3rd top scorer that season). d only thing I remember Alonso doing was gettin his opponents red-carded lol Gerrrard was able to venture forward cos he had Masch (not Alonso) behind him. u ppl seem to go on and on about Alonso n his ‘passin range’. still, Gerrard made twice more assists than him. figure…..

  20. Jeff says:

    @mickey! Adam no good at tackling??? He was one of the best tacklers in the prem last season! I suggest you take your stick to the x box comment, and shove it up your ass!

  21. h2k says:

    if i tk u back d memory lane, d 3-5-2 formation was d main reason England failed to qualify. n plz guys stop disrespecting Dirk, Cara, Stevie n Dirk r d our best players for years now n we jst dnt hav to disrespect them b of our new arrival. Kenny will tk us to our rightfull place very soon

  22. Oscar says:

    also @Harkness no Gerrard and Alonso could not play together in the centre of the park, that is why Gerrard was pushed up to CF/CAM behind Torres, and Mascherano played with Alonso in the middle! and this negativity towards Lucas and Kuyt… Kuyt was a key part of our 2008/09 where we nearly went all the way and started in a World Cup final this time last year; and Lucas was our star performer last season, his performances against Arsenal and Chelsea were World Class! And the 4-2-3-1 formation is the way to go, because of our squads versatility the positions could become interchangeable: full backs bombing forward, Gerrard dropping back to play deeper whilst Adam pushes up, Adam and Gerrard drifting to the flanks to play balls in whilst Suarez runs havoc in the penalty area. Versatility will create success this season I have no doubt, but it also means it is almost impossible to predict how Kenny will line up each game, he will alter depending upon the opposition; which is the way to go! I would also like to throw out the argument that we can’t keep Cole Merelies and Aqua, we must loose one; as they all play the similar CAM, drifting playmaker role. Cole would seem the obvious choice because his 90,000 wages are triple Merelies’ and he was out performed last season. However, seeing as Clarke has an clear affection for him and the lack of any interest means we’ll keep him and Aqua evedient class and JHenry’s backing means it is likely to be Merlies who goes; sad but necessary, because all 3 of these players could stunt the progress of Sterling, Suso, Shelvey and Pacheco; all similar players. If it were up to me I’d release Cole and sell Merelies; although I would miss him.

  23. kopitefromcali says:

    Jonny harkness; I also disagree with bashing of our players. no point at all. With you on our options. We are gaining the depth to climb back on top.

    Why so negative in here? Alonso and Stevie were shite together? That’s ultimately laughable. Do us all a favour….
    It’s a mystery to us all except kk…..take us to glory again.

  24. Jeff says:

    I am pretty sure we’ll be able playing in a 4-3-3 formation for the majority of the season, it so plays to our strengths and lots. More than 4-4-2! Although am sure at sosome point we will play that way! I can’t agree with those people wanting to play kuyt on the right of. Midfield! I a big admirer of him, but he don’t offer us with many options when he stuck out there, he don’t have speed to beat anyanyone, he cacan’t deliver a decent cross to save his life, all he can offer is his workrate! To me, that ain’t enough! If you look at successful teams and their widemen, they all possess certain qualities that we need, Aaron lennon, beats people, Gareth bale, has it all, nani has trickery and goals, Valencia his crossing ability! I could go on! For me I’d much rather have Henderson on the right, he not lightning fast, but he quicker than kuyt, his work rate aint faar off kuyts, but it’s his crossing, passing and creativity, which make this such a no brainer for me! My starting eleven for the 4- 4 – 2 would be

    Kelly. Carra. Agger. Johnson

    Henderson. Gerrard. Adam. Downing

    Carroll. Suarez

  25. w man says:

    4-3-3 next season kk will use keeper(PR) Lb(aly sissoko) rb(G JOHNSON) cbs (CARRA , AGGER) LM ( adams or merelis) cm (GERRARD) rm (henderson) upfront (DOWNING) LEFT (CARROLL) and (surarez) right. class everywhere on the pitch, the 3 midfield and 3 forwards can all be match winners, proven goal scores in the PL, KK will get the best out of them like always and the good thing is they all love playing for KK ! Team spirit will be AWESOME! sky is the limit for this young team can only improve under kk, ihave total believe in him what a LEGEND!

  26. bole says:

    johnson Carra Agger Insua
    Aquaman Gerrard Adam
    Suarez Downing

  27. Exasperated ! says:

    Oscar ,
    Gerrard & Alonso didnt work ?!!!!!!?????
    They got us to two Champions League finals & won one of them , they got us a top two Premier League finish with a League cup final & a FA cup victory but yea Oscar , you are right , they were a shite partnership .

  28. nawi says:

    i preffered..
    reina, johnson, caraggher, sktel, insua
    kuyt, henderson/lucas, adam/spearing, downing/maxi

    reina, johnson, caraggher, sktel, insua
    gerrard, henderson/lucas,adam
    kuyt/meireles, suarez, downing

  29. redz says:

    alonso and gerard and masch, we had de best midfield in europe 3 top players. kuyt is a top player and lucas was our player of season ,.. dont know what team kk will put out but he is de man to get us winning again thats for sure..

  30. reds says:

    whats with the kuyt bashing again, hasn’t he done enogh to prove he is a top playter. Its not his workrate that gets him in the team. His reading of the game is second to none. His positioning and tactical awareness is whats best about him. He has to start against good teams imo. its 433 for me.
    kelley carra skrtl johnson
    gerrard lucas raul
    kuyt carrol suarez
    for me or else if its a weaker opposition.. maybe downing on the left and gerrard on the right with adam coming in instead of raul. with most probably kuyt giving way instead of suarez.
    The best thing for me is now nobody exept reina is guaranteed a place in the starting line up. Which should be the way if we are to challenge for top honours

  31. Exasperated ! says:

    Kuyts tactical awareness is excellent , you are 100% correct .
    Kuyt is so good tactically he could play CB , most top Dutch players traditionally are tactically excellent as a rule , they are also technically excellent with their minimal touches on the ball before releasing it & Kuyt technically is as good as the best in the League over 30 + games when it comes to taking a single touch & putting something of quality on target when he is in or around the box .
    While in the box he is very clever positionally from set plays & if played more regularly as an out & out front man you could easily expect him to hit Gary Lineker numbers of Tap Ins , make no mistake about it he is an excellent player & Saurez & him link up really well together , Andy Carroll will need to be at his very best to keep Kuyt out of the team .
    On the right wing he is similar to Maxi , his simple pass’n’move two touch game isnt appreciated because it looks so simple but remember all genius’s make things look simple , try playing 90 minutes using only 2 touches every time you get on the ball & then tell me how simple it is , if ya can do that I’ll send ya away & tell ya to come back & tell me when you have done it over 38 games against some of the best defenders playing for the best tactical managers in the world like Kuyt has done season in & season out for us contributing 10+ goals every season .
    He’s not flash , he’s not greedy or selfish , he’s a great team player & Jan Molby was right when he said Kuyt would walk into the Barcalona team .

  32. Renny says:

    Kelly | Carragher | Skrtel | Johnson (Sub: Agger)
    Meireles | Gerrard (Henderson) | Adam | Downing
    Kuyt (Carroll). Suarez

    Doni, Robinson, Flanagan, Lucas, Spearing, Shelvey, Ngog

    If we can sell off Aquilani & JoeCole, we can try to buy JoseEnrique(LB) or Scott Dann (CB)!

  33. s halton says:

    Kuyt is an excellent striking option for any side. But he is not a winger. Why does nobody mention Aaron Lennon? He will always get the ball in the box. I have also read about Aly Cisokho for LB. I have never seen him play, so I can’t really comment. he’s got to be an improvement on who we have though surely.

    I have tried to be unbiased about Kuyt, it is very difficult though.
    I had 140-1 on liverpool 3 – 1 Man united, Suarez first goal, and Kuyt nicked it!!! Swine.

  34. Arjun says:

    Kuyt would be useful againt bigger oppositions with flair, but he is not that good against small teams which defend deep. For small teams we need players with more creativity and intelligence than Kuyt. No doubt that Kuyt is a good player, rather a very good player to deploy against big oppositions, coz he works like a clock all through the game moving all over the pitch backing up and supporting.

    Reina, Carraghar, Johnson, Gerrard, Suarez and Carroll would be regular starters in my opinion( Whatever formation the go for) remaining would be deployed based on form, opposition and formation.

  35. Arjun says:


  36. Oscar says:

    @Exasperated ! No Alonso and Gerrard didn’t work as a CM partnership because Gerrard was regimented and like to bomb forwards and Alonso didn’t have the steel to be a CDM. However! When Mascherano came in to partner Alonso and Gerrard was pushed up to CAM I would agree that we had the best midfield in Europe! Gerrard and Alonso are two fantastic midfielders and they had a fantastic footballing connection, but in a 4-4-2 formation they could not have made the CM patrnership; that was all I was getting at! Using it as an example to show why Gerrard and Adam would not work as a CM partnership in a 2! And I the Champions League Liverpool needed Hamman and Mascherano to provide the steel.

  37. Oscar says:

    I also agree was Arjun on Kuyt, although I love the man! And Aly Cissokho is gash and a prat off the field, and he failed and AC Milan medical because they thought he would have heart problems in the future….

  38. Exasperated ! says:

    S Halton ,
    Theres no doubt that Aaron Lennon is an eye catching player with terrific pace over a very short distance , my concerns about Aaron Lennon is the awful quality of his final ball .
    His delivery is terrible for a player playing in a top 6 side in England .
    You are right in saying he gets plenty of balls into the box but they never go beyond the near post , his woeful quality is so predictable defenders just camp out on the near post & attack the space in front of them when covering their LB whenever Lennon is on the ball .I’m not saying he wont have 4 or 5 outstanding moments over the course of a season but Ryan Babel had 4 or 5 outstanding moments over the course of a season & his distribution , strength on the ball & shooting is well ahead of Lennons .
    I cant see how Lennon is of the consistent quality needed to play for a Title Challenging LFC side , as a matter of fact he is barely good enough to be a squad member in an average top 4 LFC side .
    Like Ashley Young , I think he is/was at a club that suited his talents at Spurs & Villa respectively , there was no serious pressure to deliver & just as we can expect to see Young fall apart under the pressure of being under the microscope at Utd next season I would expect Lennon to crumble under the even higher pressure at Anfield .
    It wouldn’t be the end of the World if we did sign him but personally I think we need to be talking about the proven qualities of players like Arjen Robben for our club & not cheap scate bargain bucket players like Lennon or N’Zogbia if we are to challenge next season .

  39. Oscar says:

    Lennon would cost around £20million, hardly a bargain bucket player?

  40. Exasperated ! says:

    Oscar your aired opinions reek of a man who supports Man Utd & is in here to piss on our shopping spree under the pretense he is a LFC fan .
    Gerrard & Adam haven’t even lined up in the same team yet & you are in here mouthing off about how they wont work as a partnership !!!???!!
    You are either an idiot or a scumbag .
    Gerrard is the best midfielder to play anywhere in Europe since the mid 80’s & is without doubt an all time great at our club .
    Adam was fantastic last season probably the best player in the country , he scored a goal every 3 games from CM for a team built on a shoe string & battling relegation .
    They are both from the same footballing culture , they both speak the same language , they both want whats best for LFC , they both are very highly intelligent footballers so how the hell cant they play together ?
    You are regurgitating the same ridiculous shite that got the overly political power hungry Benitez the sack , Benitez wanted Gerrard out of the club because he was a bigger icon than Rafa .
    Gerrard could play LB all season for us next season & I wouldn’t be surprised if he hit 10 goals from there & was player of the season , thats no exaggeration , thats how good our Champions League winning Captain is & morons like you need to either give your head a shake before posting pessimistic shit or you simply need to keep your stupid mouth shut about our players until January when we can make an honest judgment & purchase an improvement if needs be .
    You are either onside or you are off side , there is no in between , you need to either get onside or get off the pitch

  41. Exasperated ! says:

    His price has nothing to do with my comment , he is bargain bucket quality just like N’Zogbia is , we would spend on him in the hope he wasnt a complete disaster , we wouldn’t be spending in the expectation of excellence .
    He is a bargain bucket STANDARD player .

  42. Oscar says:

    Wow! Well when people start to get mouthy it shows they are running out of arguments. Firstly I am a very dedicated Liverpool fan, I am a huge fan of Gerrard (I rate him as Liverpool’s second greatest player), I also supported Benitez and I never wanted him to leave (Although I feel it has worked itself out now) and I think Adam looks very promising. I’m not slagging any Liverpool player off, I think we have a great squad atm. All I was saying was that Adam and Gerrard would not have the steel defensively to work as a CM partnership in the 4-4-2 formation; not that they can play in the same team! I would play 4-2-3-1 with Adam and Lucas more defensively inclined and Gerrard allowed to go forwards. I also agree that we don’t need Lennon, in my opinion we don’t need any more midfield player. I am very optimistic about next season and I think any reasonable Reds fan would recognize my argument is valid and your response was a tad out of line. Please I urge you to think before you type.

  43. ikcl says:

    Exasperated !
    In my opinion Oscar has been dead right in the majority of what he’s been saying, Gerrard and Adam wouldn’t work as a partership, just as him and Alonso didn’t work; until Masch came he spent most of his time on the right of midfield. Now thats not saying that he’s not quality, he’s incredably good, one of the very best!! As is Adam potentially and as was Alonso during most of his time here. I highly doubt that we’ll see a midfield duo of Gerrard and Adam, unless Lucas is added to carry out the holding/defensive role.
    With the Lennon comment you never specified originally that you meant he was ‘bargain bucket quality’, just that he was a ‘cheap scate bargain bucket player’, Oscars reply in this context was wholly understandable.
    Your inability to comprehend Oscars comments is making you look rather foolish unfortunately.
    Thats without reffering to your assertion that Benitez wanted Gerrard out!!!
    I would second Oscars call that you think before you type, your obviously passionate about our club, but your doing yourself no favours..

  44. Exasperated ! says:

    Oscar ,
    I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt seeing s you seem to have recanted your at best , stupid comments a little .
    Firstly what you must get into your thinking is this …
    Good players play well together .
    If they have similar intelligence , technical ability , temperament , tactical awareness & a non selfish attitude regarding Beckham like media attention ahead of team success .
    Not just Adam & Gerrard but Adam Gerrard Downing & Saurez together should light up that league next season with their shared creative intelligence & tactical excellence .
    Personally I cant think of a more powerful midfield pairing in all of Europe than Adam & Gerrard .
    Gerrard is just like his song says , “He’s big & he’s F*cking Hard ! ”
    Adam can handle himself too , just ask Gareth Bale about how Adam ended his season .
    What you typed is idiotic , its regurgitated media shite & excuses from Benetez trying to excuse his awful dabblings in the transfer market .
    There is no better Midfielder than Gerrard & you have to go back to Souness , Robson & Matthäus to find a midfielder even close to being as complete a player as he is .
    To say he has no defensive steel is as stupid as saying Usain Bolt has no pace !
    Urge all you like but its clearly you that needs to heed your own advice .

  45. Exasperated ! says:

    Ickl ,
    Thanks for doing your impersonation of Oscars mother , it was very entertaining .

  46. ikcl says:

    I think i’ll secede to the all knowing Exasperated ! on this one!! Your knowledge knows no bounds and your humour is second to none!!
    Though I still dont get how you don’t understand Oscars, or indeed my own, comments. It may become more apparent when we’re proved right throughout next season!!

  47. Exasperated ! says:

    I understand your comments , I understand that comments like that are harmfull to our club so I have put my foot down & stamped my authority on the matter , Steven Gerrard style , if you are oo much of a pussy to deal with that abrupt reality then its clear you arent tough enough or smart enough to be a part of LFC .
    As for your pathetic comment about being proven right next season , it was spoken like a true snake in the grass , which you clearly are .

  48. ikcl says:

    Ok, your last chance to talk sense!
    How are my comments harmful to our club?

  49. phil07 says:

    Prize for the worst comment must go to Ruben. He doesn’t rate Kuyt and Lucas. End there. Clearly has no concept of the word ‘team’. Our two most consistently good players last season. Anyway, why are we trying to pick eleven ? its a squad game and Kenny will pick according to the opposition and whether its home or away.Would also reply to the original article that Adam is not a defensive midfielder. If he played as a two with Gerrard, given injury problems, Gerrard would more likely ‘sit’ as he did against Manure last season. But best man for that defensive job is Lucas, or Spearing.

  50. Exasperated ! says:

    Before even a ball has been kicked in the new season you have publicly stated in front of the whole world that you & yer boy Oscar will be proven right against the healthy optimistic pragmatic SUPPORTERS opinion that Gerrard & Adam will be an outstanding pairing & are gleefully wishing tehm to fail so you can be proven right & you need to ask me how that is harmful to our club ?
    Rats carry less disease than you do .

  51. Oscar says:

    Trust me Lucas will be a mainstay in the midfield next season, Gerrard will start when fit, he will partner Adam and Lucas in midfield. Aqualani will be played against stubborn defenses, to unlock them and Henderson will fill in on the right or anywhere in midfield and will ultimately replace Gerrard (although not in the too near future I hope)

  52. ikcl says:

    Ha ok, i’ll just disagree with you on that one!
    To clarify my thoughts on the matter, with our current squad, the best CM pairing in my opinion is Lucas with a choice of Adam or Aquilani or perhaps Meireles (who may play wide) to partner him. Then in the advanced position I would select Gerrard, with Meireles or possibly Cole filling in when needed, Suarez may get game time here, and Gerrard may also fall back into the CM position partering Lucas. Henderson (who might also be deployed on the wing at times) may get minutes in either CM or CAM position also. This midfield would supplement an attacking 3 of Carroll flanked by Suarez and Downing. Again Cole and Meireles can play in the wider of these positions, as can Maxi; while Kuyt can fill in across the board.

  53. Exasperated ! says:

    Thank God you are not the manager or we would be starting the game with 9 midfielders & 2 forwards .
    Look , why dont ya just pick up a scarf & sing along with the rest of the supporters & SUPPORT Kenny as he leads us to bigger & better things ?
    I mean its gotta beat being a complete idiot on here doesn’t it ?
    Seriously , 2 defensive midfielders with 2 attacking midfielders & 3 forwards & no wide men ?
    Try getting involved with a soccer club & quit playing computer games & then mouthing off like ya know the difference between yer arse & yer elbow .

  54. ikcl says:

    Good lad! You’ve either exposed yourself as a total idiot or a wind up merchant, I havn’t fully decided yet, leaning towards wind up though, noones that thick! In either case good luck to ye!!

  55. Exasperated ! says:

    Ickl yer typing like some wee boy just new to the game trying to cover up his mess .
    If so ?
    We all had to start at the bottom & it takes years to develop the game intelligence required to play , manage at or even recognize the level of the game Dalglish , Ferguson , Van Gaal & Hitzfeld are at .
    Its ok to have doubts but to go mouthing off against your own side before even a ball has been kicked in the new season is a big NO NO .
    Computer football may help your broad understanding of the game but it is nothing like the real thing where human beings even at under age amateur level train 3 nights per week in the wind & rain all in the hope of one day being where Adam & Gerrard are today .
    Keep it real , get involved with a local side & develop your appreciation for the game , because without the game there would be no LFC .

  56. Oscar says:

    I actually thought we were having a mature debate about line =ups before you came along… None of use were ‘mouthing off’ any of the players..? Are you actually a child?

  57. Exasperated ! says:

    No Doubt you would like that Oscar , then you wouldnt be exposed as the clueless muppet that you are .

  58. Oscar says:

    oh deary me…

  59. steve says:

    Am i the only one who feels that our squad aint completed just yet.ok we got Henderson,Adam,Downing and Doni who all 4 are great captures but we’re missing a lot of things yet and most urgent,a left back for a starter.then we would defo need another center back and another winger.
    LB:Jose Enrique/Insua/Robinson
    LW:Downing/Maxi/Joe Cole
    ST:Suarez/Carroll/Kuyt/Marco Bueno

  60. Mike says:


  61. Felderkirk says:

    Exasperated ! Calm down mate. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  62. Bal says:

    Your all forgetting Lucas,rail and aqua…these guts will be big players for us next season

  63. Felderkirk says:

    As I said before, the biggest differences we’ll notice as opposed to recent seasons is the strength on the bench, the fluid style of play, and Luis Suarez. We’re looking good if Andy starts firing too. I expect Luis to be Player of the Season this year.

  64. Exasperated ! says:

    Embarrassing myself how ?
    By publicly standing up for what is good about our club in th face of idiocy ?
    Theres nothing embarrassing about being courageous .

  65. Felderkirk says:

    Jeeeesus. Fucking Braveheart over here.
    Can’t for the life of me think where I got ’embarrassing’ from…

  66. Exasperated ! says:

    Its not the only thing you are lacking , I detect a distinct lack of pride & self respect in you too .
    I’ll blame it on having inferior managers leading us into mid table shame slowly but surly since 1997 .
    Fans like you are the product of which , I bet you consider a successful season Top 4 & a trophy .

  67. Felderkirk says:

    That’s about right. Cheers Willy Wallace. But let me ask you this: would you be willing to trade ALL the days, from the lows of 1997 to the highs of the Bernabéu in 2009, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies – Fergie, Fat Sam, John Terry and that – that they may take our wives, but they’ll never take… OUR ADAM!

  68. Exasperated ! says:

    What highs in the Bernabeu ?
    We won nothing in 2009 .
    You will be celebrating half time results next .

  69. Felderkirk says:

    Maybe you should try mixing the coke with a little less horse laxative next time dear boy. It seems to be making you a tad antsy.

  70. Exasperated ! says:

    Oh so yer a junkie too are ya ?
    That explains the stupidity .
    Theres a reason they call it dope Kids & Feiderkirk is living proof .

  71. Felderkirk says:

    Jokes aside – what was your original point?

  72. Exasperated ! says:

    That you are a tit , … at least try to keep up DOPEY ! .

  73. Felderkirk says:

    Go on – let one of the other inmates use the laptop. United fans on Liverpool forums are hilarious! Well done! You’ve got 19! Now m

  74. Felderkirk says:

    …ove on!

  75. Felderkirk says:

    “Embarrassing myself how ?
    By publicly standing up for what is good about our club in th face of idiocy ?
    Theres nothing embarrassing about being courageous .”

    Haha! That’ll keep the rest of us laughing for a while! Twat! ‘Courageous’!!!

  76. Exasperated ! says:

    Who’s the us ?
    You & yer junkie palls or you yer husband & yer boyfriend ?
    On second thoughts forget I asked , the online ramblings of a depraved Prideless drug addict are of no interest to me .

  77. Brady says:

    This article looks like it’s been written by 14 year old.