Who will be Liverpool’s star player this coming season?

Thinking back to our 3-1 victory over Manchester United last season, I struggle to remember a better individual performance against them from one of our players. Suarez absolutely ripped United to shreds that day and effortlessly ran rings around their defence throughout the match. It was a real test of how effective the Uruguayan could be in a big game and he definitely put any doubts over him to bed with one of the best performances I’ve ever seen against Man United at Anfield.

Even though he was outstanding at times last season, there is still room to improve for Suarez. He did on occasion have ineffective games and I would like to see him in the box a bit more to finish off our attacking moves. Now that Suarez has had half a season to get settled in I would hope that next season proves to be the start of a prolific era for Liverpool. You only have to look at highlights of last season’s games from February onwards to see just how influential Suarez was in most matches. For a huge portion of Liverpools goals within this period, Suarez was directly involved with either the build up or by being the one to score them.

It’s fair to say that my hopes for Suarez next season are sky high, but if you look at the amount of quality players he will have supporting him, it really does point to a strong league campaign for the red men. If Kenny Daliglish can find the right system to accommodate our best players, then there’s no telling how high Liverpool could finish in the league table. For a very long time now, Liverpool have been regarded as one of Europe’s top clubs, and with the players we now have at our disposal, it is about time we played like it.

Article is courtesy of Mark Wilson at Live4Liverpool

17 responses to “Who will be Liverpool’s star player this coming season?”

  1. DEE says:

    luis suarez – player of the year in the EPL…. easy 😀

  2. pablo says:

    Yeah I agree, Suarez for POTY 11/12.
    Expecting big things from Stevie D and Andy C too.
    We shouldn’t heap too much expectation on Stevie. I’d be happy if he played all our home fixtures, half the away and maybe a couple of big cup games if we get them. 30 good games a season is what we should look for from him now, he’s put his body on the line for us for a long time and now we should protect him. Would also help if he gave England the swerve but I don’t expect he will….

  3. pablo says:

    durr stewie d should have read…sold my soul to santa

  4. dave says:

    I’m delighted that Suarez is ours. He’s an unbelievable talent, and took almost no time at all for him to settle in. I reckon (if he stays fit) Suarez could well be our POTY 11/12 – although for some reason I think Downing could run him close this year. It’s been ages since we’ve had a genuine winger (and one who gets goals) and you feel that all Liverpool fans are just desperate for him to have a good season…

  5. Bomber25 says:

    Suarez without a doubt. I hope he plays out the rest of his playing career here at Liverpool FC.

  6. ANDY says:

    Luis Suarez ha sbeen an absolute gem of a signing. He causes murder for defenders who have no idea what he’s about to do next. I think Torres was reasonably easy to read after his first season with LFC. Not overly convinced about Downing tho. Yes he is an established premier league player but he has never really set the league alight. Adams look to be a decent buy for the price tho.

  7. mwgt t says:

    it will be either aquaman suarez gerrard kelly adam or carrol

  8. Ian says:

    Stevie g and aquilani is going to surprise everybody

  9. Richard says:

    A couple of others have commented about Suarez, and he’s the obvious choice, but if Aquilani’s still with us and gets some games he could be a very pleasant surprise. Maybe not scoring a bucket load of goals, but pinging the ball around a la Alonso – which we could do with !

    I take for granted that Gerrard, Carra, Kuyt and Reina will do really well !

  10. akpunku says:

    Aqua and Cole are the men to watch

  11. aliGB says:

    Adam and Suarez

  12. Chambers says:

    To be honest I would like ALL of them to be it!

  13. neud says:

    we will be surprise by ngog!

  14. 'lanre Olajide says:

    Luis Suarez is our main man.
    And dnt 4get, we’re gun-ning 4EPL 11/12.

    Also pray along!

  15. tony says:

    suarez adam lucas pepe

  16. Steve Ash says:

    depending on whether they get game time and thier fitness, I would say El Pistolero or Stevie G will be our most consistent – but my vote would go to someone who will suprise this season. Andy Carrol is gonna be up there with the best of them, but I really think Downing is gonna bring that bit of flare out wide (crossing for Carrol etc) or coming in to link up with Suarez or Gerrard. May be a bit of optimism here but after looking at his stats for the past 5years he should be an incredible addition to a much stronger Liverpool side, especially going forward. I would like to say Agger but we just don’t know if he can stay fit & get a good run in the team to show how good a footballer he really is.

  17. Kamster says:

    I would love to see Liverpool set up in the following way;


    Johnson Agger Kelly Chissoko

    Gerrard Adam Aqualani Downing


    I think the surprise player of the year will be Aqualani. His vision, pace and passing will surprise everyone. He has a point to proove. It is time to play Kelly at centre half, great back up now too with the likes of Henderson, Carragher, Flannagan, Spearing, Carrol, Maxi and youngsters Robinson, Sterling, Morgan and Coady who could all make their debuts and play when we are winning 3-0 plus with ten minutes to go.

    Come on you Reds….