Date: 18th July 2011 at 10:14am
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Joe Cole has been the subject of much transfer speculation this summer as he is continually linked with a move away from Liverpool after his poor debut season for the Reds last term. Cole never seemed to get going in a Liverpool shirt last season after his red card against Arsenal in the opening game of the season. Injuries also did not help Cole’s season and rumours suggest that the midfielder also struggled to sleep last season because he had a new baby at home which kept him awake, and that impacted on his game.

Many fans have called for Cole to be sold this summer as he is surplus to requirements as we now have a lot of midfielders at the club. There is no doubting that Cole is a talented player but is he past his best now? Will he ever regain the form that made him one of the top midfielders in the Premier League a couple of seasons ago? Does he get given another season at Anfield to prove himself?

Steve Clarke seems to think that Joe Cole still has a future at the club.

“At the end of last season he was not getting in the team because the team was playing well,” said Clarke.

“But he has gone away, trained hard and had a good summer.

“Joe Cole is a top international player and he has a big contribution to make to the future. He is the same Joe Cole I coached at Chelsea, just a couple of years older and a little bit wiser.

“He knows the position he is in. It has been difficult for him because he has not been involved but when he gets the chance it is up to him to take it.”

Do you think that Liverpool should hang onto Cole this season and give him a chance?


9 responses to “Should midfielder be given another chance at Liverpool?”

  1. lee says:

    Cole-Meireles-Aquilani-Gerrard should be our midfield this season !

  2. janali says:

    Joe Cole is a costly player who has not had any glory days at Anfield and must be the most expensive seat warmer we have.

    We have an overstuffed midfield now and his chance of playing a full game in the new season are now reduced even further,with our new signings and the form of existing players. He was always going to be hard to sell, but fits firmly into the group that we need to rid ourselves of. Is this Clarke trying to break it to us gently that nobody out there wants him and trying to make the best of another season of paying him £100,000 a week

  3. redz says:

    @janali, your exactly right, 100k per wk no one in der right mind is going to pay that money to cole apart from pool, he ll be even more a bench warmer this season..please go joe.

  4. pix says:

    lol… using the baby excuse is ridiculous… the rest of the world somehow manages raising a baby while working 8-12 hours a day… all he has to do is train a few times a week for 2 hours. Big deal. Besides.. he can afford quite a few nanies!

    At end of it.. he has no confidence taking the ball forward anymore and always relies on passing it on so he can “run into position”. Pity.. he was good but he needs to get over that mental block or fear of getting injured. We have better players now so ship him out I say and save some cash!!

  5. RedHeart says:

    His fitness is questionable. He looked tired towards the end of the first half in the game against Malasiya.

    Moreover, we have too many mid-fielders. Get rid off him.

  6. eliswagger says:

    dont sell him keep him on d bench nd use him @ d carling,or fa cup or europa where he will score again 20secondz into d 1st half,we av d materialz so letz try 2 utilize it,such as captain G,adam,lucas,meireles,aquilani,henderson,downing,jonjo nd j.cole himself,etc whom are capable 2 return our dayz of glory

  7. pix says:

    lol… pretty expensive player at 100k/week to use just for carling/fa cups. We have plenty of quality players on the bench and coming thru the reserves so give them a chance…

  8. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    I dont know what happened him & question if he was ever really that good to begin with but he has played at the same level as N’Gog , Jovanovich & Poulsen last season , he was a bloody disaster !
    I cant sit here in good conscience & pray for the day N’Gog , Poulsen & Jovanovich leave & then say that Cole should have another chance .
    He is a fair weather player without the necessary grit and/or match intelligence to knuckle down & play his role unselfishly in a well oiled Liverpool Machine .
    He is 29 pushing 30 so he is going to get no better .
    Money doesn’t come into it , I think he has a bad attitude & if he doesn’t have a bad attitude he has an attitude not fit for our club & keeping players like that around our club is bad for the younger players breaking through because they need ambitious , hungry , proud senior professionals around them to guide them & influence them .
    So as far as I’m concerned , he shoulda left with that other mockery upon the history of our club , Hodgson .

  9. Grarad says:

    I think a fit Joe Cole can contribute to LFC, last season was a mare for him, didn’t get his fitness back after injury probaly tried to come back to early made things worst for himself.
    Joe Cole lets face he is not going to be the Joe Cole of old, but what he lacks in pace he once had should contribute more in experience, has good vision and reading of the game and sends in good crosses into the box, a good asset to have. will he be a starter? he will no dought get his chance, but with the midfield as it is will be subed or come off the bench, unless he can prove he can hack the full game.
    We all have our critics and oppinions and I believe he will know he has got to shine this season to justify being part of the squad or he will be away in the January sales.
    The over populated midfield that some fans are referring to, we have never hsd this luxury before.
    Yes there will be players moving on, but I feel we still have the strength in depth to rotate and rest players to keep them fresh and fitter to dominate the midfield and win games.
    I think he deserves his chance as much as any other player coming back from injury. come on Redmen.