Date: 18th July 2011 at 11:11am
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Liverpool have been heavily linked with a move for Lyon’s French left-back Aly Cissokho this summer. With some reports suggesting that Cissokho is on the verge of joining Liverpool.

But today (Monday) reports are suggesting that Liverpool are not interested in signing Cissokho at all for the reported £9million. The reasons being that Lyon now want £16million for the defender which Liverpool may not want to pay. Another possible reason, if this rumour is true, that we are no longer after the 23-year-old is that Liverpool may be focusing their attention now on another option, most probably Newcastle’s Jose Enrique.

Hopefully Liverpool will continue to pursue signing a new left-back this summer if Cissokho does not join Liverpool as we need someone to come in and this does not signal that Liverpool are not going to sign a new left-back this summer.


12 responses to “Monday Rumour: Liverpool will not be signing Cissokho”

  1. tristan says:

    I hope this is true as i was never a happy with the fact that we are after Cissokho.

    I hope behind the scenes, Liverpool are quietly lining up a shock deal to get Baines.

  2. Bheko says:

    Why do most people believe we need a new LB? We still have Insua who played very well and got 2 assists on Saturday, Aurelio who’s brilliant for the 4 games in a season, Jack Robinson who at 17 managed to shut Walcott down and a few other players that can play there e.g. Johnson, Flanno and Kelly so in my opinion we are covered in that area. I also have a strong belief Insua will be right up for it this season if given a chance. YNWA!!

  3. SuaRed says:

    We need a new left back!!!

    Insua is not good enough! Going forward was never his problem! His problem is he can’t defend. Watched him in the first team for 2 years and playing against a group of malaysians is not going to change my mind.

    Oh and we have shipped 6 goals in 2 games!!!

  4. Redsim622 says:

    Insua is ok as cover but we do need a new quality left back – as long as it’s not W Bridge

  5. tony says:

    I REALLY thought about this people link us to so many players world class which gets us happy with the names linked to us examlpe hazard cissokho aguera higuaim marcello.
    But we buy over priced englishmen that no one in the world would sign at the price we paid. we badly need left back central defender and foward.
    but like every pre session apparently ngog is killing it the same person that come on as sub and is the most lacsidasical player in the world.
    We are only going to buy english if we dobuy foward it will be daniel sturridge put he again is over priced now we are not in market for cissokho so i cant think off engish player in left back who is over priced and we will pay for can anyone think off one?

  6. Jeff says:

    Insua can’t defend for toffee! Some people sure have such short memory’s, and one half decent game in a friendly don’t change shit!

  7. King Yaweezy says:

    Insua can only be backup at best for now. He still has a lot of work to do on his defending! He can be our achilles heel if we rely on him for our left full back position. We need quality and Aurelio would hardly ever play 15 matches and mind you he’s in his thirties now which means age would no doubt slow him down!cissokho would be good for us or Enrique, why’s no onw talking about Izaguirre? KK has a good relationship with Celtic and we could trade some dead wood like poulsen etc!

  8. Bartholomew says:

    jose enrique is good at dfenz n also good goin 4wod wit exelent crosis inside d box.insua is fat n though he’s gud bt he cant do much.

  9. Eliasa says:

    Kenny,y ? U spend alot of money 4buy English,while u don’t want 2buy cssokho why?we need top class players

  10. john cronin says:

    Christ! Mourinho was spot on when he said 97 percent of fans haven’t a clue about football!

  11. gilbert says:

    we payed 18m for handerson a place that is over crowded in the lfc set up why not try and sign aly cissoko one dpt we really ve problem is the left back.king kenny should try is best to sign him

  12. Gerrardious says:

    @Bheko: Its guys like u that put undue pressure on players. I bet there was a time when u tagged Insua- ‘the most promising leftback in the world’.
    Simply bcos Robinson was able to put in a decent performance in what? 1?..2 matches, u think he’ll be safe bet for the season. Of course, the ultimate milestone of his career being ‘shut down Walcott’…. marked Walcott’……. ‘eliminated Walcott’!….
    Wake up pal