Liverpool’s new signings are to get the best out of Andy Carroll

Henderson is still somewhat raw and has struggled for form for the second half of last season, the sheer amount of chances he’s created in two seasons in a struggling Sunderland outfit is truly astounding. There are of course, as there are with any young player, a lot of aspects to his game that need improving – however, he possesses that rare thing in an English midfielder – vision. His precise, incision like passes from the heart of midfield will have Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll chomping at the bit.

While I have my reservations about the perceived ‘British only’ transfer policy that appears to be the order of the day at Anfield at the minute, with concerns to the club’s purchases thus far (and nearly purchased in Downing’s case), there at least appears to be an element of strong planning on behalf of the management.
The main aim has to be to get the best out of Andy Carroll; a truly terrifying physical presence when on form. The fact that Liverpool have purchased (or nearly, again) the league’s foremost set piece taker, the most accurate crosser and one it’s most intelligent and creative midfielders is worth taking notice of.

Nobody is certain as to how Dalglish will line his Liverpool charges up this season. It could be 4-3-3, 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1, but either way, Carroll will remain (fitness permitting, of course) the focal point of the teams attack throughout the majority of the campaign.

Liverpool’s summer purchases so far, while they may not have caught the eye in the same way that Man Utd’s have, are certainly functional and tailor-made to get the best out of the club’s most prized and expensive asset.

The plus point for Liverpool fans at least is that each of the club’s purchases thrived last season in smaller, struggling sides and each of them look capable of getting the best out of Andy Carroll, the club’s most expensive ever player. This coming campaign certainly represents a huge season for Carroll, because Dalglish has staked his entire summer transfer rebuilding programme on the success of the Geordie front man and a system tailored to his talents.

Article courtesy of James McManus at Football FanCast

22 responses to “Liverpool’s new signings are to get the best out of Andy Carroll”

  1. michael says:

    Nice article m8.

  2. DEE says:

    what about suarez??? :S all the emphasis is on andy carroll just because hes british, and suarez is being overlooked slightly :S we have one of the deadliest marksmen in the world in luis suarez, i think dalglish and comolli need to remember that instead of worrying constantly about the less prolific andy carroll….. :S just my opinion…. suarez has the potential to be one of the worlds best players, so i think they need to realise that they need to worry about him too…. i reckon if dalglish had another english striker, he would drop suarez to the bench…. look at it this way, hes going to drop meireles & aquilani for adam and henderson, because they’re british….. :S very frustrating!!!!!!

  3. james whitlock says:

    We didnt spend 100m on top of carrols 35m.your figures are inaccurate! carrol and suarez combined was 58m which was equall to babel and torres sales of 50m + 8m. All we have spent is 20m downing, 16m henderson, 7m adam equalling 43m.

  4. SuaRed says:

    This article lacks insight!

    Each player purchased by Dalglish is technically sound! They can control a ball, pass a ball! Liverpool pre Dalglish where one dimensional (under both Rafa and more so Hodgson)! Everything went through the middle! We played 9 men behind the ball with only 2 attackers (Gerrard and Torres). Dalglish wants to keep the ball and attack with flair from all over the pitch! If we need to go through the middle, we go through the middle! If we need to go down the line and break teams down that way, we go down the line! All the players can score a goal and create a goal for each other!

    This is not just about Carrol. This is a about the team.

    “The most important people at the football club are the ones who are fit and able to play. Kenny Dalglish

    Yes Carroll can head a ball but he’s not the only one!!!

  5. Jevon says:

    “Nobody is certain as to how Dalglish will line his Liverpool charges up this season. It could be 4-3-3, 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1”

    This fact alone is worth its weight in gold.
    It simultaneously excites the living hell out of me and scares the living hell out of opposing teams’ managers.

    I thought the article was decent.

  6. The Rock says:

    @SuaRed and Jevon

    I smell what you’re cooking and the rock says it smells good.

  7. Greg says:

    It is truly staggering the amount of money we have wasted .. 85m om Downing.. Carroll..Henderson..Adam..that is an absolute joke! And if Manshitty had spent that we would be here mocking them for spending like drunk crackwhores.. but bcuz it’s Dalglish…and we all know he walks on water and cures the blind… then they are somehow great buys!

  8. Greg says:

    @DEE.. could not agree more.. Carroll is not even in the same class as Suarez but somehow he is getting all the hype.. he can’t carry Suarez’s jock!… typical overhyped Brit press…

  9. Jevon says:

    youll both be eating your words in time.

  10. fillei says:

    i think that Adam and Downing will help Carroll, But i think it will be bad for Suarez beacuse he wants the ball on the Ground and with those players the ball will never touch the ground.

  11. King Yaweezy says:

    Having good crossers of the ball does not make Suarez useless, rather it creates more tap ins for him cos Carroll would naot always be the one to head in d balls, he could have knock downs, other midfielders could get on the end of the crosses or the it could even be a pull back or square pass which Suarez would thrive on! Johnson/Kelly and maybe Cissokho attacking from fullback positions would bring a new dimension to our attacking style as our strikers would get chances from all angles! People would be surprised what we’d do to these so called big-player teams. Players we’ve bought asides Carroll are players that are highly motivated and focused and would give their 110% to make a name for themselves, this spirit would tear other teams down and could be our psychological edge. Can’t wait to see our starlets come through, Sterling, Suso, morgan, Coady, Ngoo, Silva etc!

  12. Steve says:

    Actually it was Carrolls fault he was injured since it was on one of his legendary binges that he fell off a bar stool and done his leg in

  13. John says:

    4-3-3, 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1 LOL they are actually the SAME formation you know? Haha go and learn something about football

  14. Gerrardious says:

    everyone is always talkin about what Carroll can do with his head as if his legs are totally useless.
    The guy is brave, raw, has a terrific presence in the box n very hungry for someone his age and I’ll love to see his improvements over the season. I just hope he stays fit. Suarez will also create chances for him.

  15. DanielLFC says:

    @ John. How are they the same formation? They are all different! YOU need to go learn something about football.

    4-3-3: 1 CDM, 2 CM, 2 highly attacking wingers, 1 Target man.

    4-5-1: 1 CDM, 2 CM, 2 Wide players equal in attacking and defending as they are not so far down the pitch. 1 striker.

    4-2-3-1: 2 CDM, 3 attacking midfielders, 1 striker. More suited to Suarez upfront as he is getting through balls rather than crosses. Seriously, you are an idiot…

  16. sai says:

    4-3-2-1 and 4-4-2 will be opted mostly …
    suarez; charlie adam/stewart downing ; raul/maxi..

    lucas/henderson ; aquilani/gerrard

    cissokho/insua/robinson; carragher; skertel/agger; kelly/johnson;



    suarez ; carrol/ngog;

    downing/maxi; adam/raul; aquilani/henderson; cole/gerrard;

    defense same as above;

    4-3-3(low chances especially against slow plays):-


    suarez/raul ; adam/cole;

    downing/maxi; henderson/gerrard;

    aquilani/lucas ;

    defense same as above;

  17. Jevon says:

    ag please Sai you have no idea how he is gonna play. Championship manager does not count. this is the real world.

  18. don wynne says:

    wow what a mixed bag of comments lol, it’s obvious to look at the signings that KD, wants better service and movement from the side, remember the pain of watching us at the beginning of last season, back and sideways.

    Adams is brilliant at picking out an early pass, something Suarez thrives on, anything thrown up to Carrol is likely to be played down into dangerous areas where our new much more mobile team should have plenty of players and options.
    Downing the same from a different angle, not completely sold on Henderson yet but his ‘stats’ say he does the same.
    Aqua man again plays clever incisive passes, but am a bit concerned when he’s in our half…

    One note of caution which I think is now being addressed we need a strong holding type player to support the back four,(Lucas sort of does this job but not natural for him and like every other position we need cover and competition) and enable the flair players to do their thing un fettered.
    There is also a danger that some of the talented youth that seem to be bubbling under may become discouraged.

    How ever it works out it should be an interesting season.

  19. james whitlock says:

    i wouldnt mind seeing the following. not saying its the best one ok! haha!
    Downing Suarez

    Adam Gerrard
    Cissokho Johnson
    Skrtel Carragher

  20. DanielLFC says:

    I’m surprised no one has even mentioned a 4-1-3-2 formation which I think would world a lot better if we have Suarez and Carroll upfront… better than a 4-3-3, 4-3-2-1, 4-5-1

    Either that or a 3-5-2, the formation Dalglish was so fond of last season and I think will be his most common this season. 🙂