Jack Robinson’s Liverpool future

Possessing ability certainly doesn’t mean though that he will succeed in becoming a Premier League star, as the right attitude is also required. Something that he demonstrated when he used his great energy and speed to chase down a ball which looked certain to go out for a goal kick. He managed to control the ball before it went across the white line but failed to keep his footing to ensure it stayed in play.

I am certainly not suggesting he is ready to start at the moment, but for me he at least deserves to be the understudy, in conjunction with Fabio Aurelio, to any new left back that comes in. One of the reasons I differ to some Liverpool fans on the future of Emiliano Insua is because I feel the Argentine could hold back Robinson if he does stay at the club. For me, Robinson has the greater potential out of the two, not necessarily in the attacking third but purely because he can outdo Insua in both speed and strength, essential elements in the Premier League, and something which will help become a solid defender too. Let’s wait and see what King Kenny’s judgement is on the situation though.

Article courtesy of David Tully at Live4Liverpool