The difference between Shankly’s Liverpool and the Liverpool of today

Fans should have a say and have their voices heard when it comes to some important decisions in running their football club. Indeed Roy Hodgson (and parts of the London press) never tires in telling the world that it was the impatient, over-ambitious fans that drove him out the club – rather than his own failures and inept decision-making. But it’s one thing for an owner to listen to the overwhelming masses over a certain point on a weekly basis, garner opinions and take suggestions on board, than it is to listen to petitions to try and get management to sign players (as was last week’s rumour about fans wanting to sign Juan Mata) – fan power shouldn’t go that far. The owners are there to make the big decisions for us and if we trust them, that’s what we should respect and allow them to do.
In today’s era of modern football business, maybe Bill Shankly’s holy trinity should now be extended to a square.

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Article is courtesy of Jimmy Areabi at Football FanCast

4 responses to “The difference between Shankly’s Liverpool and the Liverpool of today”

  1. Chambers says:

    Is there a difference? Do you really want an answer to that?

  2. Larry jydde says:


  3. 'lanre Olajide says:

    Henry s right 4 lfc.
    So help him God.