Is loaning out Liverpool’s youngsters the best thing?

Not only do these sorts of loans aid the development of the player but they also add pound signs to their price tag especially if the club are looking to move the player on at the end of the season. Manchester United regularly do this to generate interest in the player before selling them on for a higher price than they would have got for a player who hadn’t been out on loan.

Loaning them to a club as high as possible should be the aim, but I believe even a loan to a League One club would help their progress as it would give a chance to play in a competitive environment on a regular basis. While sending them to a club with a similar passing philosophy would be beneficial as they would come back suited to the way that Liverpool try to play.
Sometimes a loan move can be turn out to be quite pointless as the player spends his whole time sat on the bench with managers who just see him as back-up to the first team. Having a well-managed loan system would give Liverpool a chance to watch his development and improve him in the future.

There is only so much that can be learnt from playing reserve matches and instead this talent batch of youngsters need competitive fixtures to aid their development. They have time and ability on their hands but Liverpool need to handle them with care to make sure they become an important part of the Liverpool set-up for years to come. A successful long term loan move would be a good start.

Article courtesy of Aidan-McCartney at Football FanCast

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