How Liverpool will look this season in a 3-5-2 formation

Gerrard (CM) – Stevie is in my top 5 of all time players and will undoubtedly be the first name written on Kenny’s team sheet.

Adam (CM) – Our Scottish Xabi Alonso, if he has 50% of what Xabi gave us we are on to a winner, fantastic set piece taker and the ability to pass a ball 1 yard or 100 yards, at around £7 million he could be a snip.

Downing (CM) – Stats speak for themselves, not everyone’s cup of tea, and yes over priced but as fans we cannot dictate the price, we choose from the options available and Downing would be in the team week in week out for me.

Carroll (CF) – What a player this Geordie lad could be, still very raw and has a lot to learn, but look at the teachers around him. If he can curb his wild private life and focus on football, Carroll will lead our front line for the next ten years.

Suarez (CF) – Our South American work horse has proven in just 6 months that he is going to be a special player, with the right service and continued work ethic the sky is the limit for this fantastic Uruguayan.

I know I have left players out; Kuyt, Lucas, Henderson, Cole, Flanagan, Robinson, but there are only 11 spaces on the team sheet and we must accept that over 20 years since a title graced the halls of Anfield, a massive shake up is needed. All the above have Premiership experience, with the exception of Suarez there is no language barrier, the spine is rock solid.

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  1. Akash @ Super Star FC says:

    NEXT SIGN Sanchez, Augrero & Bastos

  2. ste says:

    Damn good squad the Reds have now, just need another centre half and a left back and Liverpool will tear Man Hoof a new one.

  3. Mounir says:

    I will go for 4-4-1-1

    New left back-Agger-Carra-Jhony

  4. M. says:

    Like the Mounir team, though I ‘ll not start with Kyut anymore, certainly not at wing. Just for the sake of imagination, I would love to have Bastos/Cissokho at LB & Sanchez/Hazard at the right wing.

  5. CharlieAdamsAngels says:

    That’s all well and good but it’s a bit too attack minded in my opinion. For example with Gerard, Adam and Downing in the middle who is going to break-up opposition attacks or have the discipline to defend, i.e. stay back when everyone is pushing forward.
    Lucas or Spearing has to play unless you have Agger play in the sweeper role but that still leaves the team horribly exposed.
    I don’t claim to know what Kenny and Steve will come up with but I would bet my dog that the team will never line up like that!
    In any case there is still some movement in and out to be done so let’s not jump the gun.

  6. english bull says:

    Dont ever bet your dog mate as it may just come back and bite you on the arse.

  7. Towson Tom says:

    Kelly Carragher Skrtel Johnson
    Gerard Lucas Adam
    Suarez Carroll Kuyt

    However, the permutations could go on and on,
    Is’nt it great to have choices? Further, I think you
    don’t have to pick eleven these days, its probably more about picking the squad for the particular game so to the above add Agger, Miereles, Aquilani, Downing, Doni, Flannagan and maxi for the bench thats assuming we have finished in the market. and yes we still need Henderson, Kyriakos, Spearing etc.. over the season they will all get games. Anyway its Kenny’s headache!!!

  8. Kim says:

    I think that this would do nice.
    Glen Johnson, Agger, Carra, Cissicho. (if thats his name)
    Kuyt, Stevie, Adam, Downing.
    Suarez, Carroll.

    Regards Kim from Copenhagen.

  9. Dude says:


  10. kem says:

    All we need is SERGIO AGUERO full stop.

  11. In Africa where pigs fly says:

    You guys made my day…. been dying to express my hapiness… our team is DOPE!!!! but ya, kenny can choose the team… we just need 1st choice natural left back… or bastos 😀

  12. Dude says:






    The above I think is how we’ll play at home against weaker teams but swapping for a 4-4-2 against the harder teams with Downing coming in on the left and away from home probably at Dirk’s expense.

    Dirk was our best player last year. I know Lucas got fans player of the year but I think that was because he’d improved immensely but he didn’t contribute like Dirk did. He’s an absolute diamond. He’s a proper team player. Probably him and Luis are the teams most important players.

  13. Zal says:

    SKRTEL is a liability. I’d replace him with Kelly and put Henderson down the right.

  14. abdi says:

    fantastic season for lfc downing suares kuyt gerrard adam i thing that is a dream

  15. Warren says:

    I will bet you that team never gets picked! I think we will definitely get a left back – hopefully Enrique but Sisoko will do. Lucas and Gerrard are guaranteed starters – Lucas is our best tactical midfielder and only disciplined one. Stevie is our best offensive midfielder. I can see Adam, Kuyt, Maxi and Henderson fighting over the last spot. If we play a 4-4-2, Adam gets benched and Kuyt, Maxi or Henderson get the right midfield role.

    Johnson. Carra. Agger. ?

    Gerrard. Adam

    Suarez. Downing


  16. chuks says:

    honestly! i think we might have a good problem on our hand. with the assupmtion that cole, poulson, jonjo, are on their way out of the club, be it on loan or outright sale, i think our best formation should be 4231 such that kelly, cara, sketel and johnson make up the defence line, Gerrard and lucas next in line, downin/kuyt on the right of the midfield, mireles/henderson, adams from the left and either of carrol and suarrez up front. now we could select the players with regard to the selected striker i.e when carrol is on field downin starts but when suarez starts kuyt plays

  17. In Africa where pigs fly says:

    we just sealed downing

  18. MarcTheRed says:

    I actually like 3-1-2-4 for Liverpool. I’m not saying I’m right, but this is kind of what I envision:

    CBs: Agger-Carragher-new CB
    Sweeper: Kelly
    Mid: Adam(CM) – Meireles(CM)
    Forwards: Gerrard -Suarez – Carrol – Downing

    That would leave a solid back four to defend with the Sweeper (Kelly)capable of piling forward to give us a potential of 7 attacking players on a break.
    Allow the front 4 to be completely interchangeable and it will create complete chaos for the opposition with Adam and Meireles pulling the strings.

    We’ve got a ridiculously deep bench now, capable of playing almost any formation to unlock opposition. I’ve left out Skrtel, Henderson, Lucas, Spearing, Johnson (who we don’t need and I think we will sell to raise funds for a single “superstar” purchase this Summer), Flanagan, Robinson, etc. That’s great depth. We just need the new CB, and if that is our superstar buy I’ll be chuffed. We still also have to get rid of our dead wood in Jovanic, Konchesky (already gone), Cole, Poulson and Insua. Once we get them off the books we can use those salaries/funds plus sale of Johnson to fund at least 1 if not 2 big time buys (if we can find a big-time player who won’t demand CL football this yr).

    The future is bright for LFC! YNWA!

  19. MarcTheRed says:

    Oh, forgot to add Aqualani to the list of mis-fits. Another one to kick out the door.

  20. anthony says:

    kelly,agger, skrtel,enrique…gerrard,lucas,adam…downing,carroll, suarez

  21. King Yaweezy says:

    –Kelly/Glen New CB ———–Agger——Enrique




    Downing would go left if we opt for a 4-4-2! But this formation expexts him to cut inside and take shots. It brings out the best in our front three as Lucas defends, Adam marshals the field and Gerrard supports the attack with killer balls! Suarez and Downing would constantly swap positions to confuse opposition defenders!

  22. maljay says:

    Not a bad article, but not Skrtl! He is very poor – a disaster waiting to happen. Slow, poor in the air, too easily bullied off the ball, can’t use the ball other than a ‘hoof’ and error prone. One of the worst centre backs I’ve seen in watching Liverpool for more than 40 years

  23. Nick says:

    I think it’s fair to say that going Into the start of the season we have allot more options and strenth in depth than last season. Roll on Sunderland then arsenal…

  24. red lewis says:

    i think that still to defensive, with kelly and jhonson that sound more like a 5-3-2, i do agree with using jhonson as a winger but i do think we need lucas in the middle, this is how i will play.






    is really similar but we have more attack power.
    with this line up u can modify when we defend jhonson can drop back and make a 4-4-2 with gerrard moving to rm which he has play before.
    on the bench we will have great subs,cb.we have wilson soto and even kelly. cm. shelvy spearing will cover lucas,aqua and meireless for adam and gerrard. henderson maxi for jhonson and downing. and up front kuyt and pacheco.
    i will like to see another lb,cb,and cf but its not really necessary if we can get hem good but if not we will be fine, i think is more important to get the dead wood out.
    poulsen,jova,degan,cole,ngog and even maxi cause we can use sterling in there,about insua i will keep him he is young and if we need a lb he play there if we dont sign anybody.

  25. Smudger says:

    4-3-3 an it should go


    Cissokho. Carra. Agger. Johnson

    Gerrard. Spearing. Adam

    Suarez. Carrol. Downing

  26. Darren says:

    Liverpool Squad For The New Season


    Get a CB Dann for me, LB Cissokko for me, CF Sturridge for me. 
    LB and CF are priorities if you look at the squad we could cope without Dann this season but we should sign him whilst we can.

    Plus sell
    Aqualini or Lucas
    Soto ( let him go at the end of his contract which ends at the end of next season )

    I know this won’t happen but there a possibility it could or am I just dreaming haha.

    Even if we have the squad we have now, we still have a very good chance of finishing fourth and if we get Dann Cissokko and Sturridge then we have every chance of winning the league. 

    What do you think?

  27. Chris Lam says:

    Dream Formation of 3.5.2 – Base On Curent Set Of Players

    In 3.5.2 formation. Liverpool look well equip. The formation is flexible as liverpool can either operate to 4.4.2 or to counter opposition stregth. The back 3 is a solid 3 with Johnson can attack more down the wing and can slot into RB/LB if needed without interference with the team play.

    Downing & gerrard can play down the wing with adam & lucas sits down the middle. If liverppol turn to the compact mode of…isn’t bad either same set of player. Kelly@RB & Johnson@LB. Lucas & Adam anchoring the midfield while Downing & Suarez attacking the Flanks with Gerrard Supporting Carroll.

    For me, this set of players are the most flexible formation that we could adopt and I can’t think of man u, chelsea, city or arsenal matching us on this flexibility that we have.

    Many of you think that lucas shouldn’t starts but bear in mind, if we don’t have lucas doing the dirty works and get the engine room moving around the back 4 (like he did last season especially against chelsea (he is yellow carded & chelsea is pushing for & equalizer..he is still putting on tackles)..who is going to do the job?…adam, gerrard or henderson?

    I believe Henderson will come into the picture when Gerrard injured or out of form. I believe Henderson will start the season as gerrard is racing fit when the seasons get away in one month time.

    Dream Bench.

  28. nomad says:

    Skrtel is a hod carrier and a worry.

  29. Chuky 64 says:

    Lets go for 4-2-1-3 formation.

    That is the formation we can use this season. To give adam the free role.

  30. Dhino LFC says:

    iwould like to go for 4-1-3-2 formation

    jhonson(RB) carra/new CB agger(CB) new LB(CISSOKO)
    Lucas (CDM)
    Gerrard(RWM) Adam(CM) Downing(LWM)
    Suaraz(RS) Carroll(LS)

    and I’d rather prefer slight defensive formation when we are playing with other top5 clubs away from home 3-4-2-1

    carra/newCB skrtel agger(CB)
    jhonson(RB) Adam(cM) Gerrard(CM) NewLB(CISSOKO)
    Suaraz(Rw) Downing(LW)

  31. Dhino LFC8 says:

    iwould like to go for 4-1-3-2 formation

    jhonson(RB) carra/new CB agger(CB) new LB(CISSOKO)
    Lucas (CDM)
    Gerrard(RWM) Adam(CM) Downing(LWM)
    Suaraz(RS) Carroll(LS)

    and I’d rather prefer slight defensive formation when we are playing with other top5 clubs away from home 3-4-2-1

    carra/newCB skrtel agger(CB)
    jhonson(RB) Adam(cM) Gerrard(CM) NewLB(CISSOKO)
    Suaraz(Rw) Downing(LW)

  32. Pablo says:

    re. King Yaweezy
    I think you are spot on. Seems the most likely system to me.

    re. maljay
    Could not agree more. I always get nervous watching Skrtel.

  33. m kop says:

    I think Liverpool will play 4-4-2 under Kenny Dalglish.
    But this could be used if Liverpool ever comes across Barcelona as it this very defensive tactic with 5 defenders.

  34. Mike Arms says:

    Aquilani looked great today and is carrying on his fine form from Juventus and the last few games of the season before. If Hodgson hadn’t loaned him out he could have been the difference in a very ordinary Liverpool team. I think Meireless will go but Aquilani will stay and give Kenny a selection headache in midfield. I can’t see Henderson getting a game this season and players such as Shelvey, Spearing, Coady, Pacheco etc will struggle to even make the bench. It’s unfortunate we now have great strength in depth but not enough games to play them all in because we are not in Europe.

  35. James says:

    aquilani>adam any day of the week and in my opinion should be in the starting 11. I watched most of juventus’ games last season and he has impressed me alot!

  36. johnsy says:

    call urselves lfc fans you have all forgot bout kuyt … the playa that if werent there we would of been relegated

  37. nickt says:

    i saw the headline and thought hey lets have a look at that because i really disagree with 3-5-2 and cant see kenny using it for so many reasons.
    first massive reason been Downing – we have just paid for someone who can cross the ball, obviously this places him wide not centre, this ends the idea of any wing backs unless downing is one of them.. (not gonna happen)

    i thnk our first 11 based on cissohko signing! reina – johnson, carragher, agger, cissokho, each player has good back up – Doni Kelly Skrtel kyrgiakos aurellio/insua
    middle – lucas – Gerrard – adam – backed up by spearing, aqualani, henderson – business end – downing rw – carroll cf – suarez – back up rodriguez kuyt and cole –

    i do expect kuyt to play a lot somehow, its hard to leave his work rate out, i expect aqualani to be massive stiff competition to adam as at his best he is better than adam – anyone not rating henderson will be suprised, he will fill in a lot for gerrard and pose a threat to adam/aqualani – meireles to me is average, had about 6 good games when kenny took over be he aint top level and doesnt have a particular stand out point of greatness so he can go, ngog can go as well, i would like to see us get cissokho (think its almost a done deal) we need a cb as skrtel is a liability and agger’s injury record aint exactly reliable, i’d like to see another english player in gary cahill fill that void also another striker/winger if we can get someone better than we have already i.e a marquee signing like sergio aguero.

  38. Chris Lam says:

    What i seen last night [Liverpool 6 – Malaysia 3]…whether u guys agreed o not..
    1) Aquilani “DEFINITELY” need to be in the starting lineup. In China , he had a good game. But in Malaysia, he passing & movement blown me away in front on my own eyes.
    2) Adam just overrated by the press. Need time adapt in.
    3) We “Miss” Lucas.
    4) Meirless look out of sort. Sell him if we got good offer.
    5) Coady/Shelvey..need to go out 2 season in loan to help their development
    6) Spearing. Despite his hard working, he just not good enough. Do u think he can out-seat Gerrard/Lucas/Meirless/Adam/Aquilani/Henderson in CMD. No way. Can be sold.
    7) Poulsen. Must b a joke starting. Can let him go 4 free so lighten up the wages bill.
    8) Maxi & Cole look get getting into centre position on down the wings..can be sold as we have to much centre attacking minded players.
    9) Why Robinson can’t be consider to start at the age of 17..where as Cashley Cole nail down the LB @ arsenal at the age of 17? Robinson looks awesome.
    10) Big Greek need to b sold.
    11) Jones & Hansen just not good enough.
    12) Suso, Sterling, Silva & Morgan should be give a chance to play during pre-season as we are lacking of flair…

    Attack The Kop.

    Chris L

  39. byrnesey says:

    There aint going to be a set team lads.Kenny is building a team that he will rotate accordingly against the different opposition we will see Kenny changing the formation and line up a good bit.
    All we need is a lb and a cb and the prem is ours.
    Come on you reds!

  40. TrueLad says:

    Next season’s squad looks naughty, if rumours are to be believed then Aly Cissokho looks set to be our LB next season…if so then my first choice team would arguably be 4-2-1-3 (keep it simple).

    G.Johnson Carragher Skrtel A.Cissokho
    C.Adam Gerrard
    L.Suarez Carroll Downing

    Open for discussion…