What a difference a year makes – Can we get carried away?

This summer we have spent well, hopefully, with Adam, and Henderson adding youthful dynamism to an already strong looking midfield. Add a fully fit Gerrard, Carroll and the new darling, Suarez and hopeful optimism now leads to genuine hope.

Can we get carried away? Well, a couple more decent signings and why not? Even if we are done for this window, the standard of our youth coming through is as good as it’s been for a long time. Man U won the league last season with more than a few average players in their squad. Are we as good as them? 3-1 suggests ‘on our day’ yes we are. I’ve had 20 odd years of ‘on our day’ and have had enough. We can deliver. We now have the right people in the right places. A new stadium may not please traditionalists who would prefer to stay at our spiritual home (I think we all would really) but money talks and we can’t hand a £25million a season lead to Man U, especially with the new financial regulations.

I am optimistic, the future’s bright. The future’s Liverpool F.C.

OurKop.com would like to welcome James Hewlett to the team

3 responses to “What a difference a year makes – Can we get carried away?”

  1. Chambers says:

    For Heaven’s sake. The season hasn’t even started yet!!!
    Try and calm down….

  2. Jevon says:

    For heavens sake GET REVVED UP, were allowed to be.
    The seasons about to start!!

  3. Tony says:

    Calm down?????, belt up son, im well happy…….can’t please some people……..amazing!!!!