[Video] All Liverpool goals from 4-3 win over Guangdong

Ngog Goal

Click here to see Coady’s goal

2 responses to “[Video] All Liverpool goals from 4-3 win over Guangdong”

  1. amsalu says:

    really really dalglish gambled over carrol or made a big mistake

  2. jonnysingapore says:

    good service from Cole. Just dont think him or Poulsen will cut it in the EPL. shame as Cole and Downing could be wing players.

    KK’s looking for service to the front guys, and with Adam, Henderson, Downing, they all are masters at service and have scoring in them too. Smart, just hope KK/SC can get a great working unit out of them.

    Well done all the youngsters. good energy and composure.

    The depth is going to allow consistency and rotation right through the season. That’s worth 9 points at least. If they light up Carroll, that’s another 6 points, and if they really hook up well with pressing midfielders also scoring, then another 5 points. Challenging for 1st/2nd.

    Could be a great season as we’re going to be much more versatile than before with options to change things.