Date: 9th July 2011 at 4:00pm
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Well, it seems that our transfer business is once again gathering pace, and with it the inevitable hysterics that seem to typify many of today’s internet fans….

With that in mind I thought I’d take some time to talk about things as I see them.

I’ll start by saying that I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the (eventual) signing of Charlie Adam. However, I’m relying on a couple of factors which give me cause for optimism. 1) Kenny can pick a player, and 2) we’ve been desperately short of a quality left foot for ages. Not to mention the fact that people soon forget another somewhat unfit, ponderous playmaker who did fairly well for us (stand up Mr Molby. OK, you can sit down again and get your breath back now….). At £7m or so I think Adam represents a decent addition to the squad and one worth a few extra points over a season, points which could well be the difference between Champions League football and failure.

Henderson is a no-brainer for me. Young, dynamic, creative, energetic, capable of a goal or two; exactly the type of versatile midfielder we need to take the pressure off Gerrard and exactly the type who’ll suit Kenny’s system of flooding forward in numbers. We’ll only be able to judge the price in a couple of seasons but at least we’re gambling with the big boys again.

We’ve been linked with a lot of players in recent weeks; some welcome, some not so welcome; but we have to take some lessons from the signings we’ve made already under Kenny and remember that these new owners don’t do leaks. Seriously. We’ll know about who’s close to signing at roughly the same time as the press do, which is generally when the selling club release a couple of cheeky statements to try and squeeze more money out of us. We might as well chill and enjoy the anticipation rather than get worked up over some space-filling nonsense churned out by the well-worn tabloid ‘random link generators’.

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23 responses to “Why did Liverpool sign Adam and Henderson?”

  1. houdi says:

    ynwa we will be great again under king kenny ,steve clarke just like we have always said trust wins trophies

  2. houdi says:

    kenny will take our crowns back of the shite of manure

  3. Simon says:

    On what planet does Henderson for 16 million equate to a no brainer, while at the same time Adam at half the price cause doubt?

    I can only assume writer is clueless about football or else didn’t see much of Blackpool last season

    Charlie is going to rule Anfield, be like Alonso with added extras, such as ability to burst from midfield, Beckhamesque set pieces and more consistent shooting

    He was the outstanding player last year

  4. Joel says:

    @Simon: Henderson was £13m with another £3m in add-ons which for a 21 year old England international seems pretty good business. As for Adam, if you read it I’ve made a case for getting behind him even though I initially thought we didn’t need him. Thanks for reading though.

  5. Jesus Christ says:

    Praise the lord!

  6. KD7 says:

    Charlie Adam is awesome and £7 million is an absolute bargain. Henderson isn’t quite up to his standard but will be in and around the team for the next ten years and has good potential so should be worth it in the long term.

    Adam can be the new Gary Mac.

  7. lee tarn says:

    very under excited by both players 16m for henderson is a joke for that price i’d want a proven international player and adams 1 good season were blackpool played to his strengths . i can see suarez doing a torres when we keep signing these types of players. gago and banega would have cost roughly the same and have played at a higher standered for longer. we are paying well over the odds for average british players. if we want english get danns and adam johnson we have wasted 23m which we could have spent on class winger instead of having 15 midfielders . we have a class midfielder in meireles who when played in his best position was scoring at will then gets push out on the wing. he will probably get sold but henderson or adams carnt lace his boots

  8. KD7 says:

    Who on earth voted for Lennon as the best winger out of Downing, Milner & Lennon?

    I’d say:

    (1) Downing 1st as he is a left footer which is rare and he has good allround attributes for a winger.

    (2) Milner looks very good in the middle and equally as good on the Right wing especially in his Villa Days.

    (3) NO chance would I even bother with Lennon, all he has is blistering pace, might as well sign Pennant again!!

  9. AC says:

    I am happy we did land Adam but we need more and I see that Liverpool have problem attracting good players since we will not take part in European cup this season. But hope we can get some more then the two got since Jordan is a player I don understand why we did pay so much for.

    But don’t think adam is enough to get back to top 4.

  10. Kopstar says:

    Mata next

  11. lee tarn says:

    i don’t know what planet some people are on 16m for a kid with 1 full cap and a shockin under 21 tournament, 16m for a kid who will probably be warmin the bench has stevie g and lucas will be infront of him . we also have a young player in shelvey who has shown enuff promise for us to have spent the money in more vitual areas e.g wingers

  12. Tony says:

    Henderson and Adam were 5th and 6th in the stats for creating chances in the league…….nuff said!!!

  13. lee tarn says:

    yes henderson showed us this in the under 21 tourament where the spanish midfield players showed him how a 16m player should play . i love kenny to bits and i hope im made to eat my words and they are both world beaters but i wont hold my breathe.

  14. m u fans says:

    in your arse LOSERFOOL!

  15. Dan says:

    The topic asked a very simple question.ans:bcos they are s*** players fit for a s*** club.

  16. m u fans says:

    agree with Dan

  17. Tony says:

    Mancs are worried about KK, that’s why they are on Liverpool sites more than their own. Still obsessed with Liverpool….19 touches in another hiding by Barca….yippy!!!

  18. Simon says:

    The overall tone of article irked me a little, but i do respect that you can voice your opinion

    I was absolutely overjoyed by Adam signing, have been telling all my mates that Adam is the exact kind of player we need since last August / September

    You are right, Kenny can pick a player and we need a good left foot to help vary set plays

    Also the “somewhat unfit, ponderous” remark about one of the best footballing brains we have ever had, Jan Molby, struck me as being a tad disrespectful

    Charlie Adam will play 30+ league games this coming year

    Everyone seems to think he is some peripheral squad player we have picked up for cheap, he is totally peerless. Can’t believe United didn’t go for him. The only reason we had no competition is because he stated that he only wanted Liverpool. Wow! Loyalty like that is rare

    We will build our team around him and Gerrard. In fact, I think Adam will play more games over the season

  19. SFShahab says:

    I’m not sure what to say, but Henderson no brainer? I agree big time!!! I’ve not had opportunity to watch him until I saw the video of England U21 vs Spain U21. I can’t believe he is priced that high and worse still he’s in our team. I see a new Jimmi Traore back in the team. No passes from him were clever, and most of them that were almost accurate was when he opted 90% of the time, backwards. And the passes forward were to no one or simply to the opponent. Please watch every move he made in that match. I hope that was just one game he was like that coz maybe he didn’t sleep and brain didn’t work or just playing safe as he had diarrhoea. How did he even get thru to the U21 squad ? Really…

  20. SFShahab says:

    Adam – good buy

    Henderson – surely not even on the cheap. He is not worth 5m. Sell him back and get N’zogbia and Nolan Roux !

    Suarez – Best buy

    Carrol – aaaaay overpriced

    Mata – It’s a SIN not to buy !

    Ali Cisspkho – Must buy !

    Steve Bruce is doing good business. Offloaded crap with huge bonus and improved his line-up at our expense.

  21. 'Will says:

    Cop on will ya SFShahab?

    Judging Henderson on performance for England U21.
    Shit team, shit tactics, shit manager.
    1 game for senior side,
    shit team, shit tactics.

    If you judged Lampard and Gerrard on their England form, they wouldnt look like 2 of the best AMs the top flight has seen now would they?

    Look at him for Sunderland, look at his stats for last year.
    As regards young homegrown talented midfielders, only Jack Wilshire is clearly above him in the league.

  22. SFShahab says:

    Ouch !!!
    Hi Will. I was 2 words away from completing my reply and my effort just went out the window when my batt went kaput on me. So I’m now just gonna make it short which usually not the best way to make anyone see what we see. Still the msg in short is simply,throughout the game I was waiting for one or two deft touches or one clever move or even dribbles that any good player should posses no matter how according to you shite the team/manager/tactic is, infact, that will actually only make him stand out even more. Sadly I waited in vain. Giving the ball away, I lost count, playing it safe, no differen, and passes to Casper quite a few. Still I am hopeful that I’m wrong and made wrong assesment only throughout 90mins of one game. Maybe he is really a totally different player at other games.I hope to not witness another Jimmi Traore in the team. He did one too many Traores in that game. Identical player so far for me. So my excitement turned to frustration knowing the money lfc paid to train and nurture a youngster ? I think if that’s the case believe me, we got it all wrong. Getting them young to nurture is right when you see potential so we will profit in future. But no way to nurture when we are already giving them the pay of a graduate. We take them to our school but are paid. Are we able to sell them 2x the price. So this boy will be as good or as expensive as Torres or Tevez or Gerrard ? Steve Bruce is the winner here. Maybe there were other teams fighting for his signature that made him that expensive? Were there ? I really don’t know. Maybe I missed on that one. Man… he costs very close to Suarez who’s paid to deliver and Henderson costs so much to actually learn. I really don’t like the way I’m already sounding as I start to think and rethink. I wanna be wrong. I wanted to be wrong with Traore and my mates were telling me to chill and give the lad time. 2months later we were doing the peek a boo to see and dreading if he was in the line up. We must get Mata, Aly Cissokho and sell the exit prospects and get N’zogbia or Bastos and Nolan Roux. I’d keep Aquilani than buying Henderson if you ask me. Sori if reply was too long. Have a good day. If we’re short of cash, try sell Henderson back to Steve Bruce for the price he has to get Aquilani if that information is accurate ofcourse. Still I hope he comes good. Fingers crossed n my eyes surely crossed already.

  23. SFShahab says:

    Sori Will. I missed out a question to just wonder if if if Steve Bruce woulld take Henderson for the price he is said to be ready to fork out for Aquilani which was said to be around 14m pounds ? What do you think Will ? Its really interesting for me just to know what others think.