Date: 9th July 2011 at 9:04am
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Damien Comolli stated this past week that there are going to be many players leaving Liverpool this summer and the first one is Milan Jovanovic who was released by the club and told he is free to go look for another team. When I heard this, I was over the moon as the Serbia International was one of the many dead wood players that we needed to get rid off.

Now Jovanovic is said to be headed to Anderlecht. The 30-year said: “I’m still under contract with Liverpool, but we already agreed that I can leave for free and that I can find myself a new club.

“I already had a meeting with Anderlecht officials.”

To show how much Liverpool do not want Jovanovic, his number 14 has already been given to new boy Jordan Henderson.


13 responses to “First player set to leave Liverpool this summer as his number is given to Henderson”

  1. Mike Roberts says:

    Jovanovic just get lost , we don’t even want to hear what you got to say. You were Crap and never tried your hardest ! Even the young kids coming through performed better than you . Glad your going !

  2. michael says:

    yet another bad signing by rafa. between him and woy they have made kennys job alot harder.

  3. paul says:

    what a waste of time and money.. they should be another 5 or 6 leaving with him..

  4. redmatt says:

    Dont blame th players blame those who brought them in. I know i wouldnt turn down the chance to repressent my club+60 grand a week. An i know i cant play 4 s***. I wish th players that leave all th best. Dosnt matter how crap they ar. YNWA

  5. Gerrardious says:

    u cant blame him for not tryin hard enough. he just wasn’t gud enough.

  6. Gerrardious says:

    u cant blame him for not tryin hard enough. he just wasn’t gud enough.
    it was always so impossible for him to decide whether he wanted to ‘pass’ or ‘cross’ the ball, so he always did a combination of both. lol

  7. Yathin says:

    Henderson….the next Xabi Alonso ??????….wore the same number 14!!!!!!!

  8. Yanni pap says:

    Michael I’m pretty sure Roy the owlface Hodgson bought jovanovic and not rafa??

  9. frank says:

    Hopefully the next no.14 does his job well considering his wages and the amount of money paid for him. Good luck to him.

  10. der says:

    who bought him, rafa did. I’ll tell ya you wouldn’t be seeing such a quick exit if rafa was around. I just wanted to put this up, not for the pool fans, as I wouldn’t insult their intelligence- this is for the rafa fans, those sad misguided naive fellow reds who ‘still’ think rafa was THE MAN. jova the donkey eh, that was his parting gift…a bloody mule from the Spanish man. let’s never forget nunez….everyone watching his games on sky was better than him!!. thankfully ”the make a wish” has stopped with rafa going. but eh rafa got up 6 quality players in 6 years…good stats eh!!!. reina, xabi, mash, lucus,torres,agger….while those dicks united were signing that quality every year. factah fact fact. thank god kenny is back. I can stop getting sick watching my team trying to play anti football.

  11. Nolez says:

    Der, plz dont call jova a donkey.. Its just insult of hard working

  12. der (nunez) hernandez says:

    sorry Nolez!!! lol, mules and donks get a hard press, ill call jova a Nunez, thats the new word for a useless person. it can be used in the following, if ya ran in on goal and hit the cross bar- thats NOT a nunez, because nunez wouldnt be that good to get in on goal. No a Nunez is an unforced error if a player runs for a ball and gets it on his foot, only for it to roll slowly of and over the sideline, thats a nunez (i remember so many times this namesake did exactly that). Today the 9th of July is offically Nunez day, go out and have a ball, crash your car into the only tree in a field – its ok because its Núñez day. Remember to shout ‘second signing…i did a nunez’ when ya do it in memory of rafas second signing. sorry antonio nunez if your reading this, now fook of outside and keep kicking a ball of the wall in practise, cos didnt do at tap at my beloved club, ya donkey (shyt sorry Nolez!)

  13. kayode says:

    yes i want jovanovic shuld leave lfc becos is not playing anything