Do Liverpool really need him upon his return?

This obviously raises doubts over whether he would be good enough for Liverpool if he failed to get a move to a team who finished mid-table in the Turkish league, but as Galatasaray are going through a transitional period at the moment, such a judgement would be slightly unfair.

He was certainly thrown in the deep end during his first season in the Liverpool first team in the 2009/10 campaign and he had a poor season by all accounts. Some Reds fans believe patience is needed, much like with Lucas Leiva, but from the season I saw of the Argentine playing at left back for Liverpool, I just don’t see how he has the physical attributes to cope in the Premier League.

I maybe proven wrong but I feel Insua’s presence at the club would disrupt the development of younger, more promising players in the position such as the talented Jack Robinson. A move to Italy, perhaps to Roma, could be best for all concerned and if he does leave, I wish him all the best for the future.

Article is courtesy of David Tully at Live4Liverpool

12 responses to “Do Liverpool really need him upon his return?”

  1. cp says:

    he is a good player.

  2. Ronny says:

    I really hope Liverpool keeps him this season, because Insua really has some talent and is so young and can always improve. I would rather offload Aurelio and Konchesky than offloading Insua.

  3. Burt says:

    one of the reasons Rafa was sacked. The worst left back ive seen at Anfield for ages. If we concede Insua’s fat little body is never too far from the crime scence.

  4. Boo ha says:

    He can be used as a backup left back while Liverpool continue to pursue for the first choice left back.

  5. cal says:

    We should sell him. a sum of 3-4 mill would be good. We have robinson for the future, aurelio when fit is one of the best LB in the league (tactically and in terms of delivery). Sell Konchesky too.

  6. Chambers says:

    This is quite unfair on Insua. You seem to infer that as Insua did not play in many games for Galatasara HE was responsible for them being 8th!We are supposed to be fans and as such your negativity when he has not even returned more than a few hours is saddening. Give the lad a chance instead of knifing him immediately on his return. Shame on you….

  7. Jay Wright says:

    He couldn’t get into the Galatasary team because they refused to play players that didn’t belong to the club. He was more of a standout in the reserves than Robinson has been, and merely suffered from playing too many games too early (in a bad team).
    Funny enough, nobody seems to care that Robinson’s performances (as were Flanagan’s) were also on a downward curve last season…
    Depending on his contract situation I’d loan him out again – seeing as Aurelio is backup for one more year – and then look to sell him next year when his value is higher following a season actually playing regular football again, or bring him back into the fold if he returns to showing the potential he displayed early on

  8. Simon says:

    From what I remember about Insua is that he attacked with enthusiasm and verve, but seemed only half as fast while defending

    Get rid of him

  9. Nick says:

    Nial on the head Simon! End of the day….not good enough.

  10. Desy says:

    I remember him getting torn apart by Snodgrass of Leeds Utd. At that point I realised we had to get rid.

  11. jobsaplenty says:

    insua was good, he became better throughout his last season with us. it was maddness thought to have trusted him for so many games but… Also i thought it made no sense after blooding him for Rafa’s last season, then to loan him out.

    But now its hard to say whether it makes sense keeping him, considering we now have 4 leftbacks on the books! yet we still really need a leftback.

    We all know how classy Aurelio is when fit. Him and hopefully someone new, and then robinson and insua fighting it out for fabio’s spot if he is injured. too excessive?

  12. jobsaplenty says:

    *…it was madness though…