Date:9th July 2011 at 10:00am
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When Liverpool released its new away kit for the coming season, many fans were up in arms and saying, “How can Liverpool have a blue kit?” Facebook, Twitter and blogs went crazy as fans voiced their concerns about the kit.

But it seems as if Adidas new what they were doing when they made this kit. They said the blue, or cyan to be more specific, was inspired by the first home shirt Liverpool wore back in 1892. But I am sure they knew that this tinge of blue would cause some controversy among the fans and controversy sells!

This is seen as Liverpool announced record pre-orders of the new kit.

One fan commented, “I think the “Cyan Blue” was chosen because it represents Standard Chartered colours. Paying 20 million pounds a season for the sponsorship, I should think they like their colours in it as well as the name. Thats my opinion anyway.”

Whilst another said, “I think the kit is classy. Fas have to grow up and not let colours of football kits bother them. It is the third kit so dont expect to much of it next season. It should’nt matter what the lads play in as long as we are top come Christmas. The blue is a nice touch though.”