Date:7th July 2011 at 8:00pm
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Many Liverpool fans are already debating about where Charlie Adam is going to fit into the Liverpool team. Will he be deployed in the middle of the park, if so, alongside whom? Will he play on the left? These are only questions Kenny Dalglish and the coaching staff know, and Adam will be deployed according to the way Liverpool want to setup against whom ever the opposition is. The fact that Liverpool now have quality options in midfield is a welcome relief as in the past couple of seasons, our bench has looked very thin.

But what have Liverpool signed in Charlie Adam? One thing for sure is that we have gotten a great passer of the ball. He may not be an Alonso but he comes close. We have a dead ball specialist and now when we have a free kick outside the box we can count on a sweet left foot from Adam, Suarez’s boot or Stevie G to just blast a rocket in!

One thing I will be very happy about when Adam is on the pitch is his ability to whip in corners. We have been relying on Gerrard to be our corner taker and he is not as good as Adam when it comes to delivering a quality delivery into the box. Liverpool have not scored many goals directly from corners and I blame this on the player delivering the ball. All too often the delivery does not even clear the first line of defence. Now we can be a threat when we have a corner and the likes of Carroll, Agger, Skrtel or Soto in the box to meet the ball.

ElPistoleroJFT96 has given us a video showing Adam’s goals and assists from the past season. You can see for yourself what Liverpool have signed; sheer quality!