With everyone expecting this summer’s transfer window to be the biggest in a long time for LFC and expecting us to bring in players that will get us back into the Champions League and also competing for the Premier League again, its been somewhat of a let down till now with one sole signing of the 20 year old versatile midfielder, Jordan Henderson. However, we should not forget that the international market has just opened and we still have plenty of time to get the deals done.

In an ideal world, all of us would like us to have signed our targets sooner rather than later but that, realistically, is not always possible. There is no doubt that everyone behind the scenes is working day and night to get things done as soon as they can. Plus, with Kenny back we can rest assured that whatever is being done will be with the best interest of the club at heart.

With Kenny back on the throne, we are just back to the ‘Liverpool Way’ of doing things (behind closed doors) which is how it should be so we need to have faith in him. The lack of transfer movement is a bit worrying for us fans at times but we should keep faith as we will get the players in due time. You may question this by saying that we have already lost out on three of our targets (Jones,Young and Wickham). However, I don’t think they are huge losses.

Lets face it, Jones was not a player we needed desperately to strengthen our squad as we have very good players for that position and we already have a few players for the future as well. Young on the other hand was a bigger loss than Jones because he was targeted as a solution for our wing problems and would have to an extent resolved our crisis for wingers but he is not irreplaceable. The other factor to be considered here is that they both went to Man Utd because they were offered more attractive deals – do we really want players who are driven by money rather than the pride to play for us? And finally, have our arch rival really strengthened where they really should have, stealing those transfers from us? No. So it may as well be concluded that Fergie is starting to have panic attacks already.

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26 responses to “Fear of Liverpool caused United to buy Jones and Young”

  1. Desy says:

    Hear hear!

  2. FowlerIsMyJesus says:

    Jones wasn’t a player we needed? A pacey, strong, young centre-back and probably the best youngster in the country? I beg to differ with only an average Skrtel, an ageing Carra, a crocked Agger and Soto.

    That’s before even mentioning the fact that you talk about The Liverpool Way and then come out with the arrogantly delusional nonsense about them ‘fearing’ us.

  3. Josh says:

    Embarrasing. I don’t think United really give two shits about who we are in for. Do your farts smell nice??

  4. Dude says:

    I actually think you’re right in some respects. United had hoped to get Jones in a season or two as they don’t really need him now. Our’s and Arsenal’s interest pushed them to act earlier.
    Young is not that great a player. I’d imagine we can get better for cheaper. Nz’Gobia or however you spell it is better. As is Jarvis at Wolves. Downing is a better team player but he’s gonna cost a bit.
    We can all dream of Mata but I don’t think it’ll happen.
    United have spent over 50m so far but haven’t really improved. They had a top keeper anyway. Defensively they were sound and they’ll probably loose Nani who was there most creative player last season.
    What they really need is a midfielder like Sneijder or Alonso as they’re not that great at building attacks and keeping possession like they were in the past. They only reason they won the league was because everyone else is poor.
    Next season everyone will improve and its going to be harder than ever to win the league.
    And yes, I do believe United were in some ways fearful of us. More to do with what Fergie knows Kenny can do. Remember, United wouldn’t have got near us in titles if Kenny had not left or had come back after a break.

  5. tristan says:

    Well said Bikesh. I could’nt agree with you more. If Liverpool were not heavily linked with Phil Jones and Ashley Young, i doubt Manure would have gone on to sign them.

    They knew they could tempt them to United with the attraction of champions league football.

    It just goes to show that Ferguson will do anything to stop us from beating them even if it means buying players that could possibly have gotten into our starting lineup but they will sit on the United bench. Jones will not start ahead of Vidic and Ferdinand and Young will have a fight to displace Nani, Park and Valencia.

  6. mac says:

    spot on

  7. Trey says:

    Watch them now buy Charlie Adam!!!

  8. Digger Barnes says:

    It really annoys me when I’m constantly hearing that Liverpool fans are both arrogant and delusional.

    Then I read articles like this one and I understand why rival fans feel that way.


  9. Jay Wright says:

    You say that Liverpool are back to doing things ‘the Liverpool way’ behind closed doors, then make the statement as if it is fact that the players were offered more money by Man U – so how can you possibly know this??

    It’s one thing to say that we needed the players more than Man U did, or are better off looking elsewhere, but it’s about time fans stopped with all of the sanctimonious B.S.

    I’m willing to bet that most players joining Liverpool are getting a pay increase from their previous clubs, so lets not pretend everybody comes because of their ‘pride to play for LFC’ – they come because of the money and the opportunity to advance their careers, if either element wasn’t being offered then they wouldn’t be interested, simple as

  10. pantomyme says:

    the OP has a big point….

    and personally, i would love it if they continue looking at who we buy as a metric for who they go for, because they have already spent 50m in transfer fees, and it’s arguable that they have gotten WORSE THAN LAST YEAR for the outlay (because De Gea isn’t going to be as effective as van der sar has been for them….)

    if young coming in pushes nani out the door as well, then they will definitely be worse off because nani showed last year he is a talent above young….

    all that considered, i don’t understand why they made a centreback and winger a priority, when scholes has just retired, and they’ve never adequately replaced hargreaves from years ago – everyone and their mum knew they needed central midfielders…

    but then i consider the fact that jones was less than a few hours from a medical with us before united came in, and young was set for us as well until united offered astronomical wages….

    all told, it’s better for them to have spent the way that they have (esp. since we don’t need jones, and young isn’t actually the top talent available) rather than pour the 50m in fees into geting the likes of sneijder or nasri (either of which couldve been had for those sums), becaus ethey would’ve been made up had they done that….hell, they should’ve spend the jones money on henderson!

  11. crazyhorse says:

    If we are now doing things “behind closed doors”, how would you know that Young was “targeted as a solution”??????

  12. a says:

    FOR GOD SAKE. 66 players last month were said to be Liverpool targets…NOW IF some of these players do transfer, Liverpool has not LOST them because we were fuckin linked with 66 players …if all the supposedly targets were real we would have a squad of around 100 players next season. SO STOP POSTING BULLSHIT about Liverpool being slow. STUPID PEOPLE.

  13. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER says:

    Whatever happens happens, DO NOT TURN ON EACH OTHER, after all, all we have is each other, players & mangers come & go but we remain faithful & hopeful!! We are all on the same side & frustrated, have hope. A new detente might be around the corner.
    Whiskey Nose does fear KK, so lets wait & see…

  14. ! says:

    Yeah we (United) are a team that are petrified of a team that finished 6th. Man Utd have bigger problems than Looserpool to deal with like manshitty

  15. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER says:

    You are yesterday’s news, there is only one team in sunny Manchester , the colour is Pale blue just like the colour in your manager’s face.
    So I disrespectfully suggest you FUCK OFF back to your stinking REPUBLIK OF MANURE and die quietly.

    The scoreline at Anfiled should have been 6 or 7 nil, you lucky fucks. Your time has gone as will the old fart.

    Losers: You were a disgraceful bunch of no hoppers against Barca, your were a disgrace to the PL & English teams at how easily you rolled over without using Vaseline!!! talking of which I was watching the match on my computer, I thought some GAY PORN hackers had got into my computer, I was watching 10 men in white shirts being fucked out of sight, it was indeed very ” MESSI “.

  16. Dave says:

    Jesus, I’m a Liverpool fan but to pretend that Jones and Young only went to the reigning champions for money is just daft.
    Had they come to us then they could have said that, but not the other way round.

  17. I was going to say something in response but I have to admit the last bit was quite funny, so well done Liverpool have finally won something, shame for you that is the only thing Liverpool or a Liverpool fan will win this year

  18. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER says:

    Thanks. Look, there is hopefully a next year for all/most of us, as much as I hate your team (I do have a number of friends here in London that support yours!!), I would not wish as not to have you as our rivals. it won’t be the same!!!!!!!
    As for your Scouser, he keeps the female over 50s economy in Liverpool in check- On his own he has just about seen off the recession for them with or without hair, so a big thank you to him.
    Will catch up with after the O.Trafford match. Regards

  19. thecat says:

    Utter tripe. You should try being less obsessive and a lot less arrogant.

  20. Jevon says:

    Mata is a done deal.

  21. mark says:

    19 lea on the way

  22. imDARYL says:

    Actually great article.
    And anyway why bother to argue?
    The results after Kenny return says it all.
    Utd didn’t even came close when kenny return.

  23. Redshadow says:

    Fowlerismyjesus? “Best Youngster in the country”? Please DON’T embarrass yourself TO much idiot – No THAT title belongs to either Martin Kelly or John Flanagan – Jones? Didn’t LOOK like the best when his team had SEVEN goals battered past them at Old Trafford in the winter DID he?

    As to HOW good Jones REALLY is? It matters not as WE have someone BETTER in our ranks already by quite a distance – His name is? Andre Wisdom and he is to Jones what Alan Hansen was to the likes of Mark Wright – Quite simply on another level entirely and ALL ours already – Kenny DIDN’T sign Jones as he Didn’t NEED to – The answer is already in our Youth Ranks and always was……………

  24. Redshadow says:

    Agree with you FULLY Tristan but that ALSO begs the point – WHAT will happen when A:) United start to fail in the areas they REALLY needed to reinforce but DIDN’T because of us – And they WILL (I’m thinking Midfield in particular here or rather the centre thereof) B:) What will happen WHEN they run out of players WE want to sign? Or rather their ranks become SO full that Everyone KNOWS they WON’T have room for newcomers and C:)? What on earth will happen if they’re THIS skittish Now WHEN we start to challenge them for trophies DIRECTLY? I can see Ferguson’s blood pressure boiling OFF the scale at THIS rate? Not that I’d mind if that happened……………..

  25. Redshadow says:

    !? I’d agree you DID look rather petrified of us on March 6th at Anfield when we HANDED You your backsides for the third time in a row at our home by the SAME score you got the supposed “once in a lifetime beating” (for the SECOND time LOL) of Barca’ at Wembley a little later. Remember the early 90’s? When you COULDN’T win a League Title for love nor money? (You went TWENTY SIX Years WITHOUT one if I remember rightly) I can and you know what I’ll say – Guess WHO was the dominant force THEN?

    Yep; Much as it might choke you to admit it? That force was of course? US at Liverpool and IIRR? WE weren’t afraid of a side that finished what a distant 6th or so to our 1st in 1990 and an even FURTHER distant 9th or 10th to our 2nd in 1991 – We SHOULD have been though – What did THAT side do only TWO seasons later Manc’ Prat? I don’t know – YOU tell me since it’s YOUR side I’m talking about – What DID they do in 1992/1993? History CAN repeat itself is all I’ll say here. You might NOT be afraid of us but? You SHOULD be……………..

  26. Redshadow says:

    Agree with you on your point Dude – Would also add that I think WHEN United fall? It WILL be because they HAVEN’T replaced the almost perfect midfield of Scholes, Giggs, Keane and Beckham they once had which has since fallen to pieces and been replaced by inferior parts one at a time with Scholes the last to go in May. They’ve got away with it BECAUSE of their wingers for so long as WE once did actually but NO side can Dominate a league indefinitely WITHOUT great CENTRAL midfielders and sooner or later? That absence WILL tell upon them or rather AGAINST them – Most likely WHEN they lose Nani whose better than all their other wingers combined.

    Further to that? I agree re what WOULD have happened had Kenny stayed – There’s no WAY they’d have got near us as Kenny was in charge of and rebuilding a footballing MACHINE when he left- IF he’d done it properly as he did first time (1986 – 1988) We’d be on 20 odd titles by now. Finally I agree re the cost of Downing when it comes to OUR possible winger options but WHEN has something like cost stopped Kenny in the past? I think we’ll buy Downing and probably one out of Jarvis or N’zogbia who along with Maxi Rodriguez will do alright for us in the winger spots and then? I think we’ll build year on year in ALL positions of the team until NO-ONE in the country can match us and knowing how good a manager Kenny is? I doubt THAT will be long………………