With everyone expecting this summer’s transfer window to be the biggest in a long time for LFC and expecting us to bring in players that will get us back into the Champions League and also competing for the Premier League again, its been somewhat of a let down till now with one sole signing of the 20 year old versatile midfielder, Jordan Henderson. However, we should not forget that the international market has just opened and we still have plenty of time to get the deals done.

In an ideal world, all of us would like us to have signed our targets sooner rather than later but that, realistically, is not always possible. There is no doubt that everyone behind the scenes is working day and night to get things done as soon as they can. Plus, with Kenny back we can rest assured that whatever is being done will be with the best interest of the club at heart.

With Kenny back on the throne, we are just back to the ‘Liverpool Way’ of doing things (behind closed doors) which is how it should be so we need to have faith in him. The lack of transfer movement is a bit worrying for us fans at times but we should keep faith as we will get the players in due time. You may question this by saying that we have already lost out on three of our targets (Jones,Young and Wickham). However, I don’t think they are huge losses.

Lets face it, Jones was not a player we needed desperately to strengthen our squad as we have very good players for that position and we already have a few players for the future as well. Young on the other hand was a bigger loss than Jones because he was targeted as a solution for our wing problems and would have to an extent resolved our crisis for wingers but he is not irreplaceable. The other factor to be considered here is that they both went to Man Utd because they were offered more attractive deals – do we really want players who are driven by money rather than the pride to play for us? And finally, have our arch rival really strengthened where they really should have, stealing those transfers from us? No. So it may as well be concluded that Fergie is starting to have panic attacks already.

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