What is ‘The Liverpool Way’?

With the king firmly back on his throne is it a welcome return to the old ways for LFC fans everywhere? The embarrassment of Hodgson’s childish pleas for patience in the face of his growing ineptitude to manage the club is gladly over. Yes, players could have performed better (and did under Kenny) but it is the key function of a manager or a coach to motivate his players to play to the best of their ability in EVERY game. Kenny’s reassuring sound bites that stress his loyalty and subservience to the greater good of the club are very welcome, particularly after three managers who used press conferences as a therapist’s couch. His short and sweet compliments for the squad have clearly lifted the team’s morale. That said a lot has changed since Kenny’s last stint as manager.

Fans want to know who the club are targeting. The signing of Henderson came as a surprise to most fans and the exorbitant fee paid by LFC perturbs many. The ‘dignified’ silence from the club is worrying in a time when fans want to see concrete signings, not rubbish churned out from rumour mills that link the club to any half decent player under the age of 26. In an age of constant news, perhaps Kenny might give the fans something a little more concrete to think about during the transfer window.

OurKop.com would like to welcome Eamon Darcy from Ireland to the team

11 responses to “What is ‘The Liverpool Way’?”

  1. Ummamah says:

    Interesting point about the Rafa rant distracting media attention, never considered in those terms before.

  2. Nicely written tale but can’t agree with the ending.It’s a relief to have this approach from Lfc.

  3. nomad says:

    Nicely written tale but can’t agree with the ending.It’s a relief to have this approach from Lfc

  4. rick says:

    Kenny embodies the Liverpool’s way: the way in which He’s conducting transfer business is the prime example of Liverpool’s way 🙂
    Hayy to see the King at the helm 🙂

  5. dave says:

    Eamon. You should really not get sucked into the anti Rafa media version of the press conference. It was not a rant. Please think before you blindly follow the media version of events.

    I have seen many rants by football managers, this was not one of those events. Rafa was calm and calculated.


  6. Tobas says:

    I’ll tell you what the Liverpool way is! Right now it.s ‘STICKING YOUR FINGERS IN YOUR *^%&$HOLE TO PULL SOME MONEY OUT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS’. It don’t mean &^%$ if you ain’t delivering the goods!!

  7. Sam Wanjere says:

    Actually, hadn’t read the ending which is disappointing. It’s a good read and I hadn’t thought of Rafa’s “rant” in those terms before. The conclusion is weak and takes something away from the good explanation before it. I find this approach refreshing compared to the G & H era civil war.

  8. Pepe says:

    For the past two decades, the Liverpool Way is the Mediocre Way.

  9. Gerrardious says:

    nice writeup. to be honest, Rafa didnt do very badly in the area of d media. My problem with him was his constant ‘experiments’ on d pitch, and his ’86th’ minute substitutions (ask Babel) when a change should hav bn made much earlier.

  10. Gerrardious says:

    @Pepe: perhaps if ur intellect was high enough to understand d topic of discussion, u would av thought deeply b4 postin a comment.
    just leave d conversation to adults.

  11. Wills says:

    Is it spend a couple of hundred million to not win the league for 21 years ?