Date:3rd July 2011 at 3:41pm
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A lot has been said about the Liverpool stadium situation and this past week Ian Ayre said that he still does not know if Liverpool are going to build or new stadium or stay at Anfield and redevlop it. Kenny Dalglish has given us his take and it seems like if he had it his way, he would opt to remain at Anfield.

Dalglish was speaking to and said, “We are going to win either way. They have decided we need a bigger attendance and to make that worthwhile we’ve got to get results on the pitch. The nostalgic one would be to stay at Anfield and extend it. The other option is to build a new one. If it’s possible I’d slightly favour Anfield because of the tradition that is there.

“If they can redevelop and it extend it then I would have no problem staying whatsoever. I’m sure John (Henry) and Tom (Werner) are having a good look at the stadium situation and will decide what they think is best. I would think they will take the fans opinion into consideration. They’ve certainly listened to them so far.”

I like the part where Dalglish says that we have to simply win whether we stay at Anfield or move to a new stadium. There is no point buildinga new stadium which seats 70,000 fans if the team is not winning. I certainly do hope we the fans get a say in regards the new stadium as Kenny suggests. What would you want us to do if you were asked by Henry and Werner about the new stadium?