Date: 3rd July 2011 at 3:41pm
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A lot has been said about the Liverpool stadium situation and this past week Ian Ayre said that he still does not know if Liverpool are going to build or new stadium or stay at Anfield and redevlop it. Kenny Dalglish has given us his take and it seems like if he had it his way, he would opt to remain at Anfield.

Dalglish was speaking to and said, “We are going to win either way. They have decided we need a bigger attendance and to make that worthwhile we’ve got to get results on the pitch. The nostalgic one would be to stay at Anfield and extend it. The other option is to build a new one. If it’s possible I’d slightly favour Anfield because of the tradition that is there.

“If they can redevelop and it extend it then I would have no problem staying whatsoever. I’m sure John (Henry) and Tom (Werner) are having a good look at the stadium situation and will decide what they think is best. I would think they will take the fans opinion into consideration. They’ve certainly listened to them so far.”

I like the part where Dalglish says that we have to simply win whether we stay at Anfield or move to a new stadium. There is no point buildinga new stadium which seats 70,000 fans if the team is not winning. I certainly do hope we the fans get a say in regards the new stadium as Kenny suggests. What would you want us to do if you were asked by Henry and Werner about the new stadium?


17 responses to “Dalglish would prefer to stay at Anfield than move to a new stadium”

  1. George says:

    Sadly, Kenny is a man who still lives in the past.

  2. magnumopus says:

    New stadium with new seats etc. Lets change with the times and be a team of the future as well as a team of the past! We need to compete at the top most level in an atmosphere of lots of dosh to be winers. We have so many fans that want to be at matches on game day and are missing out on lots of money that can be used for many areas of club improvement.

  3. vishnu says:

    u see the the tradition and lots of memories lives in anfield … moving to another stadium doesnt any good or bad..
    its better we redevelop anfield coz its idol and memories that live in hearts of thousands of fans across the world..
    my thumbs up for the king kenny,

  4. wickid says:

    No point in redeveloping Anfield if an increase in capacity only amounts to 55,000. There is also a reduction in capacity for around 3-4 seasons as Anfield would become a building site during the redevelopment. A new stadium would be the better option with up to 70,000 capacity. Just because your family is moving home to a bigger house doesn’t mean all memories are forgotten.

  5. houdi says:

    new stadium new fortress new history new team same old lfc traditions more trophies

  6. zeadon says:

    I believe it is time we move to a new stadium. A new stadium is easier to integrate new technology and it is time we start a new chapter in our history. Our tradition will always be as it is whether it be a new stadium or anfield.

  7. Meek says:

    I’ve got to say Kenny’s very retard man unfortunately, never thought so but apparently its true.. im talking about transfers ins-outs, about new stadium etc. had a big faith hes gonna make us great again but that was just a fake feeling.

  8. C21 says:

    He said ‘slightly favour’ staying.

    He was voicing an opinion not taking a position.

    At then end of the day it will be a business decision and it doesn’t sound as if he is going to make any waves.

    It will be a big period of change at the club, King Kenny knows that and most fans do. We will keep what we can but we must move forward.

  9. Varun says:

    Anfield wouldn’t be able to accomodate more than (lets say) 70000 due to its old foundation. And the new stadium in stanley park will be able to open with a seating for 70000 people. Old Trafford can be expanded to 95000 exceeding wembley’s current seating. We would still lag behind if we remain at anfield as it won’t be able to accomodate more than 70000. 25000 more seats to fill. Thats one young player in a season. Or the salary of a world class player. 100,000/week min.

  10. Paul says:

    If we can return Anfield to it’s former glory and extend it to get it up to 60,000 capacity then why would we move, it’s our wonderful home and i’m very proud of it. I truely believe that these so called fans who think that moving would be the best bet have never been to Liverpool, let alone Anfield on a flag day. Its not called living in the past, it’s called understanding the club and Kenny understands as much as anyone.

  11. wickid says:

    Well Paul, I’m one of these “so called fans” who believe the best option is to move. And I’m from Liverpool, been to Anfield, grew up in the deprived areas of Liverpool. Please enlighten us all as to why a 60,000 seater Anfield (if that is possible, 55,000 is more likely) is better than a new stadium that can fill more than 70,000? Please explain to us all what your understanding of the club is.

    Hate to say it to you but you are living in the past. Football these days is driven by economics and John Henry and Ian Arye both understand this and said as much. Would you prefer Fenway replicate what they did to the Red Sox’s stadium by redeveloping Anfield and raising ticket prices by an astute amount? Or build a new bigger stadium that can maintain prices or even reduce it for the non-corporate fan?

  12. ste says:

    Afield re-born think 75000 max at afield was stated a while ago anni road extended back the kop extended and extra VIP boxes. There is a fine balance of cost, time, impact to current earnings an ultimately how many people in the stadium week in week out. If we do move I can’t see anfield disappearing a lot like highbury when all the development sold a tidy profit of $100m+. In the end we are not going to have much choice due to $$$$, but I do have confidence in tom an George an faith (not blind) in kenny Steve an David. YNWA

  13. jJ says:

    people like Meek and George should be banned from liverpool forever, but they probably dont go the game anyway. maybe they should just be banned from speaking all together. Utter SHITE

  14. Desy says:

    Agreed jJ. Sick and tired of internet boards being invaded but disrespectful, ignorant numpties. Stop breathing you f**king idiots

  15. Fionnbharr says:

    I do think that if it was possible to redevelop anfield to a ground that holds 70000 or more then we should! I agree with kenny that no matter what we need to be winning but as a thru and thru Liverpool fan win or lose I’d still be going to there games! Thru the good times and the bad I believe that a bigger stadium would be filled everytime! Liverpool fans are more than just a bunch of people who only going when we are winning, the passion is there and when things are bad we get behind our team even more! No matter what the decision I believe we are on the right path and I have faith in king kenny and our new owners just give them time! LFC FOR LIFE!!

  16. Liam says:

    …Bit confused as to why you wrote this…
    “I like the part where Dalglish says that we have to simply win whether we stay at Anfield or move to a new stadium…”

    When KK said this…
    “We are going to win either way.”

    What he means is whether we redevelop Anfield or move to a new stadium it will improve the future of Liverpool… not we need to win games… thats completely off-topic.

    And as for my opinion i think a new stadium would be the best choice… a good way to start a new era maybe.

  17. Fionnbharr says:

    I see your point but in fairness we DO need to be winning games! Otherwise what would be the whole point of investing! Either way I do see your point.