Date:3rd July 2011 at 7:44pm
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It may not be quite what we wanted to hear from Kenny Dalglish with regards to Liverpool’s transfer activity this summer when he spoke to No manager would come out and tell us which players we are after or whom we want to sell. All that information should be kept behind closed doors and we only hear of the players when they have signed. But we as the fans just love to know who we are after.

“I wouldn’t mention anyone as a target for us,” Dalglish said. “We are obviously trying to bring people in and people are trying to take players from us. We are not going to speculate and be disrespectful and talk about other people at other clubs. Every manager I’ve seen interviewed on television has said exactly the same thing. That’s the way it should be.”

If you are to listen to every rumour that is other, you would lose your mind. had an article yesterday where they listed 66 players that we were linked with in the month of June. Some of the players on that list are realistic prospects for Liverpool whilst some are just laughable.