Date: 3rd July 2011 at 7:44pm
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It may not be quite what we wanted to hear from Kenny Dalglish with regards to Liverpool’s transfer activity this summer when he spoke to No manager would come out and tell us which players we are after or whom we want to sell. All that information should be kept behind closed doors and we only hear of the players when they have signed. But we as the fans just love to know who we are after.

“I wouldn’t mention anyone as a target for us,” Dalglish said. “We are obviously trying to bring people in and people are trying to take players from us. We are not going to speculate and be disrespectful and talk about other people at other clubs. Every manager I’ve seen interviewed on television has said exactly the same thing. That’s the way it should be.”

If you are to listen to every rumour that is other, you would lose your mind. had an article yesterday where they listed 66 players that we were linked with in the month of June. Some of the players on that list are realistic prospects for Liverpool whilst some are just laughable.


33 responses to “Dalglish speaks about Liverpool’s transfer targets”

  1. Desy says:

    Good. Now all you idiots can shut up and leave the men in charge to run the club.

  2. YNWalkA says:

    Ye, good on ya desy, agree totally!.

  3. gazkop says:

    lets all just hope its some of the better players we have heard about mata aquero

  4. stan howard says:

    surely the point is we need to get players for the positions we are weak in ! then the positions we most need cover in !! up to now we have not done it, enter a quality left back a classy solid centre half and a proven striker, raheem stirling can save us buying a winger – yes i know but age is nothing with his talent.

  5. Pete Gill says:

    Translation = All our main targets dont want to come here so we’ll leave it to the last minute and spunk an inflated fee on some plodding journeyman like we did with Andy Carroll.

    21 years……

  6. njanja says:

    Be not decieved mates, Daglish and his friend Comolli have really been very busy in the transfer market scouting players for other clubs to buy. Or will Kenneth deny they did not go for Clichy, Phil Jones, Ashely Young, Zapata, Wickham etc. Ok lets come home though; what are the dead woods in Anfield such as Konchesky, Polsen, Jova, Cole, etc still doing at the club? KD and DC are gradually making LFC become less attractive.

  7. Desy says:

    Njanja you IDIOT! You can’t sell a player if no one wants to buy them. That’s why they’re still at the club moron.

  8. njanja says:

    Desy calls people names like someone that has had mental issues in the past; and i know madness doesn’t go completely. Discuss issues mate if you are still ok!

  9. Desy says:

    You’re a mug. Discuss how you’re expected to sell aging players on inflated contracts when nobody wants to buy them? You’re still an idiot and this club is based on a spirit of trust, loyalty, respect and belief. If you don’t adhere to the Spirit of Shankly and choose to denigrate a Liverpool legend as a player and manager, a man who suffered with the city through the darkest days of our history (Hillsborough if you didn’t know), then, yes, you are an idiot and an unwelcome idiot at that. Go away. Please.

  10. Desy says:

    PS: just acknowledge that you and all the other idiots don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes so stop judging a man who has won the league at two different clubs as if you do.

  11. Kenny says:

    The truth for fans to realise is the club transfer plan doesnt exist.They know that the fans are sad gullible fools stuck in the boring summer months.See how many fans were fooled by us bidding 22 mill for phil jones who we knew we were never gonna get.Comolli is totally and utterly fucking useless.Joe Cole is getting more and more short of breath every day.He is saying”if you think i was crap last season you aint seen nothing yet”.Henry is the subtle version of Hicks.USING LIVERPOOLS NAME IMAGINE HOW MUCH HE CAN BORROW FOR THE BOSTON REDSOX.He knows that our fans have abnormally low intelligence.

  12. John says:

    I’m sure Liverpools weakness is well known and being addressed,some of the best deals take the longest time as clubs don’t want to part with there best assets.Lets face it were only about three players short so plenty of time yet.

  13. Gerrardious says:

    @kenny:, if u had any intelligence at all, u’ld realize u’re insulting urself along with other sensible scousers.

  14. Redblood says:

    Desy u ar the chop ! When ar u going to broaden your mind to understand that every fan is entitled to their own view, even if u don’t agree? And you haven’t been appointed the gatekeeper!

  15. Desy says:

    No tolerance for stupidity, sorry. If you are going to have an opinion on the club it will be tested. People talking shit about things they don’t know shouted has always been ignorance and that should always be tested. As yet none of these idiots have been able to explain how you sell aging underperforming players on long large contracts when no one has expressed interest in them.

  16. Rob says:

    John your right mate 3 players short but these need to be class players Saurez is the only class act that we have brought so let’s try to complement him if not then he will not stay and who can blame him

  17. Desy says:

    Yet they are quick to claim it as being Kenny’s or Comolli’s fault. Some are questioning why players prefer to go to the reigning premier league champions and Champions League finalists or the reigning FA Cup winners and champions league qualifiers ahead of a team who have failed to qualify for any European competition and haven,t won a trophy for 5 years now. They blame Kenny and Comolli for this too. Should have used a Jedi Mind Trick instead. Is it me or does the summer transfer window end in September or something? Two months away? So why the eagerness to panic based on unsubstantiated rumours? Why denigrate our own players before they’ve had a fair run in the team? Is this the Liverpool Way? Shit on our own before they get the chance to kick a ball for us? Ridicule a manager who produced arguably our greatest ever side? A man who was our greatest ever player? A man who has always given his all to our club? He’s not above criticism but he’s not below respect, especially when the disrepect is based on a number of questionable rumours so early in the transfer window with most players still on holiday.

    PS: bear in mind other than Man Utd NO major European team has made any significant signings. Not Real, not Bar a, not Chelsea, not Arsenal, not Man City, not Inter, not AC, NO ONE

  18. Daveyn29 says:

    And Commoli was obviously shit at spurs…..

  19. emmy says:

    if you ain’t serious at this time of the transfer period then let us know and stop linking yourself with players who won’t help us…and mostly you guys (J.H, DC, KD) are all descendants of hicks and his fools, so chill if you ain’t up to the task.

  20. Michael says:

    Desy is spot on. These other clowns talk of abuse when their own opinion is in itself abusive of our manager and our club. I find it hard to believe they are fans at all after reading their rediculous comments.
    Everybody gets dissappointed when tranfers don’t happen as we would like but honestly do you really think it’s an easy job. If you can’t appreciate how many variables effect a transfer policy, which is why you must demonstrate some patience.
    All that said, there is no excuse for any disrepect to the King or DC of any kind. It also seems to me that you guys like to dish it out but when you cop some back you play the opinion card. Well I’m of the opinion Desy is well within his rights to express his OPINION too! And you are all pretty weak with your unsubstantiated shallow comments.

  21. gray says:

    @kenny-ur jst full of bullshit.pls stop talkin crap bout the king.he is one if tge best in da scene n he knows wat he jst shut ur fuckin trap n watch wat happens in the next few days.

  22. wILKo says:

    Completley agree with Desy, it is extremely frustrating and annoying to listen to the bollocks so called supporters are talking.
    Most of it is based on wild speculation and fabrication designed to add numbers to web site hit counters, thus satisfying the advertisers.
    Humble pie eaters will soon be filling these boards.

  23. derrick says:

    probably man u supporters on here, lfc supporters will not be so disgraceful to the club

  24. RoGue says:

    Kenny should get rid of all the dead wood. All the dead wood includes the likes of Paul Konchesky, Joe Cole, Milan Jovanovic, David N’gog, Christian Poulsen, Alberto Aquilani, Emiliano Insua, Nabil El Zhar, Philipp Degen = 40m + transfer budget(60m)?

    and buy :

    Simon Kjaer – 10m
    Aly Cissokho – 15m
    Juan Mata – 20m
    Samir Nasri – 20m
    Sergio Kun Aguero – 30m

    Total = 95m

    GK Reina & Jones
    CB Carragher & Agger & Skrtel & Kjaer & Kyrgiakos & Kelly & Wilson
    RB Johnson & Flanagan
    LB Cissokho & Aurelio & Robinson
    CM Gerrard & Mereiles & Lucas & Henderson & Spearing & Shelvey
    RWM Nasri & (Kuyt) & Sterling
    LWM Mata & Maxi & Suso
    FW Suarez & Aguero & Carroll & Pacheco

    Quality team. Capable of winning the Premier League title and earning back our spot in the Champs League.


  25. Joe says:

    I dont know why every1 wants aguero, im a lfc fan and i would not pay 30 -40 million for a unproven player. he is a good player but bit ezcessive 40million price tag. i know carrol was a bit steep but is he really worh 40 million?
    Love Joe

  26. Rob says:

    Joe what drugs you on guess you have not watch Ageuro ask Chelsea fans what he can do he’s a full international and has been for some time and he’s only 22 did you see his goal for his country the other day wow I would love to see him saurez&carroll in the same attack with saurez playing behind them or the pair of them playing off Carroll so Joe mate why don’t you leave your comments to the drugs wear off

  27. Rob says:

    RoGue love it mate but dream on And Joe Carroll is not a proven £30-£40m player but we paid that players of his style at there best just don’t go for those prices

  28. Desy says:

    Not sure if Aguero is a priority with Suarez in place. We need a reserve striker that can come in and make an impact

  29. Desy says:

    Or maybe we don’t with Kuyt and Pacheco

  30. dixie222 says:

    please, people who are doubting kk on the first day of pre season training then please go and f*** off. Some people of these morons want to at least go to the game, watch it with their own eyes and read a bit of history about the team. If you have any passion or understand for liverpool then you would not be doubting kk at this stage, you are simply a disgrace!!!

  31. Rob says:

    dixie222 been to a threw game mate best place to watch it is on a 50in+ tv that way you see every trick and if some fans wish to see a class act or 2 does not make them morons kk is a legend but that does not make if god

  32. frank says:

    the king will do it this year

  33. Dave says:

    The shit written by some people on here is hilarious!! We are getting Adam, downing, Doni, got Henderson and maybe a couple of others but aguero won’t come to us in a million years, nor mata or nasri so dream on cos they won’t come. This isn’t championship manager dumb asses it’s real life!!