When will Liverpool tour to South Africa?

I know there are thousands of Liverpool fans in South Africa and there would be no problem filling up the stadiums if that is what they are worried about. I can bet you that games will sell out within minutes of the tickets being made available.

My plea to the powers that be at Liverpool is to please consider visiting us one day soon. We are not all able to come to Liverpool and watch you and I know for many of us that is an ultimate ambition in life.

For those fans who get to see Liverpool live regularly; thank you for the great work you always do when we see and hear you on our TV sets on the other side of the world. It is you who make Liverpool the great club that it is today. When you are standing around Anfield before kick-off and singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, please remember that at that exact same moment we will also be standing in the bars and pubs holding our scarves high and singing our anthem from the top of our voices.


Tony (Johannesburg, South Africa)

17 responses to “When will Liverpool tour to South Africa?”

  1. saajid says:

    The problem is Tony that South Africa as great country as they are dont grant visas to losers…

  2. delon says:

    I share the same sentiments Tony! It would be a dream!

  3. Matt says:

    I live in New Zealand so it is an even less likely dream. Be thankful that you have the opportunity to even watch someone like Tottenham. The best team to have touched down on these shores is the LA Galaxy … quite depressing.

  4. suwi says:

    I totally agree with Tony….bring the Reds to SA.

  5. derrick says:

    There are so many Liverpool fans in South Africa, it would be better than the world cup for me if liverpool can tour our beautiful country YNWA

  6. Hads says:

    Bring them to SA, you wont believe the following LFC have here… LFC to SA would be better than having the World Cup here, I would fly all over the country to watch the mighty Reds!

  7. Jean-Paul says:

    A tour of SA is WAAAAY overdue! If two Official SA LFC Supporters Clubs + a third possibly in the pipeline for Durban + the fact that The Kop is named after Spion Kop in SA is anything to go by, a tour of SA has success written all over it!!! YNWA from Cape Town

  8. TheBean23 says:

    ah mate

    i had the fortune to go to anfield last year to watch carra’s testimonial, and what an amazing experience. Liverpool fans are really second to none, and being able to sing You’ll Never Walk alone as part of the 43,000 at Anfield on that day was an amazing memory that i will take with me wherever i go in life.

    I do think that a lot of south African football fans are very fickle and jump teams as soon as one starts dominating (have you seen how many barcelona jerseys are floating around nowadays?). i do however feel that there are enough true kopites in SA to sell out soccer city (5,000 seats bigger than the Santiago Bernabeau) and it would be awesome to hear “we all dream of carragher’s” or Steve Gerrard, Gerrard, or Luis’s I just cant get enough here in South Africa.

    Bring the (real) reds to SA!!


  9. Rahima says:

    I know just how you feel. I’m a South African Liverpool supporter myself.

  10. Andrew says:

    Hi All
    As a Saffa now living in the UK, I saw Liverpool play Cape Town Spurs on a wet miserable night at Newlands in 1994 back in the days of Barnes, Fowler, Ruddock, Grobelaar etc they won 3-0. Incredible experience but nothing like my first experience on the KOP and singing YNWA , I hope for your sake they do return again or you make the journey to Anfield.

  11. sugen says:

    Am a hardcore liverpool supporter to sa is ful of liverpool and united supporters hope liverpool come would love to see my team would be a moment of treasure for me for the rest of my life what a experience it would be, please come to sunny durban


  12. Deji Omole says:

    Nice one Tony. I share in your dream as well. Bringing the mighty reds down to tour africa will be the best thing that has ever happen to me. Manchester United came to SA and also came to Nigeria to play Portsmouth. LFC need to come to Nigeria and see the kind support they will be getting from we the LFC FANS IN NIGERIA. YNWA

  13. Jevon says:

    It high time LFC came to South Africa.

  14. fabion says:

    i saw liverpool beat manu at old trafford in 2009. what an experiance and i went to watch spain play in rustenburg during the confed cup the same year and there were more liverpool shirts and flags than spanish ones.

    you have to tour sa

  15. Denzil says:

    We are crazy about liverpool, You must see my house! My life stands still when liverpool is playing. My family take a back seat and they know it – Luckily my kids are crazy about it to. So we beg you to come and one day my 11 year old is going to play for liverpool – that’s no joke!!!!! SO pls liverpool, accomodate us just once.


  16. saajid says:

    YAWN is more like it lol

  17. CHESLIN says:

    Tony, they were here in 1994.
    Saajid, only higher grade answers please.