Date:1st July 2011 at 3:17pm
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I have been a Liverpool fan for over 20 years now and my dream has always been to visit Liverpool and stand in the Kop during a Liverpool match against Manchester United or Everton. My second wish is to stand in that same Kop on a European night. I will continue to have my dream and hope that one day it will become a reality before Liverpool move to a new stadium or the current Anfield gets redeveloped.

My name is Tony and I was born and raised in South Africa and currently reside in Johannesburg. Supporting Liverpool came easily for me as growing up I was a pretty decent footballer and at the time the Liverpool team of the 80’s and 90’s were doing their thing. As much as things have changed since those glory days, I have stilled remained a die-hard Liverpool supporter whilst many who claimed they used to support us have now jumped ship and either support Manure or Chelski.

What pains me is seeing the likes of Manchester United and Manchester City being able to come and play games in South Africa but til today, I have not heard of Liverpool planning on a tour to South Africa or anywhere else in Africa. We always seem to go to the Far East or the USA, which makes sense as there is more money to be made from touring those parts of the world but please spare a thought for us fans in South Africa.

We had the World Cup here in 2010 and that was the closest I got to seeing some of the Liverpool players. I was at the game in Rustenburg when England were playing the USA and I was screaming my lungs out supporting Steven Gerrard. But it is not the nations I want to see, I want to be able to wear my Liverpool shirt, go into the stadiums and support my team not the individual players.

This winter (summer for those is Europe), Tottenham are the team coming to tour in South Africa to play against our two biggest teams here, Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs. I envy those who support Manchester United in South Africa as they have gotten a chance to see their team come here twice. Manchester City have also been here and now Spurs are making their second trip.

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