Have we put too much faith in Kenny Dalglish?

Then we have the recent speculation that Raul Meireles has been transfer-listed due to some internal wranglings at the club. Now, I am be putting 2 and 2 together here and coming out with 5 but with all these central midfielders we’ve been signing, it would appear to me to be too much of a coincidence that Meireles, probably our most valuable midfield asset (besides Steven Gerrard, who would never be sold) is seemingly being readied for a £15+ million transfer out of the club about the same time as us being linked with Charlie Adam.

Most recently, we have the situation surrounding Stewart Downing. Probably worth no more than £12 million but Villa are demanding almost 20. The thought of us spending that much on an average England wide player terrifies me, for no other reason than the fact that Spain’s most promising youngster – Juan Mata – would be available for perhaps less than Aston Villa are demanding for Downing. Not only this, but he has been quoted in the Spanish press as saying that he would welcome a move to Liverpool and our lack of European football would not be an issue for him. What more incentive do we need? And if any further incentive is needed, then you only need watch his performances in the past season and during the recent European U-21’s tournament.

If Roy Hodgson had made the decision to spend so much on Henderson, we’d have heard about it, from our own fans. If Roy Hodgson had been showing an interest in Aaron Lennon or appeared to be prepared to blow almost £20 million on Stewart Downing (remember the reported £10 million bid for Carlton Cole, anybody?), we’d have been deafened by the wails of discontent. I’m sure there’ll be the inevitable backlash to the above paragraphs, and it is these fans that I am concerned about: the ones that won’t allow constructive criticism. But let me make myself very clear: I am not criticising Kenny. I am also aware that Comolli will have as much input and that the board will no doubt have the final say but – knowing he is his own man and will have made sure this was in his permanent contract – Kenny will choose the players that he wants and needs and he must be held accountable for any missteps in the transfer market; he can not be untouchable when he makes mistakes.

Luckily, we have so far only made one purchase, so I’m hoping that he and the rest of his staff are seriously considering their options before moving again. I just hope that we don’t blindly follow the British path, blowing huge amounts of average players or mediocrity when superior – and in most cases, cheaper – alternatives are available from the continent. I am willing Kenny and the board to get things right, and I have faith but rumours and rumblings are starting to worry me.

Article is courtesy of David Tyrer at Live4Liverpool

33 responses to “Have we put too much faith in Kenny Dalglish?”

  1. Paul says:

    In a word, “yes”

  2. Adam says:

    It is all paper talk nothing is set in stone. Specially the shelvey thing pretty sure we just came out and said absolutely not, relax homie i understand exactly what you are saying but seriously relax he hasn’t done us wrong so far so just keep the faith!

  3. Ross says:

    Only a retard or a manure fan would ask such a question! Keep your ignorant comments to yourself!

  4. YNWalkA says:

    Excellent article, exactly my thoughts, I agree with you 100% that, if we keep signing ( Overated and Overpriced )home based players, than it is going to be very difficult to go forward. One has only has to look at the England team, very ordinary and hyped up players that, I’m sorry to say, just NOT up to the job, no technique whatsoever!.This in my opinion starts at an early age, through our very bad coaching personnel, who could do with being coached themselves.

  5. Neil says:

    What?????? Are you serious??? The european transfer window opened up today, and your questioning Kenny’s transfer policy already? You haven’t got a clue what we’re prepared to pay for adam, and your passing judgement on a player who hasn’t kicked a ball for us yet!
    I cant stand these fly by night supporters who write crap from their computers from hlfway across the world pretending they know the ins and outs of LFC tranfer dealings! I’m lucky enough to have grown up watching kenny’s last team from the Kop and people baulking at the fee’s spent on Peter Beardsley and John barnes and do ya know how that worked out or weren’t you a fan then? Have faith or go and support Chelsea! YNWA.

  6. patrick says:

    Are you trying to be the worlds biggest twat?
    You don’t even know if Jonjo Shelvey was part of the deal. I suggest you stop reading newspapers.

  7. ste says:

    Your a Tosser plain an simple no clue bet you get your info out the s*n or the m**l? Go follow torres cause I bet you supported Chelski before he signed for us an now you wanna be a LFC fan cause you know its a better path in life ya tit.

  8. Mark says:

    Nothing wrong in constructive criticism as long as it’s balanced but really! Too many of these articles and forum posts get sucked into all the hype and press speculation. Your own article is all based around what you’ve read and the rumours you’ve heard. We’re ‘told’ that we’re in for this player or that (frankly I’ve lost count) but most of it is put out by agents. Things appear once and are then taken up by all other websites and repeated as truth – Wayne Bridge anyone?
    The time to judge is after the close of the transfer window and see how the squad looks then. And anyway if your concern is transfer policy then look to Comolli, not Kenny. Me, I’ll be judging Kenny on what happens on the pitch and not for at least 12mths.
    For too long we justifiably complained that too much of the club’s business was conducted in public and called for a return to the ‘Liverpool way’. Now we’re doing that don’t then criticise the club for not providing a running commentary on everything that’s going on.

  9. JJ says:

    I could have written this article. You are mentioning exactly the thing’s that has worried me. Especially the Downing rumors, when Mata is available.
    What Liverpool need is playerss with speed and technique.
    Everything is going so slow. I am afraid that nothing is going to happen, until just before the transfer window closes, then we will buy some useless players in panic because all the players we had in mind are gone.

  10. Simon says:

    Of course we trust Kenny!!

    A Liverpool hero who was a wonderful player, player-manager, manager, ambassador, caretaker manager and manager again. He lives and breathes Liverpool

    He is Liverpool, who else could we trust if not Kenny??

    Shelvey has made a few brief appearances, a good prospect, let’s see if he sets the championship alight next season

    Charlie Adam will be invaluable for us,set peices are deadly. 40% of prem league goals come from set pieces

  11. YNWalkA says:

    Comment by Neil
    2011-07-01 18:41:05

    You said it yourself Neil and quote ‘I’m lucky enough to have grown up watching kenny’s last team’ unquote. Exactly that, you are living in the past, a team with filled mostly with home based players, will NOT move forward, this day and age, how come that not many people rate England nowadays,I’ll tell you why, …because they are a team of brainless faggots, they are not capable of thinking more than one pass at a time, no pass and move but pass an watch!.

  12. Harvey says:

    Sadly I think things maybe heading towards a downward spiral!!KK is good but he’s not God…

  13. Tony says:

    Let’s not be silly now, KK is the man but im not sure about the tool that is Comolli at all. I don’t think we need Comolli and would like him to do one, time will tell but i don’t rate the guy, unless he is spending loads of money he is useless…..KK yes we can!!!!!!

  14. Ajiri says:

    we are being linked with average players like adam, downing etc we got jonjo shelvey on the cheap and splashed 16M on a certain boy from sunderland, keep buying british at inflated prices and come end of the season, we are not even in the top 4, rubbish

  15. sam fird says:

    Chelsea are on a different level. Torres knows that. Youre amcient history. Dalglish as manager LOL

  16. dan says:

    City spent tons and signed many top names, they didn’t win the EPL. It’s not just about spending loads of bucks on top players its about cohesion. Lets not judge what KD, Henry or Comolli do now, lets judge them next year. If anyone expects that we are going to win the EPL in the 1st year of rejuvenation, think again. I will be happy if we get back into the CL which I believe will happen. Yes we need maybe 2 max 3 top up and coming stars and we will be heading in the right direction. When you look at how the same team we had at the beginning of the season transformed without our talisman and the injury list we had, you have to have faith in what we have and what we will get. We beat the so called big sides comfortably. Keep your cool and back your team.

  17. Doc says:

    I’ve always been worried about the sheepish following of Kenny. people talk like the man is immune from error. They say, they current squad he’s building is akin to his old squad. The average tier of players rumored to be coming here will do us no good. The quality of swauds such as Chelsea, City, United and Arsenal if it sorts it self out, makes returning to champions league very difficult at this rate.

  18. ScouseUK says:

    wow do you really listern to everything printing in the media or posted on the internet….

    yes we can trust kenny and why not what has he ever done for us not to trust him,if kenny wants certain players then its for a reason and thats good enough for me….

    like kenny said today if you belive the media liverpool will have a squad of 300 players next season

  19. Carrard says:

    What a question? One day after the transfer window opened, there are already some people criticising Kenny Dalglish. That is just a disgrace.
    All your “evidence” in your article is out of media speculation and we all know, how much truth is in these roumors: it is just bollocks, especially when most of these roumors are coming from internet sites, which have no credibility at all. And you believe the media more than our own manager, which is absolutely not tolerable. Remember what Kenny and Comolli said: We shouldn’t believe the media speculation and instead only listen to what the club officialy announces. So keep your thoughts by yourself instead of panicing out of nothing!

  20. charlie says:

    This article is the most patronising piece of rumour and conjecture that I have ever read. Seeing as you are obviously the fountain of all managerial knowledge, and you clearly know better than Mr. Dalglish, why aren’t you living the high life as a manager instead of sitting in your room picking your nose and writing cr*p articles?
    Aside from the Henderson transfer, is any of this article based on fact?

  21. far says:

    Yep mate you’re quite right. We have made blunders in this window.Speculation is speculation and will remain speculation but a cursory look at what has happened tells the real story. For example why pay 16m for Henderson and struggle to pay 10m for Adam knowing fully well that we got so many central midfielders?Another which sends me mad is why pay 35m for Carrol when Kun Aguero costs 42m? And someone tries to tell me why criticise a player who is yet to kick a ball for LFC?The answer is simple Henderson is Henderson and we have seen him.Carrol is Carrol and we have seen-i must hasten to say he has shown us what he can’t do in the few games he played for us.He was utterly dissappointing to say the least.And then if yu play Johnson on the left then it only makes sense to offer more than 5m for Clichy..And then Marveaux.Surely it was not because of the medical that he ended up signing for Toon.

  22. Gerrardious says:

    do u guys have ur own writers or do u just post articles written the previous day on other Lfc fan sites.
    this is gettin familiar.

  23. mac says:

    i for one will not be blinkerd in to kk euphoria like with rafa,if things dont work out on the pitch then i will be venting my frustration towards kk
    the sighnings kk is going for does not impress me and the money we are paying in just plain stupid,it seems we are going for the bottom of the barrell players were arsenal,manu,man city are looking to improve there teams with top players which will make it harder to get back in to europe

  24. GratefulRed says:

    Stop believing everything to read on the net…..Bellend!!!

  25. Alex says:

    Men u said it all forget all idiot criticizing you the truth is painful

  26. Sizar says:

    So far, Yes

  27. redtum says:

    We have’nt paid 20 mill for downing,we have’nt sold mierles,we have’nt traded shelvey for adam,what the f***k you writing about your worse than daily mail.

  28. tom says:

    Carroll is crap-simple as-biggest waste of money weve had-those barcodes certainly had us with that deal! He simply came for the massive wages-didnt even want to be here!- his heads still in newcastle for gods sake…grrr

  29. Aussie red says:

    Seriously the transfer window has only just opened and we are questioning one of the greatest players / managers in lfc history! We do things the Liverpool way in house and with respect! Things that have been missing in modern football! Kenny and commoli know what Liverpool need and we will add quality to continue to progress on our finish to last season! Stop reading bulls$@t in the press and support our Fu$&ing team!! In kenny we trust YNWA

  30. jaumeer ally says:

    I am fed up with these twats who calls themself fans of LFC but they dont even know what the meaning of fan. I mean true fan should trust and support a team .not just critising and try to distabilise your team . If you think you are more clever than the management team of LFC then why dont you go and bring up ateam of yours .twats like you will never be satisfied what the needs to have you in our team . if fans are like you then what are enmies.

  31. sam fird says:

    35 Million for Carroll is bad judgement. No excuses. 16 Million

  32. sam fird says:

    16 Million for Henderson. Wait and see

  33. NW says:

    Most LFC fans are plain stupid to believe that KD is the saver. He is look good because of the silly Woy and ex-management/board destroyed the team. Crazy buy of Abdy Carroll at 35m (3.5m should be the price) and henderson at 16m. English’s player are over priced as well as over rated. Steven Gerrard should benched or sold for the team sack.