Liverpool Miss Out On Four Signings

Marveaux was a very interesting case, considering he was meant to be 100% coming to Liverpool, with many newspapers reporting a deal was done months in advance when Marveaux was a guest at Anfield for the 1-0 loss against Wolves. Regarded as a player similar to Florent Malouda, his style seemed a perfect fit for the Premiership and Liverpool, and would give us the natural width we so severely lacked last season. The one problem in the back of Liverpool’s mind was his horrendous injury record, and Liverpool were reluctant to offer a 5 year contract to such an unreliable player. Liverpool had had terrible luck with previous Bosman transfers such as Joe Cole, Philip Degen, Andriy Voronin and to a certain extent Fabio Aurelio who have all been plagued with injuries, and due to them being free transfers were on huge wages and are proving now, difficult to shift to other clubs, and therefore Liverpool were reluctant with their contract offer. Newcastle United however were not so, and offered the player a 5 year contract with larger money as well. The player duly accepted and another apparent target vanished.

As I mentioned earlier Connor Wickham chose Sunderland in order to further his career and play as much football as he can, and for that I hold no resentment to him but Marveaux is obviously a money motivated player and I’m glad we’ve missed out on a player who is so blind to Liverpool’s history and status in England.

Despite these negatives it does seem only a matter of time before Henderson is joined by further signings. Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing look imminent with both players desperate to join Liverpool. The fee is what is holding the deals up with Liverpool trying to bargain with Blackpool and Aston Villa respectively. With those 2 transfers, that would leave strengthening at Left Back, Centre Back, a Back Up Striker and another winger. A few potential names that have been mentioned: Gael Clichy, Jose Enrique, Scott Dann, Dejan Lovren, Nolan Roux, Diego and Juan Mata. It is very difficult to predict who will join the club as was seen with the Henderson deal, but I’m sure the Liverpool fans will be happy with out squad come the 1st September, and that there is nothing for anyone to worry about over a potential lack of deals. People need to remember things are being done “The Liverpool Way” nowadays, and the owners will not disappoint.

You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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  1. TG says:

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  2. Tgan says:

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  3. lfc says:

    The big mistake was to brag about early signings immediately on signing Henderson.LFC still have a lot of problems to resolve on and off the pitch and we should not brag about winning this and that – under promise and over deliver – that is the way forward

  4. Gano says:

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  5. Ken says:

    As far as I can see, the only offer on the table Ipswich were prepared to take was Sunderlands, so I don’t think Wickham really had any choice to make. Our bid wasn’t accepted, Ipswich wanted the cash so he was going to Sunderland whether he wanted to or not. I think Morgan is as equally exciting a prospect (and thats all Wickham is at this stage – a prospect) so won’t lose too much sleep over it.

    Marveaux seems to be a crock – he wouldn’t have come near us for a medical had a deal not been agreed, and the club obviously weren’t happy with what they saw. As you said – the guy is quite plainly motivated by his bank balance.

    Young had agreed to go to Utd back in January from what I’ve heard, and even then I think he was a so-so signing – I don’t know many people who were excited by the thoughts of him arriving – neither Liverpool or Utd fans.

    Jones was a loss though – quite disappointed that didn’t work out, but these things happen – its not like we didn’t have the funds available, or waited until it was too late to make our move.

    I think if anything, this transfer window is going to highlight how badly we need to get Champions League football again – even looks like Clichy is off to City now.

    We’ll make some decent signings, and hopefully the players will still feel completely motivated under Kenny and Clarke.

  6. LFC 5 says:

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  7. Lojd says:

    Shame on you for advertising Manu*e.
    Don’t you have nothing better to write than this?
    As you said it’s early days, and there are many other targets out there. Targets that want to wear the shirt, are fit and are worthy for the money.
    Regarding Wickham. We will see how he fares with Sunderland in the prem. I believe at 12Mill (9 mill) he is to much of a big risk, having never played in the top flight.
    We shouldn’t be worried, there’s a long way to go before the season starts.

  8. Tony says:

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  9. its not a strange news to me about lfc loosing on players but i wait to see what will happen at the end of the transfer window,but even though lfc loose those 4 players it does’nt affect lfc but it will so bad for lfc if we [lfc]failed to sign players like -j.mata-digo-c.adam-downing-jefferen suarez.and if the kenny failed to bring in experience keeper to compete with reina also a defender and a striker who is in the form of LUIS SUAREZ which i will advice kenny to spend the money and bring [HULK]from fc,porto.

  10. Tony says:

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  11. Ron says:

    Dear Fans,
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    I can assure you that we are a 100% committed Liverpool fans website.

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  12. Robert says:

    i was really hoping that we sign Wickham but i guess Kenny will look at signing 2 wingers, central defender and left back. these positions are priority for me. kuyt can then play back up to carrol and suarez. with an over inflated midfield and a promise to sell players like, insua, cole, jancovic, aquilani, poulsen, konchesky and the like, we will see good signings of promising players. hopefully downing, mata and dann can be signed. we need to trim our squad due to no CL this year but we need a quality pool of 15 players to haul u back into Europe next season. so far, we have 7 qulaity players. we need 4 more.

  13. Tony says:

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