Why sell this Liverpool star when others should be sold first?

With the recent acquisition of Jordan Henderson some are asking, where would Meireles play? Firstly, by no means is Henderson a better player than Meireles. Henderson is good, but is still young and I do believe that he is a brilliant investment. I do not expect that he will always be in the starting 11 next season though. Secondly, there has been a lot of talk about Liverpool playing with a 5-man midfield next season, in which I do think we will be able to accommodate Meireles. And third, even if Meireles didn’t start next season I think he would be an amazing impact player (super sub, some would say) and wouldn’t be unhappy about spending a little more time on the bench.

I think it is quite unfair on the player, not to mention unbeneficial for us, to let Meireles go after one very decent first season at Anfield. Please, at least get rid of Poulsen, Aquilani, Cole and Jovanovic first before even discussing the transfer of one of our better midfielders. There has been some discussion surrounding Aquilani but almost nothing about the others, who definitely won’t be needed next season.

I recently wrote an article on Charlie Adam and came to the conclusion that, yes, he would be a good signing. I am sticking by that but will not be happy if Adam’s arrival involves the departure of Meireles. I really hope that we do get to see the Raul at Anfield for at least another season. Amidst all this, I am certain that Kenny has a plan which will not disappoint us. In him we trust. Your comments and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Article courtesy of Jason Proctor at Live4Liverpool