A great deal of media buzz has surrounded our number 4 and a Scottish midfielder over the last couple days. I have read reports with titles like, “Raul on his way to Inter” and “Adam taking Melwood medical” and quite frankly I am not impressed. Where do we draw the line? How do we know what transfer speculation to believe and what not to? I understand that a lot of it is just banter and fans blogging about what they want for the Reds, but when we see claims such as those quoted above it disturbs me. Every day I awaken to new transfer possibilities, or, probabilities rather. However, this article’s purpose is not to complain but rather to ask, why is there even talk of Meireles leaving?

The Portuguese play-maker had a good season last season scoring some telling goals for the Reds. Not only that, but I think he fulfilled the ‘Stevie G’ vacancy very well. Even though he was not involved in all of the crucial goals for Liverpool I feel that he was the driving force behind a lot of them. His most memorable moments came against Chelsea, Everton and Wolves; the goal against Wolves being Liverpool’s only contender for Premier League goal of the season.

The player grew in confidence as he got more and more game time last season and started showing us his true abilities. He was great at Porto and I still believe he can be great at Liverpool. He adapted well to the Premiership’s pace and physicality. He copes under pressure and takes his time on the ball. Most would say that his passing range is not absolutely world class but I think he is good enough for us in this period. He can also play in a variety of roles, one of which is on the right of midfield and we have seen he has great crossing ability and anticipation. I’m sure you’ll agree too that he can strike a very good long shot.

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