Date: 28th June 2011 at 4:31pm
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Liverpool have now been forced to make an urgent decision on Ipswich Town striker Connor Wickham as apparently Sunderland have had a £13million transfer bid accepted.

Liverpool have been keeping a close eye on the 18 year old striker who is seen as a replacement to David Ngog who ironically is linked with a move away from Liverpool to Sunderland this summer.

We have been stalling on this deal as £13million seems to be a bit too much for the striker but now that Sunderland are willing to pay that much for him, we have to decide whether to also bid with that same amount, knowing that Wickham would most likely want to join Liverpool ahead of Sunderland.

Time is of the essence here and Liverpool have to make a decision now or else Wickham may decide to join Sunderland if he feels that Liverpool do not want him badly enough.

It is highly unlikely that Ipswich are going to accept an offer less than the £13million tabled by Sunderland which puts us under pressure. Do you feel we should make a move and sign Wickham at this price?


19 responses to “Time for Liverpool to make an urget decision on this transfer target”

  1. Jon says:

    Just do it. He wants to come to us, we can loan a player or two to Ipswich for the year glean some experience and we’re not going to lose much as he’s clearly a bit of a tallent. Obviously Roy Keane and Brucie are still good mates and have had a chat. Come one Kenny…. crack on.

  2. Miki says:


  3. Josh South Africa says:

    Roy Keane doesn’t manage Ipswich any more Jon. But agree, get him. But let’s shift focus to a left back and some out and out wide players before we start making luxury signings like Adam etc

  4. a finnigan says:

    dont need him we have plenty of top kids we need a left back and a winger

  5. kin says:

    kenny and commolli are being unbelievably slow and off the pace with all there transefer business this summer ( as usual for liverpool )

    man u INS
    ashley young ( liverpool target )
    phil jones ( liverpool target )

    we are definatley not gonna catch them at this rate lol

  6. redz says:

    might as well buy him, we spent nearly 20 mill on henderson, 13 mill for wickam isn dat miuch inflated,50 mill for neymar that never played 1 premiership game now thats inflated….

  7. richard says:

    we should buy him now and move on. if he lives up to his potential we will look at 13 mill as a bargain

  8. dan says:

    buy him why? we have plenty of highly rated youths already, spend the extra on getting top quality wingers. has everyone forgot about Sterling, Amoo and Suso

  9. richard says:

    non of the signings make perfect sense. imo we do not need henderson or adam or wickham or a boring winger like downing but its not our choice we have to sit back and let kenny decide who we do or dont need. i would like to see flanagan and robinson in the side with johnson pushed further up on the right lets give maxi a run on the left with sterling getting games in the cups. i would keep our centre mids as they are just ship poulsen out. Give Kelly games alongside carra in the cb position let stevie g play just behind the forwards.

  10. Billy says:

    Come on, there won’t be any real rush until players come back to pre-season training next Monday. Those that are looking to leave will have a chat with their respective managers and business will start from there.

    As for Wickham, offer the Tractor Boys £10M and Ngog or loan them a couple of the up and coming kids, Morgan and Coady could do with some first team experience.

  11. TG says:

    £13m for a 4th choice striker is OTT, we should let him go!!!!. We can get better value in Europe, much better!!!

  12. Greg says:

    For 13m??? Have we become the MORONS of the EPL just bcuz we have owners that will spend??? Stop buying this overrated crap just bcuz they are British!! For 13m we can buy 2 or 3 top foreigner youngsters that will meet the “homegrown” criteria and will actually know what to do with a ball at their feet!! I’m starting to think Dalglish is a bit of a xenophone….anything over 6m for this kid is just plain stupid. We already let Sunderland screw us out of 20m for Henderson.. let them get bent over now…

  13. David says:

    I don’t think we should bother with this Wickham guy. I haven’t even heard of him until this transfer window. While we’re stealing Blackpool’s players why don’t we get DJ Campbell? He scored some amazing goal’s last season and he’s a young British talent and I can see him costing a lot lot less than £13m.

  14. Dan says:

    I surpot jon let loan some players and get this wickam pls

  15. Ameen says:

    I agree with TG…..We don’t have to go out of our budgets for players simply because other clubs are pushing us to.We have young talents in the squard that have not tasted the premiership..i suggest we give them chance to prove their capabilities cos 13million pounds for a 4th striker is too much.

  16. pleasenote says:

    For David Connolli read Inspector Cleausau –

  17. Nick says:

    This kid could be the ‘new’ Shearer. Who was it signed Shearer for a record fee from Saints to B’burn when no-one else would take the chance??? Only King Kenny!! Then whiskey nose spent the next 15 yrs wishing he had’ve cause he turned out to be quite good! In kenny we trust…Those who want the 2 or 3 foreign youngsters for that price??? Where has that got us these last 20 yrs???

  18. diamond says:

    Jesus Liverpool you need to start pulling your finger out at this rate we’ll lose adams as well!!!

  19. redmatt says:

    Buy all young talent now. Imagine in few years we’ll be payin 30 mill for a 18 year olds who ar crap. I trust kenny. Whos to know what players and clubs we ar in discussions with. Wish ppl stop chattin an jus w8 an see. Kenny an damien know wot ther doing. YNWA