Who is going to buy Joe Cole?

It seems then that, just like Alberto Aquilani, he is stuck in limbo. With Liverpool pursuing central midfielders and wingers in the transfer market, the likelihood of Cole getting any game time next season is small. For the best interests of his career, the best thing for him would be to move on to a new club and get some first team football as he approaches the end of his career.

For Liverpool, his sizeable wages, his age, and the fact he would only be a squad player, means it is in their best interest to move him on too. It would free up funds in regards to wages and allow a player, who lacks confidence and games, to go somewhere else where he can perhaps regain his love for the game.

The problem at the moment is who will take him? As a player I have always admired Joe Cole for the very fact he was one of the very few English players who looked to do things differently. He had skill and flair unlike most in the white and blue of his country and I must admit that like many, I thought his transfer to the Reds would be a good move for him and the club.

Unfortunately though, things just haven’t worked out. Sometimes it just happens in life and sport, and hopefully a solution can be found regarding his future sooner rather than later.

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16 responses to “Who is going to buy Joe Cole?”

  1. hadi lfc fan says:


  2. m kop says:

    No one. Someone said Tottenham but that’s ridiculous.

    Liverpool would have a problem being his agent and trying to find a club that would take him for free.
    I’m not blaming him, last season management is to blame, that and Cole’s unfortunate injury record, but he would never have been a free agent without it.
    The fact he is English means he get big wages without real use for the team.
    He is better player than Owen and he still earns a lot “playing” for United but I dont think Liverpool will have space for this kind of player anymore.

    United maybe even use Owen is some games but Liverpool needs to give young players to show what they can do and no place for Cole anymore.
    Wish him well do.

  3. No1 will buy him hope we dont get stuck with him with the stupid money he is been paid and with a bit of luck we keep Aquaman he`s a top player workin with kenny will do him the world of good devastated when Woy sent him out on loan

  4. Darius says:

    Who cares about the wages? Not our money.

    He’s a quality player who will be 100% fit next season. Let’s keep him and use him!

  5. Simon says:

    Spurs will lose Modric, Harry Redknapp’s fault for stating “it would be a miracle if we finish in top four” last season. He was attempting to guarantee himself kudos for achieving top four, unfortunately his players started to believe it and they flagged terribly

    JOE COLE – There will be no end of clubs happy to take Joe Cole, we will just have to let him go for free / token fee to relieve us of the £5 million wages per year. Hopefully Joe isn’t happy to sit about for next 3/4 years on a mega salary with us

    AQUILANI – Again, we will let him go for £8 million max, maybe as low as £4 million, no one is going to break the bank for him when we want him off the books

    JOVANOVIC – We can’t give this guy away due to his salary

  6. David says:

    Loan him to QPR?

  7. andy says:

    Poulsen, Cole, Jovanovic, Aquilani, Ngog, Konchesky, Degen. Can’t even give them away due to their obscene salaries. Benitez and Hodgson have a lot to answer for.

  8. Bill says:

    Try City they have money to burn.

  9. okey obasi says:

    somebody like poulsen i dont know what he is waiting 4 ngog. Konchesky jovanoic. Cole. Maxe. Should fine there way. Aquilnai own is diffrence the money that we spend on him he has to pay i believer that aquilnai chance to show him self.

  10. Yanni pap says:

    Nice grammar okey obasi…

  11. had says:


  12. glen says:

    joe scored a few imp goals las season, so wat if he cldnt prove himself 1st season, he definately shld be given 2nd chance. i rembr wen chelsea wer willing 2 ofload him, all clubs wer eager 2 get him. so did v liva fans, its funny dat we now him, we r least happy jus bcoz of jus 1 bad season. joe still has a few gd yrs in him n hopefully widout injury, kenny can bring out de best in him. Money shld no more be a issue now, atleast 4 another yr. he choose us over arse n tot cause we r liverpool. ynwa.

  13. Sanjay says:


  14. TG says:

    I believe he is not fit enough to last 90mins these days, his Cardio-Vascular stamina is a disgrace, you see him in distress after a short sprint. I think he should retire as he will get worse physically over the next 2 years, If we sell him we will be lucky!!!!!

  15. joe cole says:

    Am I the only one think that Joe Cole is brilliant in vision and creativity; who should be put behind strikers rather than on flanks?

  16. Red Datuk says:

    If we can’t sell Cole, Jovanovic, Poulsen and Degen, why not loan them out to other clubs. If Cole and Jovanovic’s wages are too high for the clubs who are willing to take the, then part pay their wagges, at least we will not have to foot ALL their wages, after all, they have no contribution to the club and do not want to leave. Keep loaning them out until their contracts are up and say good bye and good riddance to them.