Date: 24th June 2011 at 8:14am
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The saga regarding a new defender who will replenish the weakest sector of LFC in the last season, the left-back position, is still to be addressed in this summer transfer market. Few rumors about the available options are coming up intensely lately and four names with the biggest possibility of joining LFC next season are being mooted.

Starting from the least possible, the players are Fabio Coentrao from Benfica, Aly Cissokho from Olympique Lyon, Jose Enrique from Newcastle United, and Gael Clichy from Arsenal. These are the players who have been heavily linked with LFC since the end of this bitter season especially for Jose Enrique and Gael Clichy. I personally believe that the option will be narrowed into these two players because Fabio Coentrao is too expensive (and prefers a move to Real Madrid) and Cissokho is a player which I have barely heard of.

Enrique and Clichy are two players who are more familiar and experienced in playing at the top level of English football. A quality which is vehemently needed to make sure that we are not going to repeat the same mistake, to buy ‘another Paul Konchesky’ who is poor in defense, ineffectual on attacking phase, and the most important is that he has no mentality to compete in the highest level of English football.

In my paradigm, an ideal full back for LFC should have the capability to support the winger on giving a constant threat toward the opponent’s defense and also ability to be disciplined on guarding the defense zone. He should have good anticipation, tackling, concentration, acceleration, and stamina in order to undergo his role both in defensive and offensive phase. The role of a full back can be mentioned as very important especially to oversee the balance and the rhythm of the playing style of LFC which has been transformed into a team which has quickness, effectiveness, and efficiency on playing football under the regime of King Kenny.

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11 responses to “Which one do we want: a French or Spanish Left-Back?”

  1. Sanjay says:


  2. TG says:

    Is Comolli on holiday or what……..???????

  3. a finnigan says:

    Gael Clichy far better when on form but even off he is better than we have Jose Enrique’s 1st season was bad unlike Gael Clichy who was a kid coming in for ashley cole and was a 20m left back who has looked a shadow of himself since gallas left but carra will sort him and kenny could by both they both go forward as good if not better as glen johnson

  4. Prajwol says:

    I would choose enrique provided we cannot get anything better e.g. Cissokho, Coentrao, Bastos etc. On his day enrique has good sense of making runs and creating great balls out of nothing and is a better tackler. One thing with clichy is that he can link up well with players. If we are aiming speedy left back both are as good as paul robinson.

  5. njanja says:

    Clichy all the way!

  6. Chunky says:

    I suspect that Clichy would be the better option at least for a couple of years to get us back into European competition. Then we will be back having that attraction to improve the talent and lower the age group.

  7. Livtroll says:

    Rubbish article. The guys ruling out Cissokho because he’s never heard of him? That’s a great reason not to sign a player! He’s probably the classiest pick on the list that’s been mooted around so far. Also, are you numptys talking about Jack Robinson? It pains my heart to think of some of the plebs that call themselves Liverpool fans!
    Also, in your opinion a left back should have great creative & attacking prowess but also be a solid defender!?! Mate thanks for sharing that with us, without ‘your opinion (aka fact) I’d think all left backs were supposed to be like Paul Konchesky!!

  8. ruben says:

    IF the french left back is Clichy better go for any Spanish

  9. jason says:

    Gael Clichy sounds more promising than Enrique, he is fast and will be very useful to boost up the attacking ability of LFC which currently lack of creativity..

    Well if we are talking about Jack Robinson, he needs more experience before ready to be the first choice for LFC. Loaned him out to championship might be the best option for now..


  10. Mr. Chopper says:

    Never heard of this Clichy chap – must be rubbish. We should get that Wayne Bridge. I’ve heard of him.

  11. Donncha says:

    I think Cissokho would be a fantastic signing, tall, strong, fast…good in defence and at supporting the left winger, all the traits LFC want in a left back… oh and he is younger than clichy and enrique… i also like how well french left backs have done in EPL.. so really he would be my ideal signing for the position and has been for a while