5 Reasons Liverpool should buy this £19million winger

4) Can score goals mostly by making runs at the far post. Again with Andy pulling defenders there is a good chance of crosses being missed by all and Downing has scored some sweet goals from such crosses at the far post. I know I have now talked about Andy pulling defenders twice and people may say he is not good enough yet and I agree he might not be good enough to score 20+ this season but his physical presence alone will make teams wary of him giving more space to the likes of Gerrard and Suarez.

5) Played 39 games for Villa last season and was player of the year (I read this in an article so people please don’t leave snide comments about the exact number). The point is he can play a good number of games for us and is not so injury prone which was a concern when he left Middlesbrough.

Hence to sum up, he is a quality player that can no doubt be a good addition to the squad and would be interested in joining us. Yes the £19million being quoted is a bit outrageous but I dont see many others at the same price who would be better and willing to join us.

My biggest fear in this transfer is that I do not want it to turn into another Barry. If King Kenny wants him we should buy him even at £19million. We spent around the same on Keane and Aquaman, and I think this is a much safer bet than those two were. Buy him now or don’t but we can’t let it drag on and affect our pre-season preparations.

So in my humble opinion is the price too much? Yes it is. That is the nature of the game/business now. He is Villa’s best player with 2 years left on his contract and with Young gone to ManUre they won’t let him go cheap.

Should we buy him anyway? Yes we should, because the main question is can he make us a better team? I think he can.

OurKop.com would like to welcome Raman Shrestha from Nepal to the team.