Although £19million is a lot to pay for Downing, with the position we are in I feel that he could become a good buy for us. A lot of fans are asking for marquee signings but without European football it will be hard to tempt quality players like Mata and Hazard to come to us when they have the chance to play in the Champions League with the club they are at now and are settled there. So rather than take a £13.5million risk on untested players that we have been linked to recently like Payet. I feel Downing would be a better gamble. A lot of the fans of LFC seem to think just because we have money we can buy anyone, but this is not football manager and a lot of other things also factor into a players decision to move. And also we do not have an unlimited bank roll like Man City to lure top quality mercenaries by waving bundles of cash in their faces.

While we had a great 2nd half last season I feel many of us are getting ahead of ourselves and talk like we are back on top when in fact we are just getting started. People are demanding top quality signings when what we need are good team players. Here are a few reasons why I think Downing would be a good signing for us:

1) Has EPL experience: less of a gamble than a foreigner and he has international experience with England, tho that doesnt count for much nowadays does it?

2) Is an old school winger, can play both sides, on the left he likes to get a yard on the defender and put good crosses in instead of trying to run circles around them and score. Our strikers (mainly Andy and Suarez) would benefit from this (It’s so frustrating seeing wingers take that extra touch an ruin a great chance when the strikers and midfielders are busting a gut to make good runs in the box. Well except when Nani does it..then its just funny).

When playing on the right, tho his crossing with the right foot is only decent, he is intelligent enough also to cut back onto his left and set the ball for the likes of Stevie and Raul who we all know can blast them from just outside the box. And with Andy in the team pulling defenders with him they are more likely to get this space.

3) Mentality: Downing seems a level headed bloke with a solid mentality unlike most wingers nowadays who are temperamental at the least like the zog or whiny cry babies… No awards for guessing Nani.

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