Date: 23rd June 2011 at 5:25pm
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At first I did not pay much attention when reports were floating around that Liverpool may be planning on selling Raul Meireles as he is surplus to requirements at Anfield or because he needed to be sold in order to fund the transfers of new signings this summer.

Looking at the first point, I do not understand why some people would think that he is surplus to requirements? Raul was after all voted PFA Fans’ Player of the Year after his impressive debut season for Liverpool. It took him a while to get going but that was largely due to the fact that Roy Hodgson had no idea where to play him! Kenny Dalglish then stepped in and we saw the best of Raul as he banged in goals for fun in consecutive matches. Raul has seemed to pick up niggling injuries through out the season but that is not reason enough to want to sell the player.

Now the debate is that Dalglish has bought in Jordan Henderson this summer and is still reportedly eyeing Charlie Adam. Where then would Meireles fit in if Liverpool signed Adam? There will be a lot of competition for places in central midfield as we have the likes of Gerrard, Lucas and Spearing already competing for places. Coupled with the fact that we could have Alberto Aquilani returning to Liverpool if no one buys him this summer.

If we are looking at the issue of selling Meireles to raise transfer funds then it could make sense as Meireles is more marketable and easier to sell than Aquilani. That is based on the assumption that FSG had included the sale of Aquilani as part of their summer spending budget. So to balance the books; sell Meireles as we will find a buyer for him and keep Aquilani as we will get more money by selling Meireles. It would not surprise me at all if this is what FSG are thinking as it makes business sense. Whether it makes sense on the field, that is another question.

It is being reported in some papers that Juventus are keen on signing Meireles and so are Inter Milan. I do not think we will have a problem at all selling Meireles as there will be a lot of suitors for him. The question would be, how much do we get for him? Liverpool can not sell him for anything less than the £12million we reportedly paid Porto for him.

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19 responses to “Why Raul Meireles may leave Liverpool this summer”

  1. lol says:


  2. moses says:

    why should we sell him for Gods sake?

  3. Milanug says:

    Why are U????? guy trying to sell raul leave him and sell the this guys bellow. Insua,ngog,aqualani,joe cole,pualsen,

  4. Rozay says:

    this is the third or fourth time you do an article about raul leaving the club, why cant u stop being so idiot , raul been fantastic in his first season couldnt ask for more and now u wish lfc sell him, i just feel sorry lfc have fans like you, u should be embarrassed to write all this bullshit for raul.

  5. DIZO says:

    for GOD sake what type of idiot are u to come up here n write such about raul? u should think twice before u write anything here man..if u dnt ve anything to do with ur time order than writing bulshit in this site,pls i ll advice u to look for something good to spend ur precious time on ok????n get away from this site

  6. Johnie says:

    Not going anywhere Raul will stay at Liverpool. He is a star and settling fast.

  7. Andrew says:

    There are some players that liverpool has not seen yet. I’m talking about Dries Mertens, i have watch him in belgium vs turkey international. He go to te pitch for “our seeking” eden hazard, and he pays amazing, i go to internet and watch some videos about the guy and is incredible. There’s no much information about him because everyone is behind Hazard, but i think he’s better and just PSV is seeking him for just 7 million. His speed, age, pace, technique fits perfect, better than downing i’m afraid. Sorry 4 my english, but i hope u take the point and put some information about him.

  8. Jevon says:

    You asked for it Raul M is key in our midfield. End of.

  9. dewale says:

    Why should we sell raul meireless pls, i think we should sell christian poulsen, instead of him, and buy in quality player, like Charles N’zogbia, Charlie Adam and Diego Forlan.

  10. Gerrardious says:

    @Rozay: I know a couple free ‘English teaching’ centres

  11. Tony says:

    I hope this is untrue. It sounds like the famous Xabi Alonso mistake all over again – the fans player of the season (in his first season!!!) and not respected enough by the club hierarchy. I would have Raul Meireles in my side over Christian Poulsen, Jordan Henderson, Alberto Aquilani and soon to be Charlie Adam any day of the week. He is also a proven at international level with Portugal and has scored match winning goals when it counts. Come on LFC why would you sell an asset like that? Get rid of the players rotting on the bench first to raise funds.. flops like Alberto Aquilani, Milan Jovanovi? and Joe Cole that are all on over 100k a week and need to go first. We still need quality in the side to help the young players develop. Jordan henderson is far from the finished product as we just saw from the English 21’s side. Arsenal may be the side that LFC owners want to mirror off – but having young talent i there side hasn’t won them any trophies now has it..

  12. AC says:

    I have been looking forward to this transfer window. But where are we. ?

    We have lost 3-4 target players and what have we got one overate you player from a team that did have a awful season.

    And what do lfc plan on doing selling players very need very much.

    I have lost all belief in we getting back to top 4

  13. kenny says:

    Raul hasn’t been that fantasic for us, he scored a few goals, I’ll give him that but he is too lightweight, he never puts a tackle in and when one is coming he sticks his leg out like an under 9 footballer would do. Charlie Adam would be a much better option than Raul but I don’t believe that Henderson is yet. If we can get £15 million for him then let him go, us Liverpool fans are deluded if we think Raul is a player that is ‘world class’, we used to have them, if you hold such an average player in such high regard then it shows how far our great club has fallen. The guy wouldn’t even get a look in 2 years ago when we had Alonso et al in the middle of the park! Wake up and realise he isn’t a title winning player, he wouldn’t get a sniff at Chelsea, United or City.

  14. john says:

    great point,we should all watch him and see if you are right.internet scouts are important.

  15. Tony says:

    Alberto Aquilani, Milan Jovanovic and Joe Cole that are all on over 100k a week that is 15.6 million a year.. raise another 15 mill selling and that equals 30 mill? its not rocket science.

  16. Fran says:

    Very poor article, baseless and of no informative value to anyone! You provide no evidence of anything at all and don’t support your opinions with any facts. You should think long and hard before penning another!

  17. sanele says:

    the owners are wrong.he is the best player

  18. gary says:

    raul meireles 100 times better than charly adam, because charly score only 4 goals and 8 pk