Why Raul Meireles may leave Liverpool this summer

Where this whole Meireles saga does not also make sense to me if we are looking at the angle that we need to sell him to raise money; FSG have never come out and said that we need to sell players first before we buy new players. That was a Hicks and Gillett policy which never seemed to work.

Now we should not forget that at the end of the season it was reported that Raul would be set to double his wages because when he signed for Liverpool last season he was signed on a low earning contract of £30,000-a-week and that was meant to double if he had a good debut season; which he had. Now if this is the fact, Raul joined Liverpool when Woy and Hicks and Gillett were in charge so maybe now with new management and owners in place, they are refusing to go ahead and double Raul’s contract, so that could easily be another reason Raul may leave Liverpool this summer.

Now based on the points raised above, it looks more and more likely that Meireles may be headed out the Liverpool door. This would be a great shame as I think he is better than Adam and he has a bright future ahead of him at Liverpool.

At the end of the day the final decisions will be done by Kenny and I am sure he knows best.

Why would Liverpool sell Raul Meireles?

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